We have the right to know what we are eating.

Another silly kerfuffle is being blown up out of all proportion by the kind of idiot lefties who think parroting Labour’s anti – British propaganda is a sign of intelligence. This time its about the revelation that some fast food chains are using only halal meat in pizzas and other prepared foods.

Naturally anyone voicing objections to this will at once be attacked by howling mobs of lefties all screaming “racist, racist.”

The government has denied requests to make food companies label products that contain halal meat. They say there is no reason to object to halal meat, it is perfectly good and poses no health risk.

But that isn’t the point is it?

halal half time
Halal half time pies (Source: Daily Mail)

Just step back and think about this for a moment. Oops, I asked you to think, which is a bit unfair to Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem voters but in this instance we need to get some kind of public debate going and as the LibLabConfidence trick’s only policy is to shout down intelligent debate with screams of racism, I feel no need to dumb down my blog to accomodate them.

Jewish, Muslim and Hindu people who practice their religion fully have restrictions on what they can eat. It’s a little more complicated than just ‘no pork’ or ‘no beef’ but we will not go too deeply into that. For Jewish people all food must be kosher and the Muslim equivalent is halal. As far as permitted meat goes this means animals must be slaughtered according to certain rituals. Christianity has no such restrictions (although various sects may). Now it is right and proper that Jews and Muslims should be able to confirm that meat is kosher or halal when buying their food. Few people would object to that.

Many people however, not just Christians but atheists and non theists, pagans, shamanic animists, shinto and so on do have objections to the ritual slaughter favoured by Judaeism and Islam. Why do these people not have the right to know what they are eating. Why are the lefties and professional wailers and gnashers of teeth once again demanding one law for their favoured minorities and another for those with more traditional British values. Animal rights group Viva! made an excellent point with this response: ‘Other practices which may be undertaken for religious reasons – such as polygamy or the stoning of adulterers – are not permitted in the UK.

So can we expect those squealing lefties to be noisily demanding legalisation of wife beating, marital rape, forced marriages and flogging for women who go out alone or with hair uncovered, and the death penalty for homosexuals all in the name of diversity and multiculturalism? how ironic. I don’t think many UKIP supporters would agree with any of those things.

Personally I would not boycott Pizza Express, Costa Coffee, Toby Carveries, Beefeater and Brewers Fayre, and catering outlets at railway stations, airports and motorway services or Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury own brand readymeals for fear of eating halal meat. I already boycott their food because it is shite. The Ganesh Balti Restaurant in town is different however but even so I think ritual slaughter which insists the animal be sentient when it’s throat is cut is inhumane and should remain the exception rather than the rule if we are not prepared to close abbatoirs that refuse to stun creatures prior to killing them.

We have here another example of the double standards of the left, which is why you should ignore them. Quite why they hate everything connected with British or North European culture is not clear. It may be rooted in self loathing and the fact that left wing thinking appeals to emotional retards who seek the affirmation that comes from being part of a mob.

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Erm … aren’t we forgetting what democracy is about?

I only check in on Scottish blogger Stewart Cowan’s excellent Real Street Blog occasionally which is remiss of me, so I am late bringing you this thoughtful post on the question of gay marriage.

Now my attitude to this issue is that while Guardian readers seem to think same sex marriage is far and away the most pressing issue we have to deal with, ahead of the debt crisis, the age timebomb, immigration, climate chaos, overpopulation and the shrinkage of Murrry Mints, I personally don’t give a flying fuck. We have same sex civil partnerships, that’s fine; as for church marriage, it should be up to the members of that church. And I am not a member of any chuch so I would have no right to express my opinion even if I had one.

Stewart is not of the same mind however, in “Who are the real bigots” he writes:

Just to prove that the SNP are as keen to follow the same agendas as the Lib/Lab/Con Party on support for the European Union and love of social re-engineering, talk of “gay marriage” is in the air north of the Border. And just like in those other parties, people who express an opinion contrary to these agendas are portrayed as being fruit loops. People like me who argue (reasonably) calmly and logically are the “nutters” while those who try to shout down people with opposing views by calling them names and demanding they shut up and apologise, are standing proudly atop the moral high ground.

(If you want to know who the real bigots are, just look in the comment thread for that post.)

Here we get to something that does concern me a lot. While I expect the Labour party to take an authoritarian and illiberal line (after all Labour only ever approved of the working class having votes so long as the working class were voting for them) and the Tories, ex public schoolboys that they are, seem to be mostly gay or into S&M or something themselves it is appalling to see Liberal Democrats who have the shameless audacity to still use the word liberal in their name, joining the ranks of those Stewart describes, who are quick to brand anyone voicing opposition to the politically correct concensus of the ConDemLab one party state as right wing nutters. And the SNP too. It proves beyond any doubt the political class are out of touch with the voters, reality and their own sanity.

