Frustrated Civil Rights Leaders Say Facebook’s Zuckerberg ‘Lacks The Ability To Understand’ Race Issues

We must confess to not understanding this headline, how can any American lack the ability to understand the USA’s deep and destructive race problems when the key to understanding is so simple. If you are white you have no rights and it is your duty to kiss the arse of every black person you meet. If you fail to comply you will be branded a racist and if you point out the injustice of that you will be decaled a white supremacist and excluded from society. Simples.

First, Congressional Democrats harangued Mark Zuckerberg for allowing foreign actors to meddle in the 2016 US election (which was largely bullshit). Now, the Facebook CEO is taking heat from civil rights leaders after spending nearly an hour on the phone to discuss ‘ongoing issues around his company’s policies as they relate to race, elections and other topics,’ according to Bloomberg, who said that participants were left disappointed.

Rashad Robinson, president of civil rights group Color of Change, told the outlet that Zuckerberg is clueless when it comes to racial issues.

In an interview with Bloomberg News immediately after the call, Robinson said that “the problem with my ongoing conversations with Mark, is that I feel like I spent a lot of time, and my colleagues spent a lot of time, explaining to him why these things are a problem, and I think he just very much lacks the ability to understand it.

His employees are outraged,” said Robinson. “I’ve got outreach from some of them. Saying Black Lives Matter, saying I’m going to give money, but having your policies actually hurt black people, people will know the difference.” Some of the company’s senior staff have taken to Twitter to make their discontent public. –Bloomberg

The phone call and comments come as nationwide protests grip the nation over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for over eight minutes as a crowd of onlookers implored him to stop … Continue reading >>>


American Stupid: Hillary Clinton Says Male Leaders Scared of Greta Thunberg
It’s coming up to election time again in the USA and sure enought some idiot over the pond has allowed a drop of blood to fall on the desiccated lips of Hillary Clinton and the leader of the Democratic Party undead faction has reanimated to ensure the debate, on the Democrat side at least, never risis above the level of stupid set in 2016 when Hillary famously lost to Donad Trump.

Hijab wearing, Jihad supporting U.S. Congresswoman refuses to condemn stoning of gays.
Ilhan Omar (with Bernie Sanders behind thinking “I wouldn’t mind giving her a taste of my pork sausage) – picture credit

It had to happen, and it was always going to be great comedy value when it did. U.S Liberals were always going to face the moment when their love of Gays, Lesbians and Trannies clashed head to head with their love of terrorists and the Islamic Jihad.

Hijab wearing, Jihad supporting U.S. Congresswoman refuses to condemn stoning of gays.
Ilhan Omar (with Bernie Sanders behind thinking “I wouldn’t mind giving her a taste of my pork sausage) – picture credit

It had to happen, and it was always going to be great comedy value when it did. U.S Liberals were always going to face the moment when their love of Gays, Lesbians and Trannies clashed head to head with their love of terrorists and the Islamic Jihad.

Sane Democrats See Little To Gain From Impeaching Trump, Fear It Will Backfire
In an opinion poll commissioned by Reuters a majority of US Democrat voters say they fear that the latest m,ove to impeach President Trump over the Biden-Ukraine scandal will backfire, giving him a boost into the 2020 US election. One has to wonder about an epidemic of dementia among leading Democrats who have forgotten that only a few weeks ago

Pentagon Struggles to Defend America’s Secret War in Niger
The government and military authorities of the USA must be suckers for punishment, already struggling to manage international opposition to their ongoing efforts to effect regime change in Syria and with the bitter taste of failures in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya still strong in their mouths, they are still escalating US involvement in foreign wars.

March 4, 2018

Trump Gets Tough after EU Threatens Taxes on Jeans, Bourbon, and Harley-Davidsons

U.S. President Donald Trump is adopting a tough on the European Union, after the Union’s unelected leaders threatened to impose punitive tariffs on leading American brands in retaliation for his attempts to protect the jobs of American steelworkers. “So now we will also impose import tariffs,” threatened Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the unelected European Commission, at an event in Hamburg, Germany.

