Scamdemic! Leaked Data Shows Over Half of UK ‘COVID Hospitalizations’ Tested AFTER Admission

Proving the COVID “pandemic” to be a total scam, leaked data out of the UK shows 56% of alleged COVID hospitalizations were people who tested positive after going to the hospital for a different health issue.

by Kelen McBreen in Humans are free

Leaked Data Shows Over Half of UK 'COVID Hospitalizations' Tested AFTER Admission

NHS figures exclusively provided to The Telegraph allegedly show patients counted as COVID-positive by the British government were originally admitted to the hospital for separate ailments.

No wonder the UK requires a COVID test to everyone admitted to hospitals, they’re trying to pump up the numbers!

Essentially, while the individuals may have “had COVID,” it was not the virus that caused them to seek medical attention in the first place.

Have a broken foot and need to see a doctor?

Once you’re admitted to the hospital you have to take a COVID test, and if it comes back positive you are added to the list of positive hospitalizations despite the fact you were originally there for your foot.

Of the 56% of patients who tested positive after admission, 43% were tested within two days of being admitted and 13% weren’t tested for days or weeks.

So, how many of these “COVID positive” patients caught the virus while at the hospital?

In addition to testing those who were hospitalized for non-COVID reasons, the tests being used in UK hospitals are often rapid antigen tests.

Despite America’s FDA recently revoking emergency authorization for the Innova SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Qualitative Test due to an inordinate frequency of false-positive and negative results, the UK just extended its emergency approval of the product.

Between faulty PCR tests and suspect procedures mandated by the NHS, the people of the UK should demand a full audit of all COVID-19 related data.


Vaccine Adverse Reactions – Not Reported By Mainstream Media
The UK Government’s COVID-19 vaccination programme is now in full swing and the general public is being bombarded with the official line that to stop the COVID-19 pandemic and regain their freedom, people must be vaccinated. In fact they are told they must be vaccinated twice. …

Vaccine: More cases of rare blood clots, but regulator says benefits still outweigh risk
Reported cases of rare blood clots occuring in people soon after they received a shot of the AZ COVID-19 vaccine has risen to 168. The UK’s medicines regulator said the overall case fatality rate was 19%, with 32 deaths up to April 14. Note the dishonesty in the style of reporting again. Nowhere does the official press release make clear that the figures apply only to adverse reactions of blood clots, both non fatal and fatal. People are still suffering and dying from allergic reactions, heart attacks, organ failure and respiratory failure soon after being vaccinated.

Study Reveals mRNA COVID Vaccines Link To Prion Disease & Brain Degeneration
from Great Game India A shocking study has revealed the terrifying dangers of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines inducing prion-based disease causing your brain to degenerate progressively. The mRNA vaccine induced prions may cause neurodegenerative diseases because long-term memories are maintained by prion-like proteins. The study concluded that mRNA based vaccine may also cause ALS, front temporal …

Evidence of Problems With Covid Vaccine Grow And Te Real Agenda Becomes Clearer.
Mainstream media have been distracting us with stories of successful mass vaccination campaigns, but as ever things are not quite what they seem to be and though the claimed 999% take up of the vaccines is not verifiable, the deafening silence regarding the huge numbers of serious adverse reactions to all type of vaccine and the significant numbers of unexplained deaths which have occured soon after people reveived the jab suggest there will be worse news to come in the future …

Covid Killer Vaccines


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Backflipping Boris Says Vaccine Passports for Will Be ‘Feature of Our Life in the Future’

March 11, 2021 Contrary to what other ministers in his government have been saying recently, Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted earlier this week it is highly probable that vaccine passports for international travel will be a feature of Britons’ lives in the future. Speaking at a Downing Street press event on Monday evening, the Prime Minister Johnson acknowledged … Continue reading 

Twitter Thought Police Will Ban Anyone Who Repeatedly Tells Truth About COVID Vaccine

In future anyone who “repeatedly posts misleading information” about SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) vaccines on Twitter will be put on a watch list and given five chances to chaine their opinion or self – censor their comments and opinions before being permanently banned from the social media platform, the company recently announced. A True to form however, … Continue reading



Council of Europe Decrees Vaccines Must Not be Mandatory and Non-Vaccinated Must Not be Discriminated Against

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe – the international body of which Britain remains a member) – has passed a resolution that recommending that governments refrain from enacting laws that make any vaccines mandatory and stated that nobody should suffer discrimination on account of not having been vaccinated. The resolution obviously refers to … Continue reading

Why Is There A Correlation Between The Vaccine Rollout And Increased COVID–19 Mortality?

from UK Column Since the UK government began its rollout of the COVID vaccine regular reports of unusual death events occuring shortly after the deceased had received a shot of the vaccine have been reported in care homes and by doctors’ surgeries across the country. The Official line has been that the vaccine shot and … Continue reading 

