Question Of The Week

Not trying to step on NotBob’s toes here, it is only one question, with no right or wrong answers, just what you the punter thinks.

What is the occupation of the owner of this vehicle?

Black Porsche Cayenne.

Registration plate : T44RTS

Is it

A) a baker


B) a brothel keeper

Boggartblog Christmas Quiz, Question 1

Title and Author of the original story from this TV listing.

“An Italian trader enters into a business deal with a moneylender, but faces dire consequences if he fails to keep his part of the bargain.”

He could even be forced to part with his Porsche!

Answers on a postcard, please!

A virtual bottle of Lidl’s best Asti Spumante to the first correct answer opened.

And the Beeb says it is not dumbing down.