Schools Advised to Alert Social Services if Parents Stop Sons from Wearing Skirts

Council guidelines have advised schools that staff may need to alert social services if parents dismiss a “gender questioning” child’s demand to “transition”.
Brighton and Hove City Council’s “Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit” tells teachers “it may be necessary and advisable to activate safeguarding procedures” if worried about a child’s “wellbeing and or safety” when faced with a parent who says, “I refuse to allow my son to change his name or wear skirts.”

As The Telegraph pointed out on Thursday, the Department for Education’s (DfE) statutory guidance says that staff should refer a child to social services or police if the institution’s safeguarding lead has concerns about a child’s welfare.

Seems to us its schoolteachers that children need protection from rather than parents. These brainwashed idiots should not be allowed anywhere near young children the moment it is suspected they might use their position to advance an anto social, far left agenda.

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A New History Curriculum For Schools

Children to be taught about dinosaurs in history lessons.

Children will be taught a sweeping chronology of world events ranging from the dinosaurs through to the fall of the Berlin Wall under plans to scrap politically-correct topics in history lessons, it has emerged.

Chris McGovern, founder of History Curriculum Association, said that the move represented a radical departure from the existing National Curriculum which sought to teach children through broad “themes” covering issues such as the role of women and social, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity.

Good stuff, but will it work?

Revised History Of Britain Lesson One

In the beginning God created England because there was nowhere in the universe where people knew how to make a decent cup of tea.

Then the dinosaurs tried to take over the world. They invaded Britain in Ten Sixty Six and had a great battle with King Harold Wilson and his army. The English won but meanwhile Duke Norman the Bastard landed at Hastings.

King Harold Wilson surrendered and signed a treaty called the Magnum Classic which said Harold and his men could have all the ice cream they could eat if they would let Norman be king.

In lesson two we will learn how King Richard The Lionheart left Robin Hood to run the country while he went of to establish the English caliphate in Jerusalem.

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Those Who Can’t Do, Teach. Those Who Can’t Teach Join The Union

Government proposals for rigorous grammar tests on eleven year olds are an attack on teachers a taeching union has said.

Sticking closely to the agreed policy of public sector unions which states that it is a human rights violation to ask any public sector employee to get some effing work done, The NASUWT (National Association Of Shitheads, Under – achievers, Wankers and Tosspots obviously thinks that asking todays teachers to do the job they are paid for, i.e. teach children basic stuff, is well out of order.

A teaching union has condemned plans that will see all 11 year-olds tested on the proper use of apostrophes and the difference between nouns, verbs and adjectives, saying the proposals amount to an attack on teachers.

Chris Keates, the General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union, said the plans were part of an “entirely unjustifiable campaign to denigrate the commitment and professionalism of teachers”.

“Imposing a wholly unnecessary additional high-stress test on schools has nothing to do with ensuring that teachers can support all pupils to reach their full potential as writers,”

Writers? So providing we do not teach them to read, spell or put full stops and commas in the right places these untutored illiterates will all turn into little Shakespeares?

Obviously the NASUWT approach to teaching children their native language is to take a million pupils, sit them in front of a million computers and wait for them to produce the Complete Works.

Maybe what is needed to sort education out is for somebody to attack NASUWT members … with baseball bats.

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Money, Money, Money

Two items of news regarding education have caught my attention this week.
First off was the suggestion that children should be taught gambling in school.

Experts from some organisation that wants us all to gamble safely and sensibly claims that if kids learnt about the odds of certain outcomes happening they would not grow up being so desperate for just that one big win to wipe out their huge gambling debt, give them all the money to do the things they only dream about because they can’t afford to do anything as they spend all their weekly disposable and more in the bookies, or more likely these days gambling online, or to give them a big enough stake to get into the Cincinatti Kid big game going off this Friday upstairs at Dirty Eric’s.

Kids of course are quite capable of working out the odds of actually getting a detention for trying to put a frog down Natalie’s trousers cos she’s a swotty, speccy brainbox. It is of course zero cos Mum and significant other will be onto the Board of Governors, The Sun and Max Clifford if anyone dares try to discipline little Jaydon.

They also know that you needn’t bother doing the homework, as although the curriculum states that teachers must set homework, there is no requirement that children are obliged to complete it or hand it in.

As a child you soon learn that the chances of you a) being chosen as team captain in PE lessons or b) being one of the last two to be chosen and it being obvious that neither team wants you are completely dependent on your sporting ability or lack thereof and your social popularity, ditto.

However, the bods in the gambling organisation think that if we can get all the kids to have a firm grasp of odds no one will be liable to re-mortgage the house for the sake of the dog in trap 6 on a wet Thursday at White City.

Just like sex education has completely eradicated teenage pregnancy and STDs, and drug and alcohol education has seen a generation of sober individuals leading fine upstanding lives. Not.

The other thing that caught my eye was the idea that children should be taught how to use money in Primary school.