Pfizer COVID vaccine killed 40 times more old people than the virus itself would have – Report

March 4, 2021
posted by The Defender The experimental Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines from Pfizer that were rushed into production and distribution via Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” program are killing far more elderly people than the so-called “virus” itself would have. A re-analysis of data provided by the Israeli Health Ministry concluded that Pfizer and BioNTech’s messenger … Continue reading

Bill ‘Psycho’ Gates Wants To Release Genetically Modified Mosquitoes To Inject Us With Vaccines

The latest luncacy to flow from the megalomaniacal mind of the world’s richest madman and wannabe Galactic Emperor Palpatine, Bill Gates is the latest iteration of a plan this vaccine – obsessed world domination freak has nurtured for a long time. He wants to release genetically midified mosquitos to inject us with vaccine.Apart from the … Continue reading 

CDC Whistleblower Links MMR Vaccine to Autism
One day the truth will be revealed about the MMR vaccine and its alleged link to autism as well as a host of other health problems in young children. One question damns the case in favour of MMR as propaganda. If it is as important as health authorities say to vaccinate children against MMR, why insist on the triple vaccine when there was never a problem with a separate measles vaccine? Could Corporate Profits have something to do with it?

Vaccine Tuth: Corporate Profits Are More Important Than Public Health. Yet more information exposing the truth about the vaccine and mass medication industry, because that is what medicine has become, an industry, a cash cow for corporate fascists. And vaccines are one of the biggest profit drivers …

Opposition To Manadory Vaccinations Coming From Both Left And Right
If vaccines are so great that no doctor or scientist speaks against them why is there so much opposition from both the right and left of the libertarian political persuaion and so much enthusiasm from the authoritarian “progressives whith their love of big government and corporate fascism.

Vaccine Eugenics
We have been warning you about vaccines for years. Now at last people in the health industry are finding enough conscience to stand up and say that vaccine safety problems have been covered up and it is time to put childrens’ health before corporate profit.

Vaccine Doctor’s Conflict Of Interest
Dr. Paul Offit is a creator of vaccines. he is also a millionaire even though his vaccines aren’t that successful at immunising people (so sue me Offit and let me destroy you), but what he is good as is scaremongering. Thus when the Offit propaganda machine gets going a mild illness that might mean a snotty nose for a few days, suddenly becomes a rampant killer responsible for mass deaths in places you have never heard of …

Vaccine Propaganda Machine
As the government joins Big Pharma corporations in raising the hysteria level about the measles outbreak in Wales, The Informed Parent website has compiled some historic articles from The British Medical Journal showing that in the 1950s before Big Pharma had measles vaccines to sell, doctors did not consider the disease to pose a major risk …

Vaccine Safety Data Faked
Cervical Cancer takes centre stage in this latest installment of Vaccine wars. Government, medical professionals and Big Pharma are pushing for manadatory vaccination of pubescent girls but the disease takes decades to develop and the vaccine immunity wears off after five years. It is another scam to steal taxpayers’ money? Find out below …

New Scientific Study Verifies Again That MMR Vaccine Causes Autism
Strangely (or perhaps absolutely predictably) little of this has been reported in mainstream media. And unfortunately I cannot link you to the site that broke the story (but I have linked to the legal rulings which are a meter of public record now) because their page has been down since the news started to go viral. Fortunately other new media publishers were onto the story by then and …

In A Sane World This Should End The Vaccine Scam – but The Lies and Legalised Murder Will Continue.

Vaccine fascists Losing The Fight To Force Vaccines On Parents
We have been warning you about vaccines for years. Now at last people in the health industry are finding enough conscience to stand up and say that vaccine safety problrms have been covered up and it is time to put childrens’ health before corporate profit …

Vaccine Health Risks: Covered
Dr. Offit the vaccine millionaire, mandatory vaccines and conflicts of interest.
Food Fascists Spread Fear and Panic About The Obesity Pandemic

With The Killer Virus Story Collapsing, Why Bring 5G Into The Picture?

It has been this blog’s policy to avoid giving much attention to wild theories that Covid19 is caused by or linked to 5G cellular technology, the fact that the virus emerged just as 5G was being rolled out may not be completely coincidental but there is no hard evidence to suggest a causative link. White it is true that exposure to electromagnetic radiation above certain levels affects the immune systems of mammals (humans are mammals,) the link, if it exists at all, is very tenuous.

The covid statistics, now being hastily revised around the world as statistical frauds are exposed, do not require an exotic explanation that is too easily dismissed as a ‘conspiracy theory,, and since it’s the ‘pandemic’ and subsequent measures that are the most immediate threat to economies and society in developed nations (as opposed to wider health/surveillance implications), it is hard to justify claims that 5g has a place in any anti-covid campaign, at this time. Likewise, Qanon stuff is not directly relevant.