March 4, 2018

Trump Gets Tough after EU Threatens Taxes on Jeans, Bourbon, and Harley-Davidsons

U.S. President Donald Trump is adopting a tough on the European Union, after the Union’s unelected leaders threatened to impose punitive tariffs on leading American brands in retaliation for his attempts to protect the jobs of American steelworkers. “So now we will also impose import tariffs,” threatened Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the unelected European Commission, at an event in Hamburg, Germany.

Oprah Winfrey, Praised As A Feminist Icon, Exposed As A Fraud Within Twenty Four Hours

Tanya Gold, writing about The Golden Globes awards, praised the acceptance speech given by Oprah Winfrey who was given a lifetime achievement award presumably for fronting a television freak show, and commented on the ridiculous calls from other ‘liberals’ in hollywood and Washington for Oprah to run against Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election.

CIA Spearheads US Bid To Control Cyberspace, We Can All Help The Resistance
For several years Western media sources have been terying to top each other’s efforts to publish the most ludicrously hyperbolic articles about so-called Russian hackers while complaining about the alleged damage these hackers, of whose alleged activities no evidence is offered, have inflicted upon the American democracy The Washington Post would feature a propaganda article about Russia’s push towards the control of cyberspace. The New York Times would try to top it, while the LA Times would try to outdo both. What else should one expect from media sources owned by media corporations controlled by Wall Street hedge funds and enjoying a far too cosy relationship with US Government security agencies, if various reports across the net are to be trusted … <a href="For a quite a while now, Western media sources have been engaged in a sort of a competition, striving to publish as many articles about so-called Russian hackers as they possibly could, while complaining about the alleged damage those unseen hackers inflicted upon the US-style democracy.”>READ MORE ON THIS >>>

Why Is The Scandal Of The Awan Brothers Being Ignored?
You have probably never heard of the Awan brothers, a couple of dodgy foreigners with very strong links to the US Democrat National Committee. Given the noise the Democrats have been making about collaboration with non Americans during the 2016 campaign, it is surprising that neither Trump nor any of his supporters have responded to the fact that they have been handed a baseball bat with nails through the end, with which to beat his leading detractors.

White Privilege Now Inculdes The Privilege Of Being Fired For being White
Its should be obvious by now that the politically correct left, insaniac sociopaths that they are, have only one emotion at their disposal; hate. Bizarrely the hatered of these predominantly white, middle class people, while of themselves, is mostly racist in nature but directed at members of their own race.

Ten Truths You Can’t Tell In Britain Without Being Accused Of Racism.
by Arthur Foxake The screenshot below is from an article written by Trevor Phillips, former head of the Equalities and Human Rights commission for The Daily Mail (or Mail On Sunday) Trevor Philips home truths on racism. Image source Finally, we?re having that open and honest debate about immigration and race everyone has been calling … Continue reading

White Girl Is Burned Alive, 17 Black Gang Members Arrested. Mainstream Media Blanks The Story
Remember how the Social Justice Warriors of the politically correct ‘left’ screamed when a young black man named Trayvon Martin was shot by Hispanic George Zimmerman, because it was assumed someone named Zimmerman would be white? Remember how they wailed and stirred up civil unrest when a black man was shot by white cops in Ferguson, Missouri, automatically assuming the the killing was racially motivated. more >>>

Politician Blasts Conviction For Speaking The Truth On Anti-Semitism In Europe
A Danish politician has been reprimanded for posting comments on Twitter about the resurgence of anti semitism in Europe. Apparently while hand wringing and breast beating about violent attacks on Jewish people is fine, stating the obvious by linking the Europe migrant crisis to this new wave of anti Semitism is a criminal offence …

15 More Men of South Asian Descent Charged With Child Sex Offences
West Yorkshire Police have charged 14 men and a 16-year-old boy with sex offences including the rape of a girl under the age of 16 in Keighley, a small town in the old Woollen Industry distict of the county. The offences centre on one female victim, with one allegation involving a second who was also under 16 at the time.