It seems we are losing sight of what democracy is all about because all polls show if this issue was put to the vote, the gay marriage campaign would lose. It will not be put to the vote for the same reason as Call Me Dave will not allow a referendum on EU membership.

Not long ago some UK libertarian bloggers had an impromptu “Laugh At California Day“, mocking the politically correct insanities and inanities of the global capital of Crazy.

My second fave post that day was on a move to take children away from parents who give their kiddies meat to eat. Favourite was a move to extend full human rights to Goldfishes.

California was the first state to enact a law permitting same sex marriage and making it compulsory for all churches including Catholics to perform same sex ceremonies (Mosques, unsurprisingly were given exemption on religious grounds, in the ConDemLab party hypocrisy is accepted, open mindedness is not) The law was later overturned in a state election but the gay lobby with the help of a gay activist appeal court judge the democratic vote was blocked (Proposition 8). That Californian law is now tied up in the US legal labyrinth and will probably never be resolved. Given that the politically correct mind runs on railway tracks and, having no reverse gear, can only go further in the same direction, how long will it be before California legalises marriage between humans and animals (but only same sex humans and animals – heterosexual beastiality, that’s disgusting and a violation of women’s rights).
And how far behind them will our own loonly lefties be.
And how far behind that will the public backlash against gays be? Or has it already started?

In a democracy the opinion of the majority does matter.

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Apple iPad Will Not Rewrite The Book

Amid much hype Steve Jobs the world’s top celebrity CEO launched the latest gadget from Apple. Apple addicts were thrilled to the core but will the new gadget for reading e-books ever replace Johannes Gutenberg’s big idea?

It almost moved me to poetry: Here, in the style of E.J. Thribb is my initial reaction.

And so, Jobs
in an era of no jobs
you have given us the iPod,
a computer without keyboard
or knobs.

Hmm, quite promising that. I might try to finish it sometime.

The iPad is a rather late entry into the e-reader market which is already looking overcrowded. With offerings from Amazon, Sony, BeBook, iRiver, Bookeen, Elonex and a few others (e book readers, reviews) already competing for market share it’s possible there are more e – book readers than there are e books to read on them.

The iPad will sell of course, Apple are the Michael Jackson of technology manufacturers, they make mediocre products that engender a kind of fiercely defensive attitude usually only found among followers of crackpot religious cults. Telling an Apple geek they could have bought a piece of kit that would do much more so much better for half the price is like telling a Scientologist L Ron. Hubbard was a con man.

No matter how many versions of the iPad Apple decide to release, the faithful will buy them all just as Michael Jackson fans used to buy the same album over and over again because it kept being re-released in a different cover.

Beyond the precincts of the Apple cult’s compound however, among those not in thrall to the Pontifex Maximus Jobs, high priest of the God “i” how well received will the iPad be? Will it be the gadget that finally kills Gutenberg’s technology? To be honest we doubt it, the iPad will find a niche within the niche of the gadget addict market occupied by e book readers but would a serious reader want to read a volume of fiction or non fiction or a collection of favourite poems on a device the name of which makes them think of female personal hygiene requisites.

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The Pastor Was Taken Aback

As I sat sipping my coffee on Sunday morning, half paying attention to the television talk show The Big Question it became apparent the discussion was getting quite heated and therefore interesting. The show brings people of different religious or secular persuasions together to talk about the issues of the day. Homosexuality and religion, the topic under discussion always gets everyone well wound up.

Eventually as two audience members and a couple of talking heads looked as if they were near coming to blows the presenter, Nicky Campbell, stepped in and to calm things down brought into the discussion a woman pastor from a liberal Christian denomination. She was a sweet, rather shy sort of girl, not at all like The Vicar Of Dibley. Though quite attractive her big eyes and high, arched eyebrows gave her a permanently startled look.

“Where do you stand on the increasingly bitter division among Christians over homosexuality?” Campbell asked her.

“I am often taken aback…” she began.

I hoped for someone to say, “Your private life is your own business love,” but nobody obliged. At least I understood why she looked so startled though.