Why blur the picture?  Why risk discrediting a movement by bolting on this 5g side-issue? Why lend credence to the mainstream claim that SARSCOV2 is unique and dangerous and requires some exotic explanation, when all the evidence suggests it isn’t either of these things? We should be focusing on the attack on our freedoms, the damage to economies which will affects employment and prosperity for decades to come. When
the US CDC has quietly revised the US fatality figures, admitting that 94% of excess deaths during the pandemic deaths were ‘with’ Covid-19 and only 6% were ‘from Covid-19. As expected, most of the deaths were the very old or those with multiple co-morbidities

With figures like that easily available on the web there is no reason to cloud the issue. We’ve been had, the risk to healthy people posed by COVID – 19 is very small. As more and more people pile on to question the official narrative, there is a real chance at last to reach the majority people, to inform them that the information  about covid is being distorted to maintain the fear and panic that has led people to surrender  their rights and freedoms in exchange for an illusion of safety. It is time to re-educate people in how to be sceptical, how to question authority.

According to all the apologists for abuse of power we encounter around the web, ,lthe people who scream that if we do not wear masks we are murdering total strangers, who tell us lockdown must continue until their is a vaccine there and who insist there is is no connection between the lockdown measures and the banking cabal, the lockdown’s economic results solidifying more money and more power into the hands of the Davosocracy, the denizens of the World Economic Forum who meet every year in Davos, Switzerland, and form an elite caste of corporate and financial investors, politicians, etc. who would be criminals were they not so obscenely rich and powerful they are effectively above the law , or the hoax of a virus, even though the IMF has been bribing leaders to lockdown and enforce curfews and emergency laws from something less lethal than the flu.

Funny how the very same names Gates, Soros, DARPA,  WHO, Amazon, the global banks (who do you think is lending governments all the money they are spending, Big Pharma ans social media corporations, and the IMF. The Davosocracy are pushing for an entirely new economy based around a 5g mass surveillance grid blanketing the planet.

Where the real link exists between the pandemic, the virus that caused it (which more respectable researchers still insist could only have been created in a laboratory,) and the 5G cellular technology now being rolled out is in the things 5G will enable, total surveiilance, tracking and monitoring, a cashless economy, biometric identity checking, and flagging of all dissent to the security agencies.

The mass cognitive dissonance and inability to conceive that there are no coincidences when it comes to geopolitical agendas and supranational politics is based on pure ignorance or purposeful avoidance of reality.

It seems there’s a concerted campaign from a subset of users to veer away from discussing the root causes of the restructuring of civilization and rise of the fourth Reich disguised as a technocracy to purposefully steer reader’s thoughts to avoid connecting the dots to the broader agenda even though it’s all demonstrable and obvious through publicly available information from the controllers themselves.

The tests are collecting DNA to target people for disease and control.

You are paying for the tests.

The tests are justifying the lockdown.

The swabs and test kits may contain anything from covert biomedical delivery of nanomaterial to a biological weapon.

You are the commodity. The commodity is not what you purchase. You and your ability to deliver a profit to the criminal cryptocracy class by maximizing your illness and death, while minimizing your rights, freedom and knowledge is the entire purpose of this restructuring.

Power and control for profit over humanity.

You are not free. You have never been free. Every thought you think is managed and controlled through a shared history of illusion and trillions of images that your neurons are processing.

Now the military and medical complex backed by the eugenicist bankers want to introduce a technology in the form of a vaccine delivering covert biological devices where your neurons, therefore your thoughts and feelings will be controlled through AI.

The rest of us who don’t want to be part of this dystopian, irradiated, robotic hell are being targeted for extermination through biomedical pre-crime, the demonization of our noncompliance and our exclusion from participating in business, travel or ability to earn an income.

Your jobs will be redundant in 5 years and your pension eliminated. There’ll be nothing left of the government to fight because it will all be centrally controlled through AI and algorithms.

Life as you’ve known it is over. Step out of denial.


The Pandemic Scam: How It Works For The Corporatocracy

Aug 28, 2020 2:48 PM

This is a manufactured “opportunity“. One that has been planned for decades. The technocracy tried to take over in the thirties after the induced crash of 1929. But the people rejected the technocracy, so they changed course, and waited for their technology (AI) to develop to a level where they already had total control.

The pandemic, as a model for creating more authoritarian governance has been operational since vaccines were introduced by governments as far back as the 1800’s.

If you look into the history of vaccines you’ll discover the same network of eugenicists and Freemasons were using vaccines and other medical experiments to purposefully harm populations and to control population growth since the Boer War and all the way back to the smallpox covered blankets in the 1750’s.

The other main method of population control and harm is war.

The cryptocracy cabal is a network consisting of numerous secret societies, ancestral organizations, central banks, private banks, public organizations and institutions and infrastructure that were created specifically to infiltrate and control all nations and governments from tip to base.