Racist Student Union Officer says ‘I Can’t be Racist’
We have often made points about the hypocroisy of the left, but a Student Union diversity officer from London beats all comers. Having tweeted ‘kill all white men’ she justifies herself by saying that as an ethnic minority woman she cannot be racist or bigoted.

Multi-Cultural England: Are You Feeling The Progressive Diversity That’s Enriching Your Life
Visit some parts of most British cities with large immigrant populations and you will be hard pressed to recognize it, certainly my granparents would struggle to recognize the towns they knew. Appeasement of foreigners has destroyed the character of our communities but as usual the political left advise solving the problem by doing over again the things that caused it.

US Soldiers Forced To Sit Through P C ‘White Privilege Presentation. Not Happy Bunnies
The U.S. Army is investigating an unauthorized diversity training presentation on “white privilege” shown to hundreds of Georgia soldiers, USA Today reported, citing an Army spokeswoman. The Equal Opportunity training presentation was shown to about 400 soldiers of the 67th Signal Battalion at Fort Gordon on Thursday, according to Captain Lindsay Roman.

If a black person acts like a twat is it racist to say he’s a twat.
Examples of US rapper Kayne West behaving in ways that show what a cupid stunt he is occur to frequently for mainstream media to report them any more it seems. Or maybe it’s just that because Kayne is an African American those mainstream journos were afraid of being called racist if they report his latest fuckwittery.

Trannies and Feminists fall out over changes to UK’s Gender Recognition Act

by Arthur Foxake


Gay Pride – not as united as they’s like you to think (Photo: Reuters)

Proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) which would make transitioning from one gender to another easier, which will make lefties who claim gender is a social construct happy, and encourage fuckwit schoolteachers who want to teach four year olds that they should change sex, but it has put feminist groups at odds with leaders of the British Snip and Tuck association .

British law currently requires a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria and that the applicant has lived as their preferred gender for two years. They must then undergo a psychological assessment by a panel of medical experts. The person seeking sex change treatment also has to pay a fee of £140 before they can obtain a gender recognition certificate.

Trans ‘rights’ campaigners are demanding that process be made less difficult by introducing the concept of ‘self-identification’ which would essentially allow them to obtain the certificate just by self-identifying as one gender or another, without all the medical assessments and bureaucracy, and then simply present themselves at the nearest national Health Service hospital and demand expensive surgery and hormone treatments paid for by us poor taxpayers, because human rights.

Feminist groups are vehemently opposed to the demand (which exposes the lie of the Gay Prode movement that all sexual minrorities and the three o twenty – six or ninety – two (or whatever number they pulled out of the hat this week,) are solid in support of each other. The more traditional feminists say that a self-identification law could be abused and could even put women at risk if any person could enter a women-only space and claim to be a woman.

They say their concern is for the safety of women and girls, and they are not denying rights to trans people. Some trans activists, however, say that the feminist groups are “transphobic” and perpetuating discriminatory rhetoric.

Lovely to see all these left wing extremist bigots falling out among themselves.

One activist at a protest in Newcastle told Sky News that “no one has the right to tell you how to identify, that is up to you. These [feminist] groups, they sit and perpetuate hateful rhetoric.”  Well there’s nothing like a self pitying whine to alienate people from your cause.

Feminist campaigner Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans, who has written a book on transgender children, told the news outlet that she was “absolutely shocked at the level of vitriol and the level of silencing” being attempted by the trans activists. “Even asking for a discussion is considered transphobic,” she said.

We agree, wile the gays, bisexuals and lesbians can be mildly irritating when they bang on about their rights, the chicks with dicks are a truly obnoxious, self centered, whining, self pitying bunch of (wannabe) cunts.



