If Only He’d Known….

Should really have posted this yesterday but I was catching up on my shut-eye after being unable to leave the TV with Europe having come back from 10 – 6 down to 12 a piece in the Ryder Cup.

And wasn’t it brilliant watching them finally ovrhauling the Americans to win the cup outright, rather than just retain it?

Well, perhaps not if you are American.

Then came the story that Rory McIlroy had nearly missed his tee time, having confused Eastern time with Central time.

A kindly state trooper, deputy sheriff no less, drove the rather too relaxed Irish chipmunk to the course, where he just had time to hit a coouple of chips and then he was up to the tee, and, well, the rest is history.

A bit like the deputy sheriff’s career I should imagine.

Congratulations to all the Europe Team.