Pissing Off The Scientologists Could Cost You

After reporting a UFO sighting over the West Sussex HQ of the church Of Scientology, managers of top selling tabloid The Sun received a legal snottogram from the Alien worshipping church’s lawyers.

The case was settled out of court when The Currant Bun published an apology:

“In a article on Saturday headlined “Flying Saucers over British Scientology HQ we stated that two flat silver discs were seen above the Chruch’s HQ. Following a letter from lawyers for the church we apologise to any alien life forms for linking them to the Scientologists.

The story began last Saturday when the Sun published a report about the pilots of three passenger jets who saw “two flat, silver discs” in the airspace over the Scientology HQ in West Sussex as they were queuing to land at England’s second major airport, Gatwick.

The encounter, which happened on the morning of December 30 last year, lasted seven minutes and was substantiated by air traffic control staff who spotted six UFOs on their radar before they suddenly vanished.

The Sun quoted a former UK Ministry of Defence UFO investigator, Nick Pope, who called the sightings “spectacular” and said the evidence was “first rate – the witnesses are experienced pilots and there is radar evidence to back up their stories”.

The church ,which requires followers to believe humans are shape shifting lizards opps, wrong cult, aliens who landed on earth took offence when the Sun published an article about flying saucers sighted over its headquarters in the English countryside.

Boggart Blog says if the Scientologists can’t stand a bit of piss taking can they be taken seriously as a religion?

Beatles To Greet Visiting Aliens

News today that a Beatles song is to be beamed into space the help aliens learn there is intelligent life on Earth.

Across The Universe, the chosen track, is a great song. But as we don’t know anything about these notional aliens and bearing in mind they might be Thetans eager to turn us all into Scientologists, would it not be better to beam out We All Live In A Yellow Submarine or I Am The Walrus to convince them we are all insane.

I am the eggman,
you are the eggmen,
I am the walrus,
Goo goo ga – joob

Scream and Scream again

Recent reports that the baby of Tom Cruise (4’9″) and his girlfriend whose name temporarily escapes me would be born in silence as TC’s scientologist faith disapproves of mothers to be screaming as it can give the baby “engrams” which might sound like something a Kenneth Williams character in a Carry On film might be suffering from when approached by Hattie Jaques but is actually one of the drawbacks to having been dropped off on Earth to kick start civilisation by the Thetans.

Yes people do believe this stuff folks.