A couple of old blokes with a plank and some rope eh?

It always amazes me that the reality deniers will grab any explanation of events no matter how ludicrous, rather that admit this happen that there is no rational ‘scientific’ explanation for. Take the mysterious crop circles that start to appear at around this time of year for example.

Up until about fifteen years ago some of the ‘rational’ explanations that people who consider themselves logical and scientific were advancing included suggesting the elaborate designs found in cornfields were caused by the mating rituals of rutting hedgehogs.

Eventually the floudering ‘rationalists’ were rescued by a couple of old twats who, following a crop circle season during which the circles had become far bigger and more complex, popped up in the press and claimed it was all their own work, done with a couple of planks, some bits of rope and a lot of scrumpy cider. And they did it just to wind up the hippy’s and new agers. The trouble was these two old blokes can be found in every real ale pub in Britain, they are always absolutely sure they know everything about everything and just as certain that nobody else knows anything about anything. A pair of smug twats in other words.

Did you really make the one below guys? Well perhaps you would like to explain how you did this with only a couple of planks and some bits of rope, all in the space of one night? And how was the rest of your trip to Italy?

crop circle
Crop Circle Formation Poirino, Italy June 21

I mean come on, let’s be realistic. Two old blokes with planks makes no more sense that rutting hedgehogs or aliens in scrumpy fuelled flying saucers.

It is no hardship to admit I don’t know how the crop circles are made, and I don’t much care if we ever find out. It may be covert government agences experimenting with directed energy beam weapons or creating electromagenetic votices, it could even be aliens as many crop circle chasers suggest. I just don’t know.

But if you are going to diss the aliens theorists, at least try to come up with something just a tiny bit more credible than old blokes with planks who can:

a) make themselves invisible
c)work at the speed of light

Rational my arse.