Same Sex marriage and changing demographics

A blkog post at a national newspaper celebrating the vote in the French assembly to allow same sex marriage, in which the blogger Tom Chivers, a supporter of gay rights ‘yooman’ rights, wombat’s rights and everything’s rights concluded, “Demographically things are changing all around the world,” elicited this comment:

“Demographically, things are changing…”

Yes, they are, Mr Chivers. And within a few decades same-sex marriage will no longer be legal after Muslim-dominated European governments have repealed these laws.

And shortly after that homosexuality itself will be made illegal, with prison terms and death sentences for offenders.

And liberal journalists like yourself will not be able to complain about it, because there will also be laws against criticising Islam. Since the Koran calls for the death of homosexuals, supporting homosexuality will be seen as a form of blasphemy by Islamic courts.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you and your liberal, multicultural friends.

Couldn’t have put it better myself.


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Contradictory Evidence Of Abu Qatada

Main news story today is the continuining attempts by the government to deport the hate spewing Muslim cleric Abu Qatada and the equally determined efforts of the human rights husters to keep in him this country.

What puzzles me anout this is a reading of transcripts of Abu Qatada’s sermons shows that he hates Britain and everything about the west.

Wonder what makes him so eager to stay.

Another Terror Loving Cleric Hides Behind European Human Rights Law As Abu Qatada Saga Goes On

Do Dolphins Deserve Human Rights

Dolphins deserve to be treated as non-human “persons”, with their rights to life and liberty respected, scientists meeting in Canada have been told.

The conference, attebded by a bunch of worthless tax eaters who specialise is dreaming up increasingly crazy ways of wasting taxpayers money academics and experts in philosophy, conservation and animal behaviour wantUnited Nation support for a Declaration of Human Rights for Cetaceans.

They believe dolphins and whales are sufficiently intelligent to justify the same ethical considerations as humans.

All we at Boggart Blog know is that the average amoeba is more intelligent than all the effing academics at this conference

Science has shown that individuality – consciousness, self-awareness – is no longer a unique human property. That poses all kinds of challenges.” Profesor Waddac Hunt, PhD Fuckwitted: Hippie Ideas and Politically Correct Idiocy, University of California.

The questions Boggart Blog would like to put to these morons, if the can get their heads out of their scientific arses long enough to listen are:

When were they elected by marine mammals to speak on behalf of cetatians?
Have Dolphins ever asked for equal rights with humans?
Will Dolphons be prepared to pay tax on the fish they consume to pay for protecting their human rights or will the financial burden fall on us poor human taxpayers.
When Lions and Tigers get human rights will it include the right to eat people.
Will human rights for hermaphoditic lower life forms include the right to same sex marriage.

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Animal Rights Banstrubators Shut Down Taylor Swift Gig In Oz

Do – nut related thought crime

The East and West coasts of the USA are astoundingly illiberal places these days yet the leaders of the march to authoritarianism insist on calling themselves ‘liberals’,
‘progressives’ or ‘progressive liberals.’ There seems to be a contests going on between the municipal authority in New York City and the state government of California as to which of these ‘liberal’ bodies can pass the most authoritarian and repressive laws to curtail the right of citizens to make their own choices. Needless to say the solidly left leading, Obama felching mainstream media are shilling for every curtailment of freedom, every attack on personal liberty.

Perhaps is the reason that a recent story about a new advance of authoritarianism didn’t attract much worldwide attention. Under the Obama administration and their ruthless Thought Police each new craziness is greeted with a resigned sigh and a roll of the eyes that say, “Well some of us did try to warn you.”.

Under a new city ordnance New York’s Finest have not yet been reduced to handing out fines for smoking in city parks, but they are still booking park visitors for crimes like…eating a doughnut in a playground. Yes, in this enlightened era, the era of everybody’s rights when the California State Legislature is busy passing laws to protect goldfish’s rights, the police gave two young women in the Bedford – Stuyvesant borough summonses for eating doughnuts in a playground while unaccompanied by a minor.