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To Hell And Back Before The Pubs Close
With religions having such a downer on sex one might think they would be in favour of drink, I mean if you drink enough you are going to be too busy choking on your own vomit to bother about shagging. In spite of that religious leaders continue to promise hell and buggeration to people who like a bevvy

Here Be Dragons
Adults in the developed nations of the west claim they are not frightened on monsters but our fears emanate from the most primitive parts of the brain. Can you really be sure there are no monsters lurking in the deep dark depths of your imagination?
KEYWORDS: monsters, dragons, medieval

Muslim Dentist Omar Butt Makes An Arse Of Himself

Omar Butt, a Muslim dentist who worked at the Unsworth smile clinic like Muslim women to be “modestly dressed” when they turned up to have their teeth done. We don’t know if Omar was ever a member of the boy scouts but he was certainly prepared for secular Muslim women who turned up niquabless and said, “Ayup, I fergot me effin’ veil, ferget me ‘ead if it weren’t screwed on, me. (That’s how Muslim women in Bury talk.) Omar you see kept a box of spare veils in his surgery and would ask unveiled Muslim women to one on.”

Mr Butt has also been accused of asking patients if they prayed three times a day and performed their ritual ablutions diligently before deciding what treatment he would ofer people. We have not heard of any instances where he has pulled out all somebody’s teeth because they fell short on their religious obligations. Nor has there been any suggestion that he removed the teeth of infidels with rusty pliers.
Omar also had signs in his surgery reminding Muslims that sharia law still applies even when they are having teeth pulled. He says he is not an extremist but wanted people to know he is a Muslim. Well that’s very nice but what about women patients who didn’t want people to know they are Muslims.

As a result of his bizarre behaviour Omar, having already served one suspension after being found guilty of serious professional misconduct in 2007 is facing another disciplinary hearing. If he is judged guilty on the current charges he will lose his job.

We would like to know how can you work on somebody’s teeth when they are wearing a veil? Would a surgeon try to do a hear transplant without taking the patient’s shirt off?

Muslim dentist found guilty of discrimination

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Spotless Minds … and shared databases? Get your Jackboots out.

Spotless Minds – Tomorrow Belongs To Me.

A truly horrifying news story in todays Guardian alerts us at the development odf a pill claimed to erease unpleasant memories. In Spotless Minds this new medication is described as an aid to erasing unpleasant memories. So of course it is a Good Thing and will be embraced as such by the Politically Correct Thought Police, it will be marketed and sold as a psychological medicine something that will help troubled souls forget their traumatic experiences.

Hang on though, everything that happens to us, good or bad, makes us what we are. If this pill can erase bad momories what else may it erase, memories of reading a work of political or religious philosophy? Our memory of the time we spent of a dissident group protesting against nuclear weapons or oppressive government policies?

The direction they are heading in here is just not acceptable. Swedenborg referring to religious attitudes towards sex said “Religion wages war on human nature”; science it seems wants to wage war on everything that makes us human.

Read Ian’s funny and very cutting comment on the news item. Spotless minds – Tomorrow Belongs To Me

Obama hits more troble with cronyism policy.
Remember the kerfuffle last month when the former governor of Illinois, the state for which Barack Obama was junior senator before “ascending to the light?” Governor Rod (blagger) Blagojevich to whom fell the task of appounting a new senator to sit until the next election was caught trying to auction off Obama’s seat in the US senate.

Eventually Rolan Burris, another time server from Chicago’s black political establishment was appointed, Obama’s favourite Jesse Jackson Junior having withdrawn because he could not afford Blagger Blagojevich’s asking price.

Well now, less than a month after being sworn in Burris is being called on to resign because of allegations that he perjured himself in statements to federal investigators about his role in Blagojevich’s corrupt activities as governor.

Looks like the Obama administration is going to be more fun than a cage full of monkeys. Oops, pardon! I can’t believe I just used the word “monkeys” in connection with the Obama administration. I must wash my mouth with soap and water.

Read full story: Burris Strongly Denies Perjury at Huffington Post

Can Catnav stop your cat’s muderoust assault on the local bird population.

One for fatsally this. My little sister harbours a coven of cat’s and turnds a blind eye to the exploits of nature’s answer to The Yorkshire Ripper as her darling little killing machines decimate the local bird population. A new device, catnav, will if it lives up to the makers claims, enable cat owners to keep tabs on the movements of their psychotic pets. We who like watching the pretty birdies in our gardens but hate seeing our feathered friends being murdered and butchered by next door’s Tabby of Terror have a better plan to deal with cats. It involves pepper, untrasonic devices and an air pistol.

Recession Is A Success For The Government

Boggart Blog has been accused of taking a negative view of the news and even of promoting pessimism and despair just to get cheap laughs. This is totally unjustified. We Boggart Bloggers like to think we are realists perhaps but pessimists, never. Why, on our only religious observance of the year, when the whole team gathers in the blog office on Easter Sunday morning, we order in bacon butties and coffee from Grabber’s Greasy Spoon just along the street (you will always see Hazel Blears Harley Davidson parked outside as she trawls for rought trade) and together we watch The Life Of Brian. And we sing Always Look On The Bright Side at the end as enthusiastically as anybody possibly could.

