Patrick Stewart Supports Gay Cake Bakery

Patrick Stewart with Sesame Street character The Count (image source)

Support from an unexpected direction for Ashers, the Northern Ireland bakery recently successfully prosecuted for refusing to make and decorate a cake bearing the text, “Support Same Sex Marriage” for a political event promoting the campaign to legalise gay and lesbian marriages in northern Ireland, where it is still not legal.

The Shakespearean actor who also starred in X men and Star Trek, Patrick Stewart, well known for his left wing political views, has backed the Northern Ireland bakery that declined an order for a cake promoting gay marriage, saying people should not be forced to write messages they disagree with.

Last month Ashers Bakery was fined £500 after it refused to decorate a celebration cake with images of Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie.the words “support gay marriage” for a gay rights activist. We should note that the gay rights lobby have been trying for years to sexualise the characters who are part of a TV show aimed at pre school age children.

The McArthur family who own the bakery are appealing against the verdict.

Although many said the ruling was a victory for “equal rights”, Patrick Stewart told BBC Newsnight: “I found myself on the side of the bakers.”

He told BBC Newsnight: “It was not because it was a gay couple that they objected, it was not because they were celebrating some sort of marriage or an agreement between them, (they weren’t, the cake was for a political gathering).

“It was the actual words on the cake they objected to. Because they found the words offensive.”

“I would support their rights to say no, this is personally offensive to my beliefs, I will not do it,” he said.

It’s reassuring to see that some people on the left of the political spectrum still understand the importance of free speech and the right to one’s opinion in a democracy. Far too many leftie sheeple would happily trade individual liberty and several of the most basic human rights for a few Facebook likes from the kind of sad acts who are happy to ride the facist bandwagon so long as nobody points out that it is fascist.

We should all support Ashers right to refuse their support to a cause they disagree with. We notice the gay activists behind this prosecution did not approach a Muslim bakery with their order.

Kudos too to the makers of Sesame Street, who after years of lobbying from the Gay BLT social justics warriors issues a stastement that said Bert and Ernie are best friends, they’re not gay, they’re not straight, they’re puppets. Bert and Ernie do not exist below the waist.

In fact I have found the efforts of gay activists to sexualise characters in children’s television and literature rather disturbing for some time. For years supporters off gay rights tried to dispel the belief that all gay men fancied little boys. Most of us were happy to support them. So WTF is all this crap about sexualising childhood supposed to be telling us.

The Great Gay Cake Scandal
As tensions rise between the USA and its rivals Russia and China, taking the world to the brink of global conflict, as the economic crisis drags on, reducing more nations to economic basket case status, as extremists rampage through the middle east and Africa and threaten to turn their attention to Europe next, it seems our British champions of love, pece and tolerance can find nothing more important to occupy them than persecutiong a christian bakery that refused to bake a gay cake.

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Comedian Jerry Seinfeld speaking on ESPNU and ESPN Radio’s “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” on Thursday (5 June) referred to how other comedians have warned him to not take his comedy act to college campuses because they are so politically correct now.
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Irish Senator Says same Sex Marriage Vote Will Lead To Change Like Soviet Revolution

Irish gays celebrate with a new version of Riverdance called Alimentary Canal dance (image source)

The really annoying thing about news events like the “Yes” vote in Ireland’s same sex marriage referendum is that they always inspire lefties to start spounting the most inane drivel. Like this:

A pro-gay marriage Irish Senator David Norris (IND) has told journalists at Dublin Castle he hopes the vote to legalise same sex marriage will lead to change across the world, just as Ireland inspired the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 (WTF?). Senator Norris, was talking about how Ireland was a “small island on the edge of Europe” but that it could have a much wider impact.

The example he cited was the General Post Office (GPO) uprising in Dublin in Easter 1916. A group took over the GPO and fought against the British Army to maintain control of it for several days. The attack was unpopular at the time as it was seen to undermine the British and Irish efforts to win First World War.

