Quick Thinking Criminal or Slow Witted Plod?

We normally bring you stories of really stupid criminals, like the man who drove the getaway car sporting his own personalised registration plate, or the chap who held up a bank, slipping the cashier his handwritten demand for money which he’d jotted down on the back of an old envelope, showing his name, address and zip code, or the gang member who was advised by a kindly policeman that he should give up on his life of crime as his incredibly sticky out ears meant he was identified every time.

Well today, just to balance it up a bit we bring you the story of the quick witted criminal. Although it could equally be called the story of the slow witted plod.

Police in Streetsboro, Ohio, apprehended suspected bank robber John H Ford and just like in all the best cop shows cuffed his hands behind his back and then bent him over the bonnet of the squad car as they frisked him.
As they were looking for weapons they put the piece of paper they found in his pocket on the bonnet of the car, and as said piece of paper was allegedly the note used in the heist, Mr. Ford promptly ate it, destroying the evidence.

Way to go, JOHN!