What do we do about this? Blame Jamie Oliver for demonising unhealthy food such as crisps, choclate biscuits and pop thus leading to the demise of the school tuck shop, taking away the kiddies opportunity to use money in a real setting?

Or perhaps we should blame the rise of the plastic card, how many people actually hold the folding these days? Money must seem as magical as a Hogwarts banquet, as much as you want appearing out of thin air.
And of course it’s not just the children that think that way, bankers and politicians certainly seem to think if you want more you just wave your piece of plastic and there it is.

So lessons in handling money should comprise the fine art of maxing out your credit card then getting a different one so you can borrow to pay off the existing one ad infinitum.
Get the kids used to this and they’ll be able to gamble online using their credit cards, too busy to go out and socialise and therefore ultimately to procreate and eventually the problem will sort itself out.

Or at least you could get decent odds on it at SafeBet.

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Tobogganing Teacher Sacked.

Fatsally post today demonstrates the extent of dumbing down in school examinations and now Boggart Blog will show how dumbed down the people who run our schools have become.

Mr. Richard Tremelling, a technology teacher at Cefn Hengoed Community School in Swansea, South Wales, has been sacked for letting 15-year-old children ride on a toboggan down a small slope. Teaching tobogganing was not in Mr. Tremelling’s job description of course but perhaps we was demonstrating the effect of gravity. Or perhaps the kids had built their own toboggan in craft classes.

Whatever. Bosses at the school and the Local Education Authority decided Mr. Tremelling had put the children at unnecessary and unacceptable risk.

Like any responsible adult, the teacher used his common sense to evaluate the risks, and decided that they were eff all minimal. As all of us who have slid down a big slope on a shop bought toboggan, a homemade effort constructed out of stuff purloined from Grandad’s Aladdin’s Cave of a shed, you Mum’s best tea tray or even a black bin bag tobogganing is not a high risk activity for people who if heading at speed towards brick walls, barbed wire fences, ponds covered in thin ice or main roads have enough common sense to simply fall off the toboggan.

In fact, Mr Tremelling was so careful, he even made one of the children (obviously the boy scientist who would be too busy doing equations involving speed, mass and trajectory to notice the brick wall, barbed wire fence etc. start from halfway down the slope.

In the eyes of education bureaucrats however tobogganing is a potentially dangerous activity, any plans for toboggan related field trips must be presented in written form and submitted along with a sixty seven page risk assessment to the official controller of ever so slightly risky activities involving pupils and it will be either approved or rejected before the end of the school year in July. Any scheme not complete by the end of the school year cannot be carried forward and applications must be resubmitted.

What worries us is these days kids need teaching to ride toboggans. Has it really come to the point where children are so indoctrinated they cannot think of ways to have fun in the snow themselves?

As for Mr Tremelling, he should be reinstated and given special responsibility for finding ways of putting education bureaucrats at risk.

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Erecting A Human Rights Issue

As senior figures in the Obama administration zoom around the USA trying to bolster support ahead of the mid term elections due in November they might well decide to by pass Milwaukee in order to avoids embarrassment.

In that city the issue concerning voters is not the controversial healthcare bill, climate change, immigration or the financial crisis and related problems. What has everybody in the city talking is a fight over whether a sustained male erection is a human right.

Honestly it is. I read it in the Los Angeles Time and that is quite a respectable news organ even if it is based in nutty California.

It seems the Teachers’ Union has a bone to pick with the local court over a ruling that denied their claim for viagra to be supplied at the taxpyers expense.

The Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Assn. has gone to court asking a judge to order the financially strapped school board to reinstate coverage for Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and other erectile dysfunction drugs in union members’ healthcare plans. The union claims that excluding such coverage discriminates against the male gender.

I know, it’s hard to believe isn’t it?

The city authorities obviously find they are on the horn of a dilemma. Does America’s obsession with ‘rights’ trump common sense one more or will the state stand firm and say, “Come on, you guys are trying to stiff us.”

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Spooky Or What?

Ever get that feeling that some things are more than coincidences?
One thing happens that’s a bit odd, then another and when the third one shows up there you are looking over your shoulder and thinking “Is there something going on here?”

Remember ‘The Crossbow Cannibal’, as he called himself, the chap from Bradford who’d been killing prostitutes and then cutting up the bodies and scopping them in the river? He was a former pupil at BBC’s old school.

Private education you see, gives you a better class of serial killer.

It also appears to give you a better class of slapper.

The little hottie whose been keeping Ashley Cole company, along with her bestest friend, is an old girl from SezJez’s former place of education.
Apparently Elle was already preparing herself for a career in the tabloids by being pictured flashing her tits in Nuts magazine when she was only 14!!! and then, a year later, sending an intimate video of herself and a Rabbit – not the fluffy, floppy-eared kind I hasten to add – to a boyfriend’s mobile, which subsequently was pinged around the teenage male population of South Yorkshire, as BBC will confirm!

But it doesn’t stop there, it was reported this week that two infant children took an airgun into their village school in rural Northamptonshire, firing it in the playground and injuring five pupils.

Guess which village school BBC and SezJez used to attend…

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