Germany: Populist AfD calls for aid for local breweries and inns

Germany’s Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD) party is calling for the government to provide aid to the country’s local breweries and inns, many of which are threatened with disaster because of the ongoing lockdown in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown.

Germany, which has a long brewing tradition, is home to many breweries, some of which have been in existence for centuries. And although there had been a boom in small breweries in recent years due to the explosive popularity of craft beers around the world, the sudden shock of a long-term lockdown is now threatening their very existence, as previously reported by Voice of Europe. Pubs and restaurants have all been closed, public events where beer is served have been cancelled, and exports have decreased as a result of border closings.

In response, the AfD is saying that the government must provide financial aid to breweries and inns that does not need to be repaid. “Loans and deferrals do not help them,” Stephan Protschka, an AfD MP from Bavaria, said in a report by Junge Freiheit …. Continue reading >>>

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To Hell And Back Before The Pubs Close
With religions having such a downer on sex one might think they would be in favour of drink, I mean if you drink enough you are going to be too busy choking on your own vomit to bother about shagging. In spite of that religious leaders continue to promise hell and buggeration to people who like a bevvy

Here Be Dragons
Adults in the developed nations of the west claim they are not frightened on monsters but our fears emanate from the most primitive parts of the brain. Can you really be sure there are no monsters lurking in the deep dark depths of your imagination?
KEYWORDS: monsters, dragons, medieval

Coniston Bluebird… Goes Down A Treat!

Spent the weekend in the Lake District. Actually managed to drag my husband, kicking and screaming as you can imagine, into a pub that wasn’t owned by Jennings, the local brewery in Cockermouth, stop sniggering at the back.
This hostelry supplied beer brewed by Keswick Brewery.
My husband opted for a pint or two of Coniston Bluebird Ale.

Goes down a treat, apparently.

A career in advertising awaits me I think.

Smoking – The Backlash begins in Germany

News reports of pubs closing, brewers profits down in the wake of the smoking ban suggest people not going to the pub because they can’t stand the smell of stale beer and are pulling sickies because they can’t strand being in offices that reek of farts and hormones. There had to be a backlash sometime.

Well Boggart Blog can report it has begun in health conscious Germany.

An IT company in Berlin has fired three workers who requested a smoke-free environment. Germany introduced a smoking ban in pubs and restaurants on 1 January, but staff in small offices can still smoke. The company owner said: “We’re on the phone all the time and its easier to work while smoking. Everyone picks on smokers there days. Its time for revenge. I’m only going to hire smokers from now on.

How long before we are seeing smokers only clubs with long waiting lists for membership, smokers only restaurants for people who find nictine numbed tastebuds do not find overpriced, mediocre food so revolting and as our German correspondant reports, smokers only offices because a fag break a few times a day boosts productivity (not to mention easing the liability on pension funds by reducing the number of long term pensioners.)

If people would just think things through we would never have these problems.

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The Dog’s Bollocks

With pubs closing at an accelerating rate and our freedom to enjoy a few quiet drinks with friends being constantly eroded by government laws, health and safety regulations and the actions of the Political Correctness Police in the ongoing campaign to abolish fun and anything that looks like fun, it is nice to hear of one pub defying the trend.
The Dog’s Bollocks, we hear, is going from strength to strength. Unfortunately its a long way to go for a pint, Pattaya in Thailand in fact.
The pub which boasts that lager louts are welcome bans Arabs, Japanese, Backpackers, Darts and Quizzes.
All of this makes it popular with British tourists on long hall holidays.
They say the food is the dog’s bollocks too. Literally.