Those responsible only caught the public imagination later when the British sentenced them to death, a ruling that proved hugely unpopular in what is now the Irish Republic. However Norris claimed their actions had “inspired” the Bolshevik uprising in Russia the following year. It led to the establishment of the Soviet Union and led to the deaths of tens of millions in forced labour camps and through famine.

He said: “We hope this vote will change things, in Africa and across the world just as the Irish rebellion of 1916 led to the 1917 revolution in Russia”. His comments were met with applause from the assembled crowd of pro-gay marriage supporters.

Change like the Soviet Revolution eh? Well let’s recall how that worked out. Stalinism, suppression of free speech, persecution of certain minorities including homosexuals, gypsies and Jews, genocide, food shortages, persecution of Communist Party members who questioned the leadership, shortages of food and clothing, economic and social stagnation, persecution of religious congregations, shortages of electricity, gas and coal, persecution of everybody, etc. etc. Well the Gay BLT and Yooman Rights lobby are certainly as authoritarian, self righteous and ideologically driven as the regimes of Lenin and Stalin. I have a horrible feeling this bloke might be onto something here.

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Elton John’s Dolce & Gabbana boycott is not a simple case of good versus evil

There’s nothing quite like an Elton John hissy fit for putting people off gays bigtime. Every time the old tart gets on his high horse (and falls off the other side like a comedy cowboy) another few million people join the homophobics union.

Few subjects are as certain to kick off an internet flame war as what constitutes a proper family. You would the wisdom of Solomon and delicate tread of an Angel to deal with the topic painlessly; and were you to lucky enough to find one, that Angel would probably refuse to offer an opinion, not daring to tread on such easily offended tootsies.

Instead then, find a fool, or a bunch of fools. Let them rush in, as did the ever sillier former rock star ‘Sir’ Elton John when fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana, made some less than laudatory comments about non standard families.

One of the fashionistas made a comment about same-sex parents: “Every child should have a mother,” he said, which Sir Elton interpreted as an insult; (these days he interprets everything as an insult); consequently, the singer has demanded a boycott of the Italian’s designer clothing. Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Well the topic of same sex marriages will be debated for a long time and the issues if IVF and same sex parents will become more rather than less controversial.

But whether we think a child fares better with natural parents or not, I’m sure we can all agree no child deserves the stigma of being related to Elton John

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Red Cross To Be Renamed Red Swastika?

Another once respected charity abandones its mission to focus on promoting bosses left wing political agenda.

The Red Cross is getting some well deserved stick after sacking 71 year old Brian Barkley, a volunteer for over twenty years. His crime was to have an opinion that differed from the politically correct dogma espoused by the self righteous, self interested left wing troughers who line their pockets via generous expenses and salaries for running the charity. .

Mr. Barkley, was seen by the Politically Correct Thought Police while protesting against gay marriage outside Wakefield Catheral. He was not involved in Red Cross activities nor was he in any way identifying himself as a member of The Red Cross.

A motion has been tabled in the House of Commons expressing “deep concern” at Barkley’s treatment and urging the charity to reinstate him.

Coalition for Marriage (C4M), which led the campaign against redefining marriage in the United Kingdom, says that it has received nearly 50,000 messages in support of Mr. Barkley and that many people are considering boycotting the charity. (I’d like to join the boycott but I have boycotted The Red Cross for years, ever since I found out how much of the money we donate directly or via out taxes is taken up by the generous salaries and bonuses the scumsuckers management pay themselves.)

Newspaper reports state that Mr Barkley had been photographed mounting a one-man protest outside Wakefield Cathedral, holding a placard reading “No same-sex marriage”, in May this year after the gay weddings took place in the UK. This is still allegedly a free country and he is antitled to his opinion. as in so many other recent cases, nobody seems to have told the authoritarian left what free speech actually means.

The Red Cross summoned him before a disciplinary panel where he was told his actions went against the group’s values.