“This cop attempted to be sympathetic. He proceeded to tell us that he was trying to be a gentleman by just giving us summonses instead of taking us in for questioning, because that was what “they” wanted him to do.” One of the women told reporters.

Finally, we were given our summonses and were free to go. Because we hadn’t been drinking alcohol or urinating in public, we do not have the option of pleading guilty by mail. Not that I am planning on pleading guilty. But either way, we have to show up in court or a warrant will be issued for our arrest.”

It’s incredibly sad that the main objection in the blogosphere was that the police should have just ‘moved them on’ instead of issuing a ticket. Not that the law itself should quite simply not be in place at all!

There was a time not so long ago when one of life’s pleasures for many was sitting in a sunny park taking in all of the relaxing atmosphere. The open space, breeze, birds, greenery, and yes, the sight and sounds of kids happily playing. Now it is an offence in New York, punishable by a fine to be near children unless accompanied by a minor. Presumably a paedophile accompanied by a child they had groomed would be quite safe from prosecution and – presumably again because the bureaucrats who work for the ‘liberal’ authoritarian city government – the next step if one refuses on principle to pay will be imprisonment.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking the same kind of politically correct lunacy can’t happen where you are, either. The Progressive Liberal Politically Correct Thought Police are coming soon to a town, street, park, house near you. House? Yes, they a planning laws controlling how you behave in your own home.

The only ‘crime’ or misdemeanour committed in the donutgate case is to have contravened an ordnance constructed by the state to tackle a problem that simply doesn’t exist. Punishing people for sitting watching kids playing is dangerously legitimising ‘thought crime’ as a concept – the criminalisation of someone having cirtain (in this case dirty) thoughts while in a park. Well I have had lots of dirty thoughts in parks but never about children. I have done lots of dirty things too but we need not go into that now, I and the ladies I was with at the time were careful to make sure we could not be seen.

The truly sinister thing about this case is that exactly like the Thought Police in George Orwell’s novel 1984, though the authorities can never know what is really going on in someone’s head, there is no defence. To place oneself in a position where one might possibly be tempted to think the unthinkable is to be guilty of having the potential and the equipment (a brain) to commit a thought crime. In effect a judge might say “You are guilty of being guilty. The women in the donutgate case were punished not because they did anything wrong because there was the potential for them to have dirty thoughts; that they might commit a thought crime. Echoes of Big Brother and 1984 again. The “All men are potential rapists,” brand of fat ugly lezzas feminists are going to have fun with this.

Now it is possible every adult – male or female except me – has this uncontrollable urge to fuck an 8 year old if they see them having fun on a climbing frame, don’t they? Can it be that I am the only person so perverted I don’t want to have sex with children just as I am, according to Freud, the only male human so crazy I never wanted to have sex with my Dear Old Mum? I think not.

The only disgusting, creepy perverts to be seen in this sorry story are the filthy-minded wannabe Nazis who believe our imaginings default to the most vile sexual crimes over something as innocent as just enjoying a coffee and a doughnut while watching kids play.

And before stupid liberal fuckwit pulls the puerile “how would you feel if it were your kids” argument. It wouldn’t bother me in the slightest if someone had watched my two in the park then went home and emptied a box of kleenex at the thought. If for no other reason than I would never have known.

If a atnyone attempted to abduct my grandchildren on the other hand (the kids a big enough to look after themselves now), – an occurrence so unlikely that I have more chance of winning the national lottery – then I would rip that erson’s head off and throw it to a pack of hungry rats.

Which reminds me, I wonder how Obama’s kiddie fiddling Czar, that Kevin Jennings guy who got a job in the US Education Dept on the strength of his publishing books about the desirability of sexualising pre pubescent children is getting on with his project to sexualise America’s five year olds. That’s the thing with American ‘liberals you see, it’s always hard to tell which face you are talking to.

Scientific note: I would not really rip the person’s head off; while snapping someone’s neck is a piece of cake the elasticity and tensile strength in skin and muscles mean that a silverback gorilla would be able to rip a human head off but not another human.

