Russell Brand For Prime Minister?

Beldiueve it or not there are people out there who think it sounds like a good idea. Well OK I suppose they sort of have a point, he couldn’t be any worse than any of the last half dozen or so we’ve had. Surprisingly the people behind the brand for Prime Minister are not the same ones as are saying the Malaysian airlines Boeing 777 was planeknapped by a giant UFO, in fact but for one little thing they sound quite sensible.

Getting Brand into politics would be good from one perspective, it would stop him pretending he’s a comedian. marus brigstock could run for deputy PM thus killing tow turds with one stone. Politicians are comedians of course but they take themselves very seriously. Our Prime Minister though? That doesn’t sound a good idea, perhaps he could be President of The USA, although I suppose his not being a natural born citizen of Kenya might rule him out.

If you are interested in helping Russell Brand become Prime Minister here’s some more information on the campaign at Thomas Sheridan’s Official Blog:

People ask me why I am taking such a major interest in the Russell Brand/BBC Newsnight interview and especially the social, political and psychological aftereffects it has unleashed. They claim I am ‘jealous’ of Mr Brand (!!??!!). Giving him too much attention. Obsessed with him. They state this as they join new Facebook pages entitled Russell Brand for Prime Minister and share memes with Fabian Socialist platitudes on them, memes and statements they would have rejected only last week.

Some of the hatred directed against me has been staggering, as my basic criticism of this story robs them of their Dopamine rush, as they continue to see the Messiah on Tour as their main conduit of personal salvation. You know times are strange when you get called a ‘conspiracy nutter’ by people who believe the Royal Family are shape-shifting interdimensional iguanas because you took their Dopamine rush off them by pointing out that ‘Our Russ’ is not really what a revolutionary actually is. Besides, only Evolution changes things – Revolution just ‘revolves’ you back to where you started.

Aside from the fantastic hype, and watching the Cambridge Universities/SWP/Mi5/Activists Alliance monitor and gauge the reaction of the Truthers to the ‘Messiah Tour’ as they would lab rats. For me, this amazing and interesting last few days is not just about Russell Brand, he is just a part of the game plan – this is HUGE. Mark my words. In time, the full Pandora’s Box of what they are up to at the top are up to will be revealed.

Essentially the PTB are purposefully creating a rift or a Reformation/Civil War within the Alternative Movement. This serves many purposes, but the main one is to get people who have opted out ‘back into the system’ – have them voting for ‘Socialist Egalitarian’ candidates (in reality, traditional Left Wing Fabian Socialist parties such as Labour). Have them forget their anger at the system. Get them meditating, and not raging against the system, have them voting once more and all set for Agenda 21. Allow them their ‘silly conspiracy theories’.

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Brand Plays A Blinder

I never thought I’d say this but Russell Brand is playing a blinder. The self proclaimed prolific shagger, official jester to the metrosexual left, quasi – Dickensian cheeky chappie and fan of David Icke has, almost single handedly, made it respectable to dissent from the government line again. He has become a hate figure for both left and right after his outburst against the ineffectual nature of the failed political system, the corporate and scientific hijacking of public debate, government, the legal system, education and the media (the science is never settled guys, not now, not ever, never so shut the fuck up or take your insane cult of Scientism to Crazifornia, the home of post modern idiocy).

Now normally I would rather sup surströmming from a shit shovellers salopette than watch Russell, I don’t think narcissism as comedy is funny, but having pissed off both the left and right simultaneously he must be onto something.

The left are sneering at Brand’s naïveté in wanting to talk about corruption in high places, the unhealthy influence wielded by banks on society and other ‘trivial’ issues instead of understanding that the most important things society has to deal with are gay rights, equality for paedophiles and the scrapping of all immigration controls. The political right are raging that Brand is just another media luvvie playing at being a leftie to get a ride on the politically correct bandwagon.

