Oxbridge bias equals unfunny comedy says Bob Mortimer

Good to see Bob Mortimer of Reeves and Mortimer fame sticking the boot in the elitist lefties who run the media.

Speaking to The Times, the co presenter of Shooting Stars and partner of Vic Reeves said, “I sometimes wonder, with the Oxbridge comics, the broadcasters seem to say, at some point, now I trust you to do a documentary, you can be the voice for a maths show, or whatever. I don’t think we’re ever considered in that way.
“You meet them and some are funny, some of them not so funny. I find it hard to believe that they are […] the funniest people on Earth.”

He’s right, some are funny and other are Marcus Brigstock, an upper middle class twat whose idea of funny is to stand on stage and talk about how screwed up, neurotic and pathetically uninteresting upper middle class twats are. Does he think we don’t have eyes or ears of our own with which to discern these things? And don’t get me started on Lee and fucking Herring.

A big part of the problem is the modern education system. Everybody, no matter what their social background is to go to university and be indoctrinated with middle class, politically correct values. People who have not followed that route do not get a look in. And unfortunately the middle class are not funny, middle class people do angst and embarrassment, working class people do mockery, irony, litotes (even if they don’t know how to spell it), and ridicule, all based on sharp observation and native intelligence and all rooted in personal experience even if it not their own personal experience.

Want to learn to do comedy? Work on the factory floor for a while. With that experience under your belt and the lesson Mel Brooks delivered to those who try to impose politically correct boundaries on comedy, “You can’t do comedy without bad taste,” you are far better equipped to make people laugh than any molycoddled Oxbridge graduate. Delivering a sociology lecture is not going to play well to an audience in the Byker and Gallowgate Welders and Riveters Club.

It is universities that are killing entertainment just as they are killing music, film, theatre and literature. These things thrive on diversity you see and universities, in the way they promote a monoculture, are the graveyard of diversity. Oh they might make a big deal of having quotas for people with different coloured skin, different gentials, different sexual preferences and different silly hats but these people will all end up with the same accent and attitudes.

What I fear most is that if we let these fascists continue unchecked we will have imposed on us a society that has no room for eccentricity, individualism, for people whose careers and material ambitions take a back seat to grand passions for growing begonias, playing tuba in the local brass band or studying the life cycle of the two toed toad.

A big problem is that mainstream society accepts to readily what is imposed on us. The reason we are no longer likely to meet a man who spent his entire working life as a centre lathe turner but in his own time and of his own volition has become and expert on the works of John Milton.

The attempts of such a person to join the academic debate would be scoffed at now, not because of amateurish ineptitude but simply because such a person would not possess a bit of paper issued by a university to certify he had kised enough academic arses to qualify him as intelligent and so guarantee admission to the club. It’s a closed shop just as the aristocracy was a closed shop before The Black Death and various wars killed off enough of the fuckers to make room for new blood.

Most Television comedy or drama is made by organisations managed and staffed by middle class, university educated types, whether it is BBC in house productions or independent producers, and like the rest of the media, government and the professions, it is dominated by a certain element of British society almost totally drawn from upper middle class arts graduates. To these people, the hand wringers and bleeding hearts, bleaters about civil rights and equality, the working class masses are the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, absolute lowest of the low, even more despicable than the hated Tory toffs (Left wing intellectuallls have always despised the masses.)

And that sadly is the joke the posh boy and girl comedians will never get.

BTW your Boggart Bloggers are bohemians and two of us are old enough to remember what ‘liberal’ really means. We defy you to put us into any narrow class culture.