Schadenfreudefest: Vindicated Again

Having recently take some stick, and even been tagged as a Tory, for my attacks on the hypocrisy and double standards of rich lefties I am wallowing in schadenfreude one more today as news of the involvement in some very dodgy tax avoidance schemes of certain showbiz people who have made a big thing of their left wing, politically correct views.(And it’s not just that smug twat Jimmy Carr so let’s not put up with the whining lefties making him a scapegoat, loads of them have been at it.)

As I blogged in a post a couple of days ago (Confiscate the right’s wealth but not mine says millionaire lefty) those who wring their hands over the plight of the poor or wail and gnash their teeth about the greed of the rich and unfairness of society are not quite so bothered about unfairness or greed when it comes protecting their own rather easy earned cash. In fact they are the first to get their snouts in the trough.

The stink of hypocrisy is often repulsive but when caused by self – righteous leftys wallowing in their own mire it can be remarkably satisfying to the nostrils.

Stub out that demon ciggy and enjoy a politically correct spliff

Intellectuals Despise The Masses

Wonderful, wonderful Schadenfreude

To be honest I was pissed off about the rioting, if there is one thing it’s had to find any amusement in, it is people losing their homes, possessions and even being physically injured.

Then a former colleague, another northerner who spent a lot of time in London remined me that every cloud has a silver lining.

Just think, he said, of all the times some smug little twat from Dagenham who thought he’s made the big time because he moved to a Barratt Home two bed semi near Romford greeted you with:

“Ee bah goom, it’s grim oop north.”

Maybe, but not as grim as down south. I love Schadenfreude.

Mind you, I was surprised Dave did not emulate his perdecessor and personal hero and call out the Army. Then I remembered, apart from the lads in Afghanistan, we haven’t go an army. They were all made redundant as part of Dave’s budget cuts.