In keeping with this upbeat and positive outlook then we would like to congratulate The Government on its latest triumph in the battle against climate change. A report published last week shows that in the final quarter of 2008 demand for electricity fell sharply. This resulted in a drop in carbon emissions, moving the nation closer to our target on carbon footprint reduction.

Credit where credit is due then. A big well done to the Department of Energy for getting the message across so effectively. Only a bunch of curmudgeons would mention that it took a major economic recession to bring about this change in attitudes as people living in terror of crippling utility bills or of having their homes repossessed are forced to choose between having a bath or a hot meal.

We Boggart Bloggers are not curmudgeons, we are positive, young, modern bloggers, keen to move forward to meet the challenges and seize whatever opportunities the future offers so we will not mention that inconvenient fact but will just point out that we could mention it if we really intent on subverting Nu Labour’s new, modern, positive Britain. We would rather say that a goal achieved by whatever means, even driving people into poverty and homelessness, should be celebrated. We are after all a gaol, I mean goal driven society. To Gordon Brown, Alistair, Mandy and go we say well done, and keep up the good work boys.

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Anyone need a plaster Daily Telegraph Blogger compares the government’s efforts to deal with the economic meltdown to putting an elastoplast on a severed limb.

Politics is like sex, Hazel Blears advises Labour. Well as a harley Davidson rider she should know how it feels to have a couple of big piston rods pumping away between her legs.

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Billionaire investment banker Warren Buffet says Barack Obama understands economics. All this proves is that Buffett doesn’t understand economics. But then what investment banker ever did?

Another idiotic Obamessiah cult member manages to credit Obama with ending the recession before The Chosen One has even uttered in intelligent word of policy. Obama can pledge technology will lead us out of thev recession to a new 21st century capitalism and a revitalised economy, but a smart guy (which is what he is supposed to be) would make sure the technologies he is relying on exist first.

Update 5 Feb 2009:
Daily Mail blogger Ben Brogan accuses Gordon Brown of Shameless dishonesty as the Prime Minister tries to evade questions. The thing about the people in Shameless though is they know how to throw a party. None of our political leaders seem to know how to lead one.
A Lesson In Shamelessness

Religious Cult behind Latest Labour Sleaze Scandal.

As calls gather strength and momentun for a criminal investigation into allegations that four Labour members of The House of Lords have been taking bungs for amending new laws we have to listen to these Lords explaining why it is perfectly OK for them to take money from interests such as a group suooprting the Heathrow third runway. (No possibility of a conflict of interest there of course.)

Corruption in the form of graft and payola has always gone on of course so perhaps we should not take that too seriously. There is a more important issue here. Boggart Blog demands we be told who was responsible for appointing a senior member of a crackpot religious cult to the government.

Labour life peer Lord Moonie was drafted into the House of Lords in 2005, on the strength of his valuable services to……erm…political stuff, you know. Nice work when you can get it.

Under the influence Do we need a sleazebags anonymous to help MPs and Lords who get addicted to bungs, graft and payola?

Whatever happened to proper cults like Trekkies or Whoies or Teddies (Father Ted Fans or even the Dudies – check them out in Bowling For Cult Status

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God Is A Tea Pot

If someone tried to tell you God is a tea pot you would laugh, or I hope you would; most of you at least.
But how can we possibly know that God is not a tea pot?
A twentieth century philosopher, I’m 90% sure it was Bertrand Russell, compared faith in God to believing a giant tea pot is orbiting the sun, which is one of the best ways of summing up religion I have ever come across.
If people are prepared to believe in the magical genie of a tribe of ignorant, semi – literate goat fiddlers then why not in a tea pot? Or for that matter a Flying Spaghetti Monster that is due to smother us all in boiling hot tomato sauce in The Last Days? Or for that matter The Soup Dragon which lives on the dark side of the moon and has the job of feeding a clan of small furry hominids who communicate in Swanee Whistle sounds, by breathing into their feeding bowls soup from its nostrils (The Clangers – with video clips.)
Its all delicious nonsense of course, so imagine my surprise on hearing that last month a Sharia court in Malaysia sentenced a woman to two years prison for being a member of a cult that believes a tea pot.
Cult members worship a 20 foot high effigy of a china tea pot which, they claim, symbolises the outpouring of goodness that is the love of God.
So now you know.
That story must lead us to conclude there are people out there who live in fear of the flying Spaghetti monster and the Soup Dragon.

BTW just to put you wise, the left nostril delivers chicken soup, the right lentil. I recommend the lentil, which has bits of crispy fried bacon in it.