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Is Farting A Crime Or A Basic Human Right?

We were gobsmacked to learn earlier in the week that the government of Malawi has made farting a criminal offence.

Boggart Blog has always considered freedom to fart as a basic human right and a civil liberty.

In the past farting was seen as an art form and a popular entertainment. A French Vaudeville artiste Josef Pujol (Le Petomane or The Fartist) was for several years one of the most successful performers on the French Music Hall circuit until one night, stressed by continual abuse his sphincter failed him and as the world fell out of his bottom, the bottom fell out of his world.

Eighteenth century writer Charles James Fox even waxed lyrical on the topic. His work The Benefit Of Farting, Essay Upon Wind began with this disclaimer:

“I think I hear the Curious Reader exclaim, ‘Heavens! That the brain of man should be set to work upon such cursed nonsense – such damned low stuff as farting; he ought to be ashamed of straining his dull faculties to such a nasty absurd subject.'”

And where are the Politically Correct Thought Police Stupid Health Warnings dept.) on this one. Are they not aware that being too twee to fart is a serious health risk. There was a case of a Roman Emperor who farted himself to death. So long did he suppress his flatulence that when the gas build up finally overcame his sphincter the rapid release of pressure on his heart brought on a cardiac arrest.

Also we would have expected uproar from the people who are always banging on about human right is Africa. Only a couple of weeks ago they were up in arms about two gay Ugandans being punished for holding hands in public but we have not heard a squeak out of them about this latest human rights outrage in an African tyranny. Apparently it is fine for Ugandans to blow each other but not for Mallawians to blow gas.

Anyone who has ever done standup will tell you the brain of man remains as fascinated with the subject today as it was in Fox’s or Pujol’s time. That cannot ever have been a comedian who did not quickly learn a fart joke is the most reliable way to rescue an act that is dying. Farts are funny. Even my grandson who is only four months old giggles at the sounds made by my favourite toy, Uncle Windy the Farting Gnome. Clearly the humour of farting is embedded deep in the human psyche. Fart lighting videos are one of the staples of You Tube and to judge by the number of hits which internet items on Malawi’s supposed ban on farting have attracted the mainstream are more concerned about the right to fart than the right to marry someone of the same gender.

I say “supposed” because the Malawian justice minister is now trying to claim he was speaking in jest when he said a provision to criminalise farting was included in a new law. He may have ben trying the distraction technique to cover up his own embarrassing bottom burp noises. What better that a burst of jeering and ribald laughter to drown out the ripping sound of a shirt flapper.

Distraction is one of the many techniques used to distract attention in such a situation. The most common is to blame the dog. Another is to look pointedly at another person, sometimes combining this with a batting motion of the hands. However, farting etiquette hardly ends there. If you are in audience with a royal person who breaks wind, for example, the subject apologises, not the prince.

The only situation in which one can safely fart in company of the haughtiest particularity is while involed in equine pursuits. Horses are always farting and in the general chorus of rasps, burbles and squitters it is hard to pinpoint the exact source of one sound or smell.

Great thinkers differ widely in their view of farting. The Greek mathemtaician and philosopher Pythagoras never ate beans because he was convinced eery time one farts a little of one’s soul escapes. Satirist Jonathan Swift, the author of Gullivers Travels believed suppressing farts, leads to congestion of the brain, adding: “If in open Air it fires, In harmless Smoke its Force expires.”

Malawi ministers, take note. They might wish to follow the line western governments have taken on smoking and ban farting in public buildings and offices while tolerating it in private. But they mess with people’s right to fart at their peril. On the other hand if this anti – farting movement spreads liberatarians and classical liberals will have yet another will have another stick with which to beat the progressive of The Politically Correct Thought Police.

A Celebrity Human Rights Violation Is Not Entertainment

I’m ashamed.

With my shoulder giving me gyp all yesterday and a load of shite on TV last night by 9 p.m. I found myself watching I’m a Celebrity. Now I feel very guilty.