The public organizations and infrastructure includes the World Bank, the IMF, the BIS, the WTO, CFO, ICC, G30, Trilateral Commission, CFR, Chatham House, CIA, NSA, GCHQ and dozens and dozens of others organizations, including organizations that people don’t understand even exist.

This is achieved through an education system based on severely limited, outdated and false information fed to children as indoctrination, creating servitude and acceptance.

Film, tv, internet, video games and the media provide a further level of distraction, providing false cultural and political narratives that become shared fictional sources of commonality and communication.

Because the central banks own the majority stake in the private banks and corporate banks, they also are the majority shareholder of all major corporations and the markets.

Therefore the holdings of a few thousand people, most connected by birth and their academic institution network, through an infrastructure they completely control, already own and control most of the world’s resources.

Corporations that cooperate with the global governance structure succeed and those that don’t are long since gone, merged, bankrupt or taken over.

An understanding of the offshoring of money through the “City of London” and the central baking system and network is key to understanding how global governance functions.

Anyone who has read Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars understands that this system of global governance has been operational since before the First World War.

Capital as dominance over humanity to fund war, has been functional for centuries, controlling governments, empires and monarchies.

This pivot to the Great Reset is about plundering the next economic model based on biometric surveillance, AI and human enslavement, gene modification and collection of biometric data as a commodity.

That is, monetizing the illness, gene modification and the deaths of 7+ billion people that will directly be determined by the technocracy.

Since, the ultimate goal is for the cryptocracy is to take over and restructure what’s left of common resources such as land, housing and food production, water, air, sea, minerals and energy, this method of economic restructuring through manufactured pandemics and manufactured climate change was determined to be the quickest path to that goal.

They have no need to hide their agenda anymore because their “deep mind” AI is already in use in China as the testing ground. Now they are bringing that artificial world based on human farming, genocide and slavery to the rest of humanity.

It’s important to remember this fraud started in China in a US-UK-Russia-China partnership. Even if China and the US have a hot war it will be a fake war. The Cold War was a fake war. Creates through fake propaganda.

The enmity between Russia, China, US and UK is fake. Because China is already owned from top to bottom by the central bank of China, which is owned by the very same cryptocracy who own the UK and the US, Asia, Russia, Europe and all the nation states of the world, except for a tiny few that have nationalized central banks.

The wars are fake. The pandemics are fake. The nation states are fake. The political parties are fake. The media is fake. The medicine is fake. The science is fake. The markets are fake. The fiat money is fake. The corporations are fake. The profits are fake. The indices are fake.

Even the banks that are about to fail are fake failures. The fake failures induce bailouts and bail-ins. Once again, the assets move from the 99% to the 1%.

The central banks who own the markets have been selling fake securities to create fake profits, in their fake markets to buy real assets like land, energy and mineral rights.

It’s difficult to grasp the level of fraud, because it’s not commonly understood that once banks and markets transitioned from paper to digital transactions and Nixon went off the gold standard, the real fraud could begin.

In every market in the world, nearly all the securities traded are actually owned by a corporation created by each market’s clearing house.

Which means, they can create multiple levels of fraud by which to pay themselves. Indefinitely.

It’s fraud. At the highest levels. The entire system functions on fraud.


‘Bill Gates seeks to microchip humanity!’ Russian Oscar-winning director pushes vaccine conspiracy…
Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov claims billionaire Bill Gates might be seeking to implant humanity with microchips under the guise of vaccination, seeking to control people and ultimately “solve” overpopulation. The ongoing coronavirus crisis has produced a number of wild conspiracy theories, as some are …

Latest COVID Scam move a step too far?

The scam goes on with the latest move to keep the coronavirus fear and panic conspiracy afloat being a rumour that the government will ask over 50s in Britain to”shield” (i.e. place themselves under house arrest,) throughout the winter. But it may be the tipping point, public rteaction has been totally negative.

Coronavirus: Fuelling The Conspiracy Theories – 21 April, 2020
Scientific Evidence for Coronavirus Response Will Be Kept Secret Until Pandemic Is Over Makes us wonder what they’re hiding – editor. Photo: Getty from Breitbart Europe The government has decided to keep the scientific evidence upon which it is basing its response to the Chinese coronavirus secret until the pandemic subsides. Boris Johnson’s administration …

Is the World Health Organization involved in biological warfare research?
Dr. Francis Boyle, a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law, talked in a recent interview with Owen Shroyer of Infowars about the Wuhan coronavirus now sweeping through the far east,, the Biosafety Level 4 laboratory (BSL-4) in Wuhan, China, where the genetically modified virus appears to have originated, and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) clandestine involvement in biological warfare research …Continue reading