A spokesman for C4M said that although Mr Barkley has not called for a boycott of the Red Cross, he does remain “deeply upset” at his treatment after working with it for many years.

However, the charity said in a statement that it did not dismiss Mr Barkley “specifically for his views on same sex marriage”, although it did fear his stance would have a “negative impact on the way its services are delivered to a particular community.”

Colin Hart of C4M is not impressed, though. He said: “This is a shocking case – Bryan was a senior volunteer, undertaking very complicated and technical work for the Red Cross.

“For nearly two decades he helped to reunite people with lost family members. Yet after voicing his opposition to the Government’s undemocratic plans to rip up the traditional definition of marriage he was fired.

“He broke no law and his only crime seems to have been that he was one of the millions of ordinary people who opposed this change. There has never been any suggestion that Mr Barkley acted inappropriately while at the charity, or even pushed his views while volunteering.

“Indeed just 24 hours before he was notified of a disciplinary meeting, he attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace with other volunteers, employees and supporters of this organisation.”

The Red Brigade Cross has responded, by whining self righteously and hypocritically that Mr Bickley’s supporters are distracting the organisation from its work dealing with international disasters.

A spokeswoman said: “The British Red Cross is working internationally tackling enormous issues like the Ebola crisis, Syria and the food crisis in South Sudan.

“Orchestrated actions like this inevitably divert us from our humanitarian mission.”

In response to the final two statements above Boggart Blog asks and how do the Red Cross hypocrites feel about their ‘humanitarian mission’ helping people in South Sudan, Syria or the nations affected by the ebola crisis who believe homosexuals should be stoned to death. Because that, I have read, is the majority view in those societies.


The Great British rake-off… what really happens to the billions YOU donate to charity

The figures are astonishing. There are more than 195,289 registered charities in the UK that raise and spend close to £80 billion a year. Together, they employ more than a million staff – more than our car, aerospace and chemical sectors – and make 13 billion ‘asks’ for money every year, the equivalent of 200 for each of us in the UK.

But many charities have become hungry monsters, needing ever more of our money to feed their own ambitions. And while registered charities claim that almost 90p in every pound donated is spent on ‘charitable activities’, many spend at least half their income on management, strategy development, campaigning and fundraising – not what most of us would consider ‘good causes [Continue reading]


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Just a couple of days ago The Dily Stirrer was slamming charities managers for using our money to line their own pockets. Now in a devastating attack on the charity sector, a Liberian official accuses charities of exploiiting ebola for gain.

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Strictly Come Cruising

With its glitz, glamour and flamboyant routines, the world of ballroom dancing may seem an unlikely battleground for same-sex politics.

The Screaming Queens lobby have turned the volume up to eleven for today’s “We’re being denied the privileged status we demand,” scream, which relates to same sex couples and ballroom dancing

The feather boas are flying over a proposal that same-sex dancing partners should be banned from competitive ballroom dancing circuit.
Funny don’t you think how it’s the gay rights brigade who’ve decided to kick up a fuss although the ban would apply only to same sex dancing partners who may of course both be heterosexual. Are we dealing with professional victims here rather than professional dancers?

Members of the British Dance Council (BDC) are considering changing the rules to define a partnership as “one man and one lady” (lady, how quaintly old fashioned – but that’s ballroom for you), for all amateur and professional competitions, unless specifically stated otherwise.

Critics claim that the change in rules would mean same-sex couples may be “banned” from competing in all but a handful of specially designated competitions, despite facing no impediment to their participation until now.

Same-sex couples — both men and women — currently compete regularly across Britain, and have appeared on international versions of television snoozothon Strictly Come Dancing. Complaints have been raised arguing that, in the case of men, they have an advantage, due to their superior strength.

Peter Tatchell, simpering doyen of the gay rights lobby, said the ban would “probably be illegal” and Heather Devine, a dancer who, with her female partners, competes in competition wrote an open letter to the president of the BDC urging the proposal be rejected as it is unfair.

