Romney’s tax returns become the new Birth Certificate

We have never been slow on Boggart Blog to mention the ongoing controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s alleged inelegibility (I’ll just spellcheck that, it’s a bit of a brain twister – yep, looks OK) to serve as President Of The Entire Universe And Everything Else Besides the U.S.A.

To be honest Boggart Blog does not give a brass fart where Obama was born or who his real father might me. It’s fun though to note how after decades of telling us how great they are Americans turn out to be incapable of vetting election candidates to make sure no such dispute arises.

The controversy over Obama’s origins continues however. Obie has spent millions of $$$ to avoid presenting his birth certificate. As it would cost a few dollars to get a proper, certified copy (rather than a copy of his sister’s with his name amateurishly photoshopped in, he must have something to hide.

Is he a Manchurian Candidate? Is he the secret love child of JKF and Marilyn Monroe? Is he a clone, created from genetic material donated by Little Richard and Martin Luther King?

At last we feel we are close to knowing what his secret is.

Real Street blog has identified evidence that Obama is not just not American but actually not Human. Real Street shows a photo of Obama with their report that proves he is most likely a replicant (like in Blade Runner).

What’s The Huge Long Scar On Obama’s Head

The scar in question may be the result of an accident or an operation to correct a medical condition of course. But it is consistent with someone having their brain removed and a computer popped in there and as Obama has ordered all records of his life before he made that speech in 2004 to be sealed, these questions have to be asked.

There is more evidence at Real Street too. They have video showing how Obama stops working when contact with his control centre is lost.

Has the secret of Obama’s hidden past been revealed?

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