In fact he is neither, what Russell Brand has been advocating is far more radical, he is talking about real liberalism bordering on anarchy. While the neo Nazis of the Lib Dems, Labour and the Cameronist wing of the Conservatives are talking about authoritarianism disguised with a veneer of political correctness, Brand and conspiracy theorists like David Icke are talking about real genuine individual freedom, the freedom to think for ourselves (and not least the freedom to promote themselves). The kind of freedom that will defend those who oppose uncontrolled immigration against charges of racism, who are against legalising same sex marriage against charges of homophobia (fear of the same thing?) or call for our withdrawal from the EU against accusations of being Little Englanders. A true liberal believes everybody has a right to express their own opinion, rather than just to repeat the opinions approved by the establishment and printed or broadcast by establishment / corporate controlled media.

Though never a fan of fan of the pre – Raphaelite featured comedian I find myself in sympathy with him as he faces hate attacks from all sides. The hate campaign has as always been led by the conformist left whose polemical ravings about Brand’s narcissistic belief that he has the right to speak for the left, yoof, the future, etc., although the traditional right have not been far behind. But Russell Brand has not elected himself, he has been co – opted by default, by the vacuum at the core of British politics. He is speaking for some of the most alienated and disenfranchised groups because, fearful of offending the Politically Correct Thought Police, nobody in the political establishment will step up and speak for them.

In the same way Nigel Farage has become the unofficial and unelected spokesman for the traditional Conservative constituency while George Galloway sometimes acts as the voice of the traditional Labour voter. More mainstream politicians, in their desperation to “engage with minorities” have abandoned the heartlands and are far too ready to dismiss the concerns of white, straight, cultural Christian, middle and working class voters as “bigotry”.

After Brand’s demolition of lefty bully boy Paxman on BBC’s Newsnight, which followed a similar demolition of the cliché spouting presenters of an American political talkshow a few weeks earlier it would be dangerous to assume we have discovered a new political messiah. What Russell Brand has done is expose the intellectually bankruptcy of both left and right, their total inability to propose anything that looks remotely like a solution to our problems (a return to the borrow and spend economics of the past twenty years will only achieve our total enslavement to the Debt Baron Rothschild clan and further austerity will lead to deflation higher unemployment and eventually to more borrowing and our enslavement by the debt barons.

Now someone has stood up and said these things will our political leaders understand they have lost touch with the voters or will they whine wimpishly about how overwhelmingly important it is, compared to trivialities like economics, jobs, ending conflict and shaking off the yoke of the debt barons that we make sure bearded queens in bridal gowns are getting what they want.

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I’m not fan of Russsel Brand But This Is Worth Seeing

MSNBC is one of the most sycophantic, government friendly, Obamessiah worshipping news magazine programs on American television.

They must have felt they were on safe ground when the booked British comedian and world class shagger (allegedly) Russell Brand for a gig on their regular Morning Joe feature. After all, the British, we worship Obama and believe everything mainstream media tells us don’t we. We all accept the government is our best friend and that we must surrender all our rights and liberties and accept close surveillance of our whole lives so that the ‘security’ agencies can save us from terrorism don’t we? Big Government is God as far as we are concerned, or those of us who lean forty five degrees to the left. Al least that’s what the MSNBC producers thought until Russell Brand (a recent convert to the cause of resisting the New World Order global fascism) turned up.

See a recording from the show:

Russell Brand on Morning Joe:

Read the Libertarian online news channel Natural News write up of MSNBC and Russell Brand.

Life’s Greatest Mystery

Among a list published today of the great mysteries of life that puzzle us feeble humans, rubbing shoulders with conundrums like hob big is the universe, is there a god, does life have any meaning, is there a fundamental particle that holds matter together, why did Jennifer Grey have that effin’ nose job, who put the ding in rama lama ding dong, does anyone know what the Large Hadron Collider is supposed to do and who ate all the pies is the question of what do women see in Russell Brand.

Now this is not a question that has ever troubled me. Living in the north I have never met a woman who sees anything in Russell Brand. The nearest was one of my daugter’s friends who said “Sometimes he’s nearly a bit funny.”

Actually Boggart Blog though Brand had married Jonathan Ross and buggered off. Sadly not.

This question’s appearance in the list does highlight one serious issue however. That of the widening cultural divide between people to the south of that imaginary line from the Severn to the Trent.

Up in the north here we still like comedians who tell jokes. They need not have beer bellies od dinner jackets and bow ties, but we like humour to be delivered in packets that have the structure of a joke, anecdote or comic monologue.