Is there going to be a similar outcry I wonder when the screaming queen lobby realise that the Lawn Tennis Association insists that “Mixed Doubles” matches may not include same sex teams?

But as usual (and unlike the neo Nazo gay lobby) Boggart Blog doesn’t demand that you agree with us, make up your own minds. Here’s a video of a female couple dancing that very sexy Latin American dance The Rhumba on the Israeli version of Strictly. Now I don’t mind watching a bit of girl on girl action but I think you’ll agree this is a tad too close to soft porn for primetime TV. And just think how creepy two blokes carrying on like this would look.

Gay Marriage And Social Madness – watch your arse, brother

I’ve just been looking at the unmentioned (and possibly unmentionable but certainly unintended consequences) of last night’s idiotic same sex marriage bill. And while proving what sad, pathetic, creepy, unkewl,uber – conformist emotional cripples it’s supporters are, it has some gobsmacking unintended consequences.

Did you know it is now legal for a man to marry his biological brother or son? Or a woman to marry her sister or daughter?

Advocates of “The love that dare not speak its name”, (but now seems never to shut up)didn’t think that one through did they.

Speaking purely for myself, I would much rather marry my sister or daughter than my son or either of my brothers (although if I had my way I’d sooner marry Helena Bonham Carter than anybody) but hey, if GBLT’s are legally able to marry same sex close relatives I want equality and I want it NOW!

Two thousand different sex couples in mass wedding in South Korea

South Korea’s Unification Church has held a mass wedding and holy blessing for 2,000 couples from 54 countries.

Over 20,000 followers of the so called Moonie cult gathered for the mass ceremony at a stadium in Gapyeong, near Seoul.

The founder of the church, Rev. Howlin Gat Moon, and his wife were there to bless the mass ceremony. They sprinkled holy water over selected couples and declared them married.

“The mass wedding leads all mankind to be one, removing the boundaries of ethnicities, religions and nationalities. Our goal is making the world peaceful with forming new families,” said Seuk Joon-ho, President of the Unification Church of Korea.

Fine worlds but we notice no same sex couples were involved.

A Boggart Blog reporter sent to cover the even spoke to one of the British couples involved, Wayne and Tracey Chavvington from Barking. They tod us they had treavelled to Korea to be wed because Rev. moon had warned British Moonies that weddings between people of different sexes were about to be made illegal.

Catholic Cardinal Declares War On Shiny Face

Catholic leader Cardinal Keith O’Brien, know to his congregation as “the wee fat guy in the funny hat” has thrown down a challenge to David Cameron over the governments plans to leagalise sdame sex marriage.

This has set the Catholic Church on a collision course with The Prime Minister who also faces a rebellion among his own backbenchers although the proposed law change which is hugely unpopular with voters will be carried in the support of Lib Dem and Gaybour MPs.

The fact that one of the Catholic Church’s most senior figures has issude such an outspoken statement on the issue indicates there will be a long and bitter battle over this law change.

Here are Boggart Blog we can’t understand what is bothering the cardinal. We think he would look beautiful walking up the aisle wearing his long white frock with its gold and purple trimmings as Here Comes The Bride played on the church organ.

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Erm – aren’t we forgetting what democracy is about?

Who owns marriage?

The Church does not “own” marriage nor have the exclusive right to say who can marry, Liberal Democrat Lynne Featherstone, equalities minister in the coalition government, has said in commenting on the same sex marriage issue.

Actually Lynne, my little leftie rage-babe, I think you will find the Church do own marriage.

Personally I don’t give a toss about same sex marriage, so long as churches are not forced to perform them. However I do think politicians who try to politicise sex and relationships should be taken outside and shot.

BTW I recently reread Joseph Heller’s Catch 22 in which the character General Dreedle believed taking people outside and shooting them was the answer to everything. I mention that because I don’t want people thinking Jeremy Clarkson invented it. He’s obvously read some decent books though.

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