Labour’s bacon Sandwich Fail Show They Are Unfit To Govern

Ed and bacon

Some people might think Boggart Blog has the same style of rabid hatred for all Labour politicians and Labour supporters and lefties reserve for Michael Gove.

WRONG! All politicians are wankers and Labour politicians tend to be more hypocritical than others, and are actually posher and more elitist than Conservatives, Lib Dems and UKIPpers but one should hate them all equally, not for who they are but for what they represent.

Sadly the leftist mindset is not up to the job of multitasking so hatred as to be directed at specific things, Gove, The Daily Mail, Rupert Murdoch and Jeremy Clarkson are all objects of left wing hate.

While Boggart Blog hates Ed Ball’s economic illiteracy, Diane Abbott’s racism and paedophile loving Harriet Harman’s patronising hypocrisy and Labour’s control freakery in general, we quite like Ed Miliband as a person. OK, he’s a lousy leader, totally out of his depth fronting a political party riven by internecine conflicts yet still hoping to govern a nation of 60 million people in a year’s time, and he would make an even worse Prime Minister than he does an opposition leader.

In spite of all that he still comes across as a decent bloke. Ed would be a good senior prefect in a grammar school, (oops, just mentioned another hat symbol for lefties)intelligent, fair, anxious to do the right thing and careful to give everyone a fair hearing. Sometimes however, a national leader has to be a ruthless bastard, and that is where Ed would fall short.

Take for your example the infamous bacon sandwich incident on the day before the European elections. Warned that Labour were losing votes to UKIP because working class people felt the party was elitist and out of touch, some out of touch elitist in the Labour Public Relations team decided Ed, who is not religious but is Jewish all the same, should be pictured eating a working class breakfast, a bacon sandwich. Ed (above) bit into his bacon butty and manfully forced it to go down his throat. Now I don’t know if it was his Jewsish heritage that gave him a problem, or a distaste for meat, but you could tell he was not enjoying the experience. A more ruthless person would have said, “Fuck you, goyischer PR twat, I don’t eat pigmeat.” I hate bananas and if somebody said to me, “You have to eat a banana sandwich to promote your latest venture Ian,” I would remove the banana from between the bread slices, place it between two bricks and ram it up the pillock’s arse.

sales would soar, or if my venture was political, milions of votes would be won.What could possibly shout “Man of the people” more clearly.

It could simply be that Ed Miliband is one of nature’s museli eaters (and nothing wrong with that, I like museli myself). But whatever, the smart arse who thought up this embarrassing stunt is as big a dickhead as the contestant on The Apprentice a few years back who had described himself as a ‘good Jewish boy’ but tasked with buying a kosher chicken returned with a halal chicken.

The only thing Labour’s fuck up achieved was to give Nick Clegg a chance to score his only point of the week by proving that he could eat a bacon sandwich by doing so with considerable gusto.

Those of us who think another Labour government in Westminster would be a bigger disaster that an asteroid hitting Earth can take comfort from this display of ineptitude and out of touch elitism. The cleaner who had to clean up the mess after Ed parted company with his bacon sandwich (below) probably took no pleasure in the Labour leader’s discomfiture. And the poor bugger probably did not even get a tip

ed miliband bacon sandwich
Ed Miliband struggles not to throw up his bacon sandwich. (source: huffpost)