Big Pharma billionaire charged with conspiracy and bribery of doctors
Not long ago it would have been inconceivable that one day a Big Pharma company founder and owner would be arrested for running a criminal drug cartel, but that is exactly what happened a few days ago. “Federal authorities arrested the billionaire founder and owner of Insys Therapeutics Thursday on charges of bribing doctors and pain clinics into prescribing the company’s fentanyl product to their patients …

France Moves to Make ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Illegal by Government Decree
I have little time for people who yell ‘conspiracy theory’. These emotionally crippled, intellectually retarded, conformity addicted, delusional, left leaning, low – information sucklers of Nanny State’s bitter pap might fancy themselves the voices of reason but in reality they never think anything through.The latest ‘conspiracy theory’ to exercise their vocal chords and typing fingers is the Paris shooting. Given the alacrity with which the socialist government in France has siezed the opportunity to curtail citizens liberties in order to further a global fascist agenda, I would not dismiss the idea.

Everything The Science Whores Told You About Eating Fat Was A Lie.
We have been telling you so for years, but at last the world seems to be cathing up with The Daily Stirrer. Another independent study confirms that the scientists (‘A sack of rogues bought and paid for with corporate gods’ to paraphrase Burns) have been lying about the health risks of eating saturated fat. It’s process vegetable fat, created in laboratories by scientists and other synthesized foods that damage human health.

Downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 News Developments Being Suppress By Mainstream Media.
Given the tarnished reputation of mainstream media after decades of its reporting only news favourable to establishment political and corporate interests, it ought not to surprise anybody that television and print news organisations have been suppressing news of developments in the quest to discover the truth about downed Malaysia Airlines Beoing 777, Flight MH17.

Tacit Approval From US Liberals For Islamic Indoctrination In US Schools.
Some schools in US State Of Virginia are closed today, because parents objected to Islamic indoctrination by the state education system. The US Constitution’s clauses on the separation of church and state forbid the promotion of any specific religious teaching, in fact US liberals tend to get their knickers in a twist over signs in classrooms that show the motto “In God we trust.”

EU Report Reveals Continent Being Changed By Migration
While political leaders and the mass media constantly preach of the economic benefits and cultural enrichment that sping from mass immigration,EU Report Reveals Continent Being Changed By Migration just a few days ago we reported a study that found the economic benefits are a myth and today a report published by the EUs in house statistical bureau reveals immigrants have an adverse effect socially and culturally.

The Nuttiness Of NeoCon Destabilization Campaigns.
As the instability in the middle east spreads to Europe, North Africa and into Sourthern Asia we look as the role of the so – called neocons, piratical, mostly American corporate, world domination freaks who naively see the collapse of nations and the global economic structure as somehow working to their advantage. Ironically the neocons are aided and abetted by the neo-liberals, theoretically their rivals although the groups share the same broad aims.

lLiving Within The Conspiracy


Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Virus (beat the Ransomware scam)

There’s a new ransomware internet virus doing the rounds. DON’T PANIC A bit of background first then I’ll tell you how to deal with it and protect your computer (and you don’t have to pay me a penny :DD ).

These ransom scams first appeared two or three years ago and hijacked computers whose owners then would get a phone call demanding a payment to clear the virus (the virus was merely annoying, how the scammers obtained people’s phone numbers is what we should be concerned about.

The warnings were dire. “If you do not pay the virus will wipe you hard drive”, “the virus will obtain your bank details and empty your account”, the virus will bill your credit card up to your limit”.

Several people, friends of family, friends of friends, brought their computers to me, they could not afford the ransom (good thing they didn’t pay it, the scammers just demanded more) and found the computer shops wanted only a little less to clean the computer.

Cleaning the first one took about an hour and a half. Subsequent ones were much quicker. And I ended up a couple of bottles of good whisky and half a dozen bottles of my favourite Burgundy better off.

Then an even more unpleasant version came out, I actually caught this one myself through sheer carelessness. The message on screen was “From Los Angeles Police Department.You have been looking at we sites with illegal content (child pornography). Your computer will be frozen until you pay us $1000. If you do not pay you will be arrested and thrown into jail,” (something like that anyway, it was a particularly inept attempt to intimidate me, I hadn’t been looking at any porn sites, LAPD have no jurisdiction in the UK and no police department in the free world would be so stupid as to provide an electronic record of a bribe solicitation.

The virus used by that scam was kids stuff, a piece of cake. Took ten minutes to kill it.

People are so intimidated by technology however, some fall for these tricks.

Here’s how the new ransomware is reported in The Daily Telegraph

” Internet fraudsters are targetting tens of millions of British customers with a virus which locks computers until the victim pays a £500 ransom to be released, the National Crime Agency warned today.

The spammers are particularly aiming the virus – known as ransomware – at small and medium size businesses. It is disguised as an email alert about suspicious payments or invoices.

Once opened the virus ‘freezes’ the computer and the local network and demands two Bitcoins of internet currency – approximately £536 – to unlock the machine.