A person of my sensibilities should not be enjoying watchings human rights violations being presented as prime time entertainment.

Get over yourself Ian, you might well be saying, they only celebrities, not real people. Well yes, that is true but they are so like real humans and so innocent and trusting.

So how were their rights violated?

It is against the Geneva convention to confine a sane person with people who are insane and yet I saw sweet Sheryl Gascoine locked in a cage with Lembit Opik (OK, Lembit might be clinically sane but only because he has been on the run from shrinks since he was unelected), Shaun Ryder, the former Happy Mondays acidhead and Gillian McKeith who as everyone knows is stark raving bonkers in the head and spends most of her time talking to turds (the brown, smelly variety not the people in the jungle with her.)

The regulators should never have permitted it.


Fish Science Says They’re Smarter Than You Think.

At Boggart Blog we have often made fun of scientists, not always fairly I admit but if life was fair it would be intolerably boring. The aforementioned scientists unfortunately have only themselves to blame. Their penchant for running to the press with stories they just have not thought through properly provides us with comedy material so rich it cannot be ignored.

We also get the feeling a lot of this science is not much more than propaganda aimed at furthering the “one world” agenda of the “progressive left.” The intention is to produce societies comprised of people who all look alike, dress alike, behave alike, think alike, eat alike and would not have the imagination to ever question authority.

The New World Order or Big Brother as this agenda is affectionately known to the well read would like us all to be Vegans because all those cow farts are pumping the greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere. Also we suspect they have caught on to the 19th century idea that meat in the diet makes people feisty, rebellious, independent of spirit and much more likely to question orders. Thus all week they are publishing reports describing the horrors inflicted on animals by the food production industry. Today it was the turn of fish.

We have previously reported on mouse science, projects aimed at showing mice, because they can be trained to earn snacks by pushing buttons with their noses are the equals in intelligence to humans. We have also reported on science involving cows, sheep, chickens, deer and crocodiles (which can be taught to speak we’re told) and ostriches. All these are as smart and at least as sentient as humans and should be grated equal right with humans, especially the right not to be eaten.

As not being on the menu is one of the rights we humans hold dear we wonder if anybody plans to tell the lions and crocodiles about our rights?

We must leave that fascinating question for another day and move on to fish science. In order to persuade us not to eat fish scientists working for the Politically Correct Thought Police are performing the mouse trick on our aquatic friends. One much acclaimed peer reviewed academic paper sets out to explode the myth that fish are stupid and only have a three second memory span by revealing these newly discovered scientific facts from a recent study:

Fish build complex nests.

Fish make decisions individually and form monogamous relationships, (honestly hony, it wasn’t what it looked like, I squirted my sperm over your eggs but the current got hold of it and carried it down to where that rainbow trout girl with the big fins laid hers,) hunt co – operatively and use tools (have you never seen a fish wielding an axe or turning a screwdriver?)

They recognise each other as individuals and keep track of who is to be trusted and who is not (yeah, I can believe that, I was walking by a stream near where a guy was fishing with a lure only last week when two trout popped their heads out of the water and one said to the other, “See that little metallic fucker with a line attached to his dorsal fin and a hook protruding from his belly. Don’t trust him, he’s working for the humans.)

Fish form complex social hierarchies and vie for social status. The also (and remember we are quoting from the peer reviewed scientific journal Fish and Fisheries here, even Boggart Blog could not make up stuff this insane,) use Machiavellian strategies of manipulation, punishment and reconciliation.

Fish have significant long term memories (so how come they keep swallowing the bait) and are skilled in passing on knowledge (so how come they don’t tell each other how to recognise the bait?) through social networks (no self respecting fish would be without a Plaicebook or My Scales page.)

Fish even have what the paper’s author calls “long standing cultural traditions”.

Unless you are terminally gullible all of this should tell you a lot more about the scientists who wrote the paper than it does about fish.

EU To Reform Disastrous Fisheries Policy?