Charlotte Church blames Syria’s brutal civil war on CLIMATE CHANGE (not ISIS or Obama))

Last Nights QT: Stephen Kinnock, Leanne Woor (obscured) Charles Moore, David Dimbleby (host) Charlotte, Stephen Crabbe (Image source)

Classical singer turned left wing fuckwit showed exactly what is wrong with the left on Question Time last night

Climate change played a role in Syria’s conflict, according to Charlotte Church. Speaking as part of the panel on BBC Question Time, the Welsh singer said drought in the region had caused food shortages, causing a strain on the country and giving rise to the conflict.

Her comments came as a response to a question regarding whether the UK should carry out air strikes in Syria. She pointed out that Syria experienced “one of the worst droughts in its history” between 2006 and 2011 and said not many people knew about this.

“This of course meant that there were water shortages and crops weren’t growing,” said Church.

Being a leftie little Charlotte might have the voice of an angel but she has the brains of a strawberry flan as she showed last night.

I read not long ago she’s down to her last £million, so she has blown her fortune and her talent as well as half the rugby players in south wales. OMFG, didn’t she just make a fucking fool of herself. And that’s probably blown what was left of her career. Poor daft cow.

Silly Charlie did however give bloggers plenty of material that will make our readers laugh

Charlotte Church makes a tit of herself

I read not long ago she’s down to her last £million, so she has blown her fortune and her talent as well as half the rugby players in south wales, and now she has proved that she might have the voice of an angel but she has the brains of an earthworm to go with it. OMFG, didn’t she make a fool of herself. And that’s probably blown what was left of her career. Poor cow.


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European leaders met for the first time today to discuss the deal reached over changes to the conditions of Britain’s membership of the European Union. Public opinion in member states has led to fears that an out vote may prompt other EU member states to follow Britain’s lead.

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Question Time. Time Out for Brand.

I was looking forward to the BBC’s Question Time last night, the big face off between Russell Brand and Nigel Farage it was billed as. Unfortunately it turned out to be as much a non event as those World heavyweight Boxing Championship contests in the 1970s when Muhammed Ali was on his bum o’ the month campaign, with the UKIP leader taking the role of Ali and Brand huffing and puffing a little but fearing to come out of his corner before throwing in the towel at around the halfway mark.
(Nice sustained metaphor Ian, take a bow)

Brand, audience member who savaged him, Farage, gobby woman who screams ‘racist’.
Pictures shamlessly stolen from BBC Question Time web page under terms of Fair Use

The fact is when Russell Brand decided about a year ago I guess, to revive his flagging career by coming over all political, he was talking like a libertarian (or maybe just channeling Alex Jones or David Icke) but while that grabbed headlines it did not play to Russell’s natural audience who love globalism, big government, immigration, the dissolution of national sovereignty and national cultures and the idea that if we all join hands and sing Kumbaya we’ll turn into fairies and live happily ever after.

Still, despite the destruction of the Brand brand, the show was worth watching, for the man in the audience who excoriated Brand for patronising the disabled, and for the Labout representative on the panel who excoriated him for sexism when he tried to shout down the voluptuous but otherwise uninteresting Conservative, Penny Morduant.

Particularly enjoyable however was the blue-haired, loud mouthed female audience member who raged that Farage was a racist and advised that she was “coming for you Farage, don’t you bl**dy worry.”

I read in a comment thread earlier her name was Penny La Roche, if that is true then she is a professional race baiter who makes her living charging local Anti – Nazi League and Unite Against Fascism groups exorbitant fees for personal appearances at anti – BNP or anti – EDL demonstrations. If that is true it’s sad sad commentary on the mentality of the ANL and UAF that they can’t screech, “Racists, Fascists,” for themselves.

Whoever the woman was, she epitomised the thoughtful, reasonable and liberal face of the modern left.

After a second interruption as she tried to shout down a female audience member and was firmly put in her place by the commenter (“It is not racist to want to stop murderers and rapists coming into our country”) the stewards must have decided she had fretted and strutted her hour upon the stage because she was heard no more.

Our next Prime Minister commented that she was “lovely”. Or maybe he was referring to the extra votes she had just pushed UKIP’s way.

At Last, I Found Out Why Lefties Hate Michael Gove

I’ve always wondered by lefties, even those who can seem like reasonable people if we overlook their love of neo – Nazi authoritarianism and their yearning to be stripped on all their individual rights and freedoms and live under a totalitarian global government, can be reduced to incoherent rage at the mere mention of Michael Gove, Education Secretary in the Coalition Government.

Last night, as I watched a few minutes of BBC Question Time while Mrs. T. examined the Radio Times searching for some slightly entertaining late night viewing (we settled for Road Wars) I found out.

The Labour contender on last nights panel was lawyer (hoch, phut) and spin doctor Emily Thornberry, MP for Islington South and Finsbury who has been called “A white Diane Abbott” (’nuff said). The programme also featured the aforementioned Education Secretary, children’s author Anthony Horowitz, Green Party leader Natalie Bennett and Lib Dem Mark Littlewood.

Thornberry is a clever, quick thinking lawyer and highly effective in adversarial debate which is Labour like putting her up for the big broadcasting programmes (personally I’d rather see Caroline Flint but she seems out of favour with the Labour Kommissars). Last night Thornberry met her match however. She buzzed and fluttered and Gove, who has a rather reptillian look about him, flicked out a long sticky tongue and swallowed her.

Thornberry’s mistake was to invoke her working class background in attacking Gove’s revolutionary plan to replace subjects like feminist studies, sexual identity awareness, multiculturalism and how to speak without saying anything that might offend somebody with traditional subjects like arithmetic, reading and history. She dismissed Gove as an elitist posh boy.

Thornberry thought Gove intended to drive the working class back to medieval ignorance by teaching only important life skills. Labour of course want to drive the working class forward to medieval ignorance by teaching only politically correct indoctrination.

Gove then revealed his own working class credentials. It turns out the adopted son of a Glasgow fishmonger is a lot more working class than Guildford born and raised Ms. Thornberry.(I must admit that like most people I had been misled by the left wing media into believing Michael Gove was just another Tory posh boy.)

So now we know why lefties hate Michael Gove.
(a) They fear him
(b) He is actually working class while most Labour leaders are privately educated elitists.
(c) They don’t have anybody that smart on their side.

If you are watching on BBC iPlayer start at about 35 minutes in.