The NCA described the ‘mass spamming’ event as a ‘significant risk’.

A NCA spokesman said: “The emails may be sent out to tens of millions of UK customers, but they appear to be targeting small and medium businesses in particular. ”

Now one of my beefs about the way technology has been going is the constant push to convince us the machines are smarter than we are. Leave the thinking to the machine goes the corporate propaganda. DON’T fall for it, do not open suspecious emails, do not open email attachments even from people you know, unless you are expecting them.

Machines can’t think, machines aren’t dumb, they are machines, they do what they are built or programmed to do. The best way to protect yourself from these scammers is to learn a little about your computer.

(1) Learn to start in “Safe Mode”. Use your Windows Help feature to find out how on your system. Safe Mode stats Windows with a very limited set of drivers so viruses and malware cannot run.

(2) Check that your machine has an application named MRT.EXE which should be included in every Windows installation sold since 2009. MRT is the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. Once you have found it you should open it and run an update. MRT is not virus protection, it is a backstop for machines that are already infected so don’t abandon your usual security package. Also, now you know you have MRT, keep it up to date, about once a month is enough.

If you have a bit of time to spare and feel like running MRT just to find your way around it, set it off and take the dog for a walk or something. It is not a quick process but might root out a few nasties your normal security missed. To run MRT click the Windows START button, choose RUN from the menu and in the dialog box type mrt.exe then hit RETURN.

OK so now you are equipped to get behind that virus and clean your machine.

If you find that the virus merchants have found a way to block MRT even in safe mode, we’re still OK. When you start in safe mode it gives several options, the default will show a very clunky looking Windows front end. Another option with say “Start in command more” or something similar. This takes you to the old DOS command line screen.

from the C:(directory)> prompt, type RUN c:WINDOWSSTSTEM32MRT.EXE and hir RETURN. Simples. The directory shown after the C: will be whatever directory you are working in, usually Documents and SettingsUser

OK, let’s get out there and beat those scammers.

Spread this around freely. A link to this site is always welcome but not necessary.

News On The bubblews Scam

Some months ago I joined a site named A lot of people were raving about it and even saying that writers could actually earn decent money there. I was sceptical about the decent money bit because there have been so many of these revenue sharing sites that have promised great earning but delivered pennies per week.

Still, I was not joining for the money but because of of my regular sites that I posted to in order to give myself traffic boosting backlinks was failing.

The content on Bubblews was crap (see below) but people were earning, one US cent per page view, comment on their posts or ‘like’. The backlinks seemed to work for me and my earnings piled up at an amazing rate so I told my daughter Cleo Hart to claim them as she has a Pay Pal account. I received no reply from Bubblews, just as my requests for clarification of some of their vague and badly drafted rules had not beein given the courtesy of an acknowledgement.

Well Cleo claimed $35 and to our surprise was paid. And she claimed again, $84 and got $32 and a curt message explaining some of my posts had violated their terms of service. About that time I saw a lot of complaints from people about not getting their money, not getting any explanation why they had not go their money and receiving threats if they shared news of their non payments on Facebook or other sites. If anyone uttered any honest criticism of Bubblews they would be sued for libel, slander, thinking without permission and breach of promise (Biubblews are not too clear on how the law works).

So to cover myself I must state I am not posting this true and verifiable to damage the business of Bubblews not to besmirch the reputation of bubblews or it’s directors, but in the public interest to prevent other people wasting time in the hope of earning a bit of pin money. So I say to the CEO of Bubblews. OK my arse is legally covered so if bubblews try to make good their infantile, bullying threats by suing me they will not have a leg to stand on. And if any of them come round our house to complain in person they will not have any arms to crawl away on either. I say to the aforementioned CEO, Mr. Arvind Dixit, you sir are a fat, incompetent greaseball who can’t even make a threat properly, and what is more your bottom smells of poo so nygh! Effing sue me for that.

And if anyone wants more evidence of the Bubblews scam:

That Bubblews Scam from

Yes, it’s a scam. But I’m sure you want to know more than that, right? And besides, one sentence wouldn’t make for a very good post, would it? (Actually, according to bubblews it probably would lol…but I’ll get to that later.)

If you don’t know what is, it is one of the newest get paid to write/revenue sharing sites. Basically you sign up, start adding content, interacting with members, etc. and you get money for it and once you get $25 you can redeem your payment. At least that is how it’s supposed to work…

I found out about the site from a blogger I follow (and have no reason to think she would lie). She said she was making quite a bit from the site (and I believe her…I think she is one of the few that are actually getting paid). I did some searching and saw that others were saying the same thing…but there were some saying they weren’t getting paid at all. So that’s always a red flag. But I decided to check the site out anyway. I didn’t join. I joined later (obviously) but at the time the poor layout of the site, all the “bugs” in it whenever I’d try to navigate, etc. made it hard to take the site too seriously. And then there was the content.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some really great articles on there, but there are an awful lot of bad ones. You are allowed to submit basically ANYTHING as long as it’s at least 400 characters. Notice I said characters, not words. The extremely poor spelling and grammar and “articles” consisting of a mere sentence or two were enough for me to say no thanks. (And I’m not trying to be condescending here. I’m sure this very post I’m writing has TONS of errors in it. But if a site’s general content is enough to turn ME off, then that’s pretty bad.)

