Hottie French Politician Promises Blow Jobs For Votes

French politician Rachida Dati who in the political hottie stakes put even our own Carline Flint in the shade has become France’s most popular politician ever (wth male votes anyway) by promising all who vote for her a blow job.


Our undercover reporter in the French government reports:

President Sarkozy recognised Rachida’s potential popularity when he first asked her would she take on responsibility for getting inflation under control. She immediately dropped to her knees and unzipped Sarko’s trousers.

Realising that Ms. Dati was confused by the similarity between the French words for inflation and fellatio Sarko promoted her even further reasoning that getting a b.j. off a lady not half as attracive had done Bill Clinton’s career no harm.

Boggart Blog says we would welcome a few politicians like Rachida in the UK but even more important we must make sure MPs like Harriet Harman and Teresa May stick to dealing with financial matters.

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