In the south the new wave of comedian (with the exception of Jack Whitehall and Mickey Flanagan) are unfunny middle class kids who stand on stage for an hour mumbling introspectively about how they hate themselves, all their mates and relatives and their middle class background. Except for Marcus Brigstock who is just a twat.

What we have here is the tragic humour of the clown, the grotesque, the freak. Clowns are not funny, they are tragic, their faces hideous masks, their baggy trousers and oversized shoes serving only to accentuate their clumsiness and ineptitude. But a certain kind of person laughs at clowns because the clown’s tragedy is their tragedy.

In a world controlled by advertising and propaganda, the world inside the M25 for example, on Planet Metrosexual only perfection is accepatable. So everybody, and when I say everybody I think we all know I mean Guardian readers because they are so self absorbed they don’t know anyone else exists, falls short of their target. So they feel inept and clumsy because they are not perfect and they feel grotesque because they are not anorexic and they feel inadequate because they are not the CEO of Barclays Bank. And they hate themselves for all of it.

Russell Brand’s appeal to women lies in this self hatred. Self haters are prone to addiction and the self hating metrosexual women, addicted to chocolate and Chardonnay, white wine, throwing up, the gym, shopping and Sex-and-the-City identify with Russell Brand because he talkes about his self hatred and addictions, to drugs, sex, wanking, taking about his addictions, taking aboutr sex, talking about wanking and most of all his unhappiness. These silly bints think he will understand them and they can make him happy.

The women who rate Brand sexy are of a certain type (sic) I can’t see Essex girls going for Brand, they like someone with a bit more muscle. Norhern girls certainly don’t because they think all southerners are wusses.

Right so that’s Russsell Brand sorted. Next, the meaning of life.

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Can Someone Please Explain Russell Brand To Us?

We are in for a Brandfest this week if the trailers on TV are anything to go by, so as the Boggart Blog team just does not “get” Russell Brand we appeal to readers to help us understand why this stick insect impersonator keeps popping up on television.
The last talent free celebrity to be given this kind of hype was the profoundly unfunny Johnny effing Vaughan. Brand has not yet been over-exposed enough to warrant an “effing” but he’s getting close.
The only time we got a laugh out of Johnny Vaughan in all his ten squillion TV appearances was when his dog shat on the seat of his expensive sports car. Does Brand own a dog or a sports car? We live in hope.
But Johnny Vaughan is just talentless, there is something sinister and creepy about Russell Brand. Maybe its the Max Wall look he effects as he minces about in ladies leggings, a rolled up sock thrust down them to simulate burgeoning manhood – although what we are meant to make of a man who gets a hard-on from wearing ladies leggings is anybody’s guess, perhaps it is the faux camp way he throws himself about like a Thunderbirds puppet on speed. It could be the rat’s nest of hair although you get the impression that an army of hairdressers have spent hours getting it to look like one of those wigs worn by eighteenth century courtesans (who often actually had a rats’ nest complete with rats in their wigs.) Perhaps it is just the tragi-comic fact of his being a West Ham United fan.
Abby, the Girl With A One Track Mind suggested a couple of months back that men do not like Brand because he threatens our sexuality. Most blokes I know absolutely love Eddie Izzard so maybe Abby is suggesting that Brand’s unfunniness bores s so much we fear we will develop erectile dysfunction. Or maybe Abby was just trying to provoke comments for her blog because given the popularity of Eddie, the Little Britain boys and Julian Clary and the fact that Anthony Cotton (Shaun in Coronation Street) is fast becoming a national treasure, the argument just doesn’t hold up.
Another creepy aspect of Russell Brand is his fatuous bragging about the number of one night stands he has had. Poor lad hasn’t clocked that the only way people get to have lots of one night stands is by not getting invited back for a return bout. ‘nuff said?
Girl With A One Track Mind is famous for blogging about her very prolific sex life of course so a little fellow – feeling there is understandable.
No, the only reason we can see why blokes north of Watford think Brand is a mincing, squawking self – obsessed twat whose humour seems to be based on a conviction that he is super cool is that he is a squawking, self – obsessed etc.
Its hardly surprising that the media metrosexuals of Islington fall for this Emperor’s New Clothes kind of comedy but it would not go down well in the Barnoldswick and Barrowford British Legion Club I can tell you.