It must be said there are plenty of articles posted online praising Bubblews and affirming they do pay regulrly. but there are so similar in style and content and contain the same snide remarks about people who citicize Bubblews one quickly gets the feeling there are many posts written by a few people.

Now here are a few more objective analyses, is a SCAM get AWAY from that SITE – Earvin Kyle Amacan

Yes I want to warn everyone who are looking for any reviews, complaints, members feedback who have in their mind of joining to earn easy money by driving traffic on their website through member’s articles I will say it directly, Bubblews is a scam, fake, hoax, fraud and anything that may define a website that after you work for them and ask for your payment, they will only let you wait to forever for your money without any further notification. And once you post about your unpaid earnings on their community and send several support message they will delete your account and kick you out of their website. No notice, no email, and of course no payment but they got your effort. Literally, as they only deleted my account but my articles are still on them, continue working for them, earning traffic for their site as this was ranked on Google on some of highly traffic keywords and got viral on popular social networking sites.

Bubblews – Genuine or Fraud
No clip from this one, it is more of the same really …

[Caution] – Is Bubblews Money Making Site Trying To SCAM Its Users ?

Blog Smart Guide was designed to let the people know about the working strategies to make money online. The methods or products suggested are tried before suggesting them here so that our readers can get an idea about working and not working methods so that they can save their valuable time in working those which are proved.
Here is an attempt to show if the money making is possible with a site known as BUBBLEWS and how it turned out to be the worst nightmare …

And from the comment thread under Share Bubblews Review
from user jaye who sharews my view of how the scam works.
Bubblews is a PONZi. It is the Text Book Ponzi.

Ponzis work because “People just like You!” have made $$$$$. And you too can make $$$$.
You join the Ponzi and guess what! YOU ARE PAID!!! IT IS TRUE!!!!

And you reinvest and tell everyone how you were paid.

Everyone gets paid that first time.
And everyone who is paid ‘reinvests’.

And that’s when the Ponzi starts.

Imagine Bubblews starts with 50 contributors. (The Owner/Mod/Editor also write and most of the articles and raves are written by them).

The 50 Newbies write and are paid. (Group A)
These 50 run around and tell everyone what a great site this is.
They bring in 500 new writers (Group B )
Everyone in Group B is paid. But only 15 in Group A receive their next payout.
Group B runs around inviting others, and 5000 join. This is Group C.

Group C is paid. Of the 500 in Group B only 100 are paid. of those in Group A 10 are paid.

There are 5000 in Group C who can ‘testify’ the site pays. There are 100 in Group B who have received their 2rd payout. There are 10 in Group A who have received their 3rd.

People who are not paid are told, not by the site, because the site has no reason to explain, justify or treat them as people, but by the Shills who were paid, that they ‘Broke the Rules.’

Now how does a user in Group B know that a User in Group A “Broke the Rules?”

He doesn’t know. In fact that Shill who is telling you what a great site Bubblws is posts that crap because he is scared he won’t be paid if he doesn’t He is afraid that what happened to that user will happn to him, so loudly proclaims….”You Broke The Rules!” this is because everything has to make sense, and there has to be an acceptable reason why some people aren’t paid.

In truth, when those in Group C bring in 50k users, the 10 pets in Group A will continue to receive payment, maybe 50 in Group B, maybe 300 in Group C, but all those in Group D, the 50k group will be paid.

They will be paid out of the reevenue the articles of the unpaid members generate.

Eventually enough people who haven’t been paid start to complain to public bodies, maybe hire an attorney, and then, the site goes down.

Factoidz was such a site.
Bubblews is another.

If you want to make money on Bubblews; join, reach the $25 payout, put in for your redemption. Close the account, rejoin under another name and another email, and keep being in that first batch going for their first redemption.

Always think, how would a user of a site know that another user broke any rule?

Do you know what I just ate for dinner?
Do you know what music I am listening to?
So how would you know I broke the rules?

Bubblews is a Ponzi.

A personal note, Tony Leather a guy who lives just up the road from me in Colne, Lancashire, was banned from Bubblews and had his account deleted though his posts are still online, earning for Bubblews. The first reason they gave him was pornography. In an article about classic art he had used pictures by Old Masters that featured nudes. When he challenged them on this stupid excuse thy changed the reason to plagiarism (Bubblews lawyers do not understand what plagiarism is) because he had copied the himages of these hundreds of years old paintings from a copyright free clipart collection.

And that is not enforcing terms and conditions, it is wriggling out of having to pay someone his share of the earning from his work. Bubblews are crooks, liars and shits.

BTW I did not post this with altruistic motives, I posted it just to piss Bubblews off. That’s what they get for trying to bully me.

New Nigerian Scam: Prove You Are Not Dead, Give Us your bank Details

A friend at pointed me at this. He said he read it while having breakfast and nearly choked through laughing.


We receive an email that you are dead and you ask one MR.KADEEJIA IRVIN MOORE to come and claim your funds been the fund to related to your lottery funds $2 Million United State Dollars that has been with us since weeks now and he has also agreed to pay for the delivery charges $270 Usd.

So I am writing you to know if you are DEAD , if you do not reply back before 72 hrs we will have no other alternative that to believe that are truly dead according to MR.KADEEJIA IRVIN MOORE .

And if you are still alive you can get back to me as fast as you can or you can call me on my phone take note that every thing has been paid for. It is just for the cost of transfer that this MR.KADEEJIA IRVIN MOORE has agreed to pay for if you refuse to get back to us am afraid we shall give the fund transfer to him and collect the money from him that means that he is right that you are dead and you ask him to come and claim the funds on your behalf.


Please take note that you have been given just 72hrs to get back to us so that we can know if you are alive, and fill the Information Below. Name: Fax , House Address: Phone Number, and arrange bank transfer of fee: We await your swift response in regard of this email we have received from MR.KADEEJIA IRVIN MOORE .Truly Yours.Mr Llyord Cross Phone: +234-806-577-5418

Please DO NOT call that number – editor

Scam Alert. Don’t fall for phoney free gifts.

Around this time of year scammers are always busy. One old scam that has made a comback this year is the phoney free gift.

I’ve see lots of groups and messages around the web promoting a Free Julian Assange. Steer clear, it’s a con. There’s no such thing as a free lunch and a free Julian Assange is even less likely.

I remember when there were hundreds of people walking around London advertising a fre Nelson Mandela. I never found out how to get one though, people just kept asking me to go to Trafalgar Square and meet a lot of other people. I think the Scientologists were behind it.

Parking Fine is Dead Money

While working on a Boggart Blog investigation into government and local authority money raising scams we learned of a case where a hearse attending a funeral (and thus containing a coffin) parked outside the home of the deceased to wait for mourners to get into the following limousines. While stopped, with its engine running and driver at the wheel, on a double yellow line it was given a ticket by a warden working for a parking control subcontractor that earned a bonus according to the amount of money raised.

The council enforced the £60 fine. That seems like a stiff penalty to us though we hear the undertakers are appealing (well black can be so flattering don’t you think?)

We learn from this story in The Daily Telegraph that while the authorities see nothing wrong in scamming ordinary punters even after they are dead, if a stiff gets away with a few quid of government money the bureaucrats will pursue the poor dead buggers to the gates of hell to get it back. Government tries to claw back £73 million from dead people.
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Greenteth Multi Media
bog of blogs
A Tale Told By An Idiot

The Big Hedgefund Scam – How Insane Are We Becoming

The latest scandal to engulf the increasingly stinky world of high finance is the $50billion (£30bn…update £50bn…update £ 5,000,000,000,000bn) scam run by a blagger named Bernie Madoff.

The super-rich, fund managers and corporate financial officers, the kind of people who like to pretend they are much cleverer than the rest of us, rushed to pour our money into Bernie’s investment vehicles on the strength of nothing more than Bernie’s promises of higher returns that a post office savings account would give.

It could not last of course and when the scandal eventually broke there was consternation in the news rooms of television and radio companies. How was Bernie’s name pronounced? Most settled on the phonetic Mad – off.

Now the question has finally been settled by experts in the languages of eastern Europe we must wonder how insane we have all become during the last bubble economy. I mean what kind of imbeciles would put money into an investment firm run by a man whose name is pronounced Made – off?

For the record, accusations that Bernies was a bad investor are untrue. He invested the funds in yachts, expensive cars, expensive women, champagne, caviar and living in 6 star hotels. I could not have invested it more wisely myself.]

TV Phone In Scam

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Blagger Blagojevich implicated in fraud involving Tony Rezko who was Obama’s best mate (and purchased his house for him. When Rezko was arested for fraud and corruption Obama, true to form claimed he did not know the mega-rich property developer.

Do I Look Stupid?

Just had a phone call allegedly from my bank. The caller wanted to know all sorts of personal details starting with date of birth.

I said “why don’t you teel me what you think my date of birth is and I will tell you if its right.”

The guy said “I would get in a lot of trouble if I gave out personal information on the telephone.”

I said “well I operate the same policy.”

I mean, do I look stupid?