The Scottish Silliness

Forget what three Buckfast swilling, deep fried Mars Bar scoffing judges in chilly Jockoland said earlier in the week and whatever you have heard about Boris Johnson lying to the Queen (The Queen’s conversations with her Prime Ministers are confidential so nobody knows if Boris lied to our Betty or not, but if he did and anything he advised was illegal her own advisers would have warned her to withhold assent to the prorogation of parliament.

The Scottish court judgement is nothing but a cheap political stunt by a bunch of biased, SNP supporting bent lawyers aimed at giving The Mad Wee Hag Sturgeon ammunition for her next bid to make Scotland independent from the UK and thus the biggest economic basket case in Europe (if Scotland was an independent nation now they would be further up shit creek and even more bereft of paddles than Greece. .

And Boggart Blog is not the only digital news sheet that thinks so. We may be a scurrilous little blog, but look at what the highly respected, subscrioption only web news site for financial professionals, Eurointelligence has to say:

We expect this to be of more significance to the debate over Scottish independence than to Brexit. Legal commentators, including the retired Supreme Court judge Lord Sumption, expect the UK Supreme Court to side with the English ruling rather than the Scottish one.

Advantage Boris who is already one set up because the High Court in England ruled in his favour, as it should, while constitutionally Scottish courts cannot possibly have jurisdiction over the whole of the UK.

Eurointelligence continued:

If the Supreme Court, as we expect, does not intervene on prorogation, that leaves Hilary Benn’s legislation – requiring Johnson to seek an extension to the Art. 50 withdrawal period – as the main tactical approach left for Remainers.

But Johnson has the possibility of launching a legal challenge to Benns law, if he wants to.

The No No Deal law does nothing if such a challenge is upheld (as it should be), but the government team may have better ideas than issuing a challenge as Eurointelligence reports:

The act has been repeatedly and mistakenly described in the British media as “taking no deal off the table”, which illustrates how few journalists have bothered to even read the plain words of its text. Johnson is required by the act to send a letter to the European Council requesting an extension until 31st January 2020. But the act only requires that he send this letter on October 19. Even then, he only has to send the letter if parliament hasn’t agreed to either a deal or a no-deal exit by that date. Both scenarios being explicitly allowed by the legislation. Moreover, it allows Johnson to withdraw the letter if the House of Commons votes in favour of either a withdrawal agreement or of no-deal exit between 19th October and 31st October.
We think the Remainers committed a strategic error. It was a mistake to leave the machinery of government in Johnson’s hands between now and October 31. He will be the only person in the room negotiating and speaking to other heads of government. It also leaves plenty of avenues at his disposal for frustrating an extension request. However watertight Hillary Benn’s legislation might seem, one thing it cannot do is muzzle the prime minister or limit his right to make political statements, both within the House of Commons and at the European Council in October. It also means Johnson now has five more weeks to dominate the UK media agenda, unimpeded by parliamentary questioning thanks to prorogation.

So in the end whatever Remainers do, short of calling a vote of no confidence and forcing an election, which after their idiotic performance over the past few week the opposition will surely lose, they cannot stop no deal. Quite simply, so long as Boris can string things out until 31 October, no deal is the default legal position. All the Remainers antics and the bigoted Jock judges have achieved is to make anything but no deal almost impossible.

Good work, Remainers.

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If Sturgeon Is Jerking Miliband’s Strings, Who Will Be Prime Minister

The puppet and the puppeteer: Image Source: The Daily Telegraph)

Since the second division leaders’ debate last week, The SNP’s Mad Wee Hag Nicola Sturgeon has been leading the news every day. With Labour facing wipeout by the nationalists in Scotland, according to polling figures, the possibility of a Labour / SNP coalition along the lines of the Conservative / Lib Dem coalition that has governed since 2010 has become the obsession of the media.

Few are sanguine about the prospect, the SNP are Europhile, spendthrift, globalist Marxists whose political position on the relationship between Scotland and England makes Pol Pot look moderate.

Sturgeon has tried laid to offer Ed Miliband a deal that would put him in Downing Street for just as long as he was prepared to accept all the SNP’s outrageous demands for special treatment for Scotland in relation to England and Wales. So far Ed, sensing the likely backlash from English voters has not said yes, although he has not rejected such an arrangement completely.

The SNP leader demanded Mr Miliband replace the Tories with something better and not just the “Tories light” before she would throw her support behind him. This means she wants labour to abandon their pledge to show greater fiscal responsibility than they did last time when the country was only days away from needing a Greek style IMF bail out by the time the party was thrown out of office.

Setting out her key conditions for working with Labour, Ms Sturgeon said the Labour leader needed to be “bolder” in fighting austerity and she could not support his spending cuts.

And she made clear she would not support paying £100bn to retain the Trident nuclear deterrent saying she would rather spend the money on childcare, education and the health service.

In other words, were there to be a Labour /SNP government, Ed Miliband would have the job title but The Mad Wee Hag Nicola Sturgeon would be pulling the strings.

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The Ginge Jihad: Revenge Of The Redheads?

You might thing the left are notable for nothing except their sheep like tendency to follow every fad that momentarily grabs the ever shorter attention spans of denizens of cyberspace. You’d be almost right, displaying the stupidity of the mob and stupidly calling it The Wisdom Of The Crowd is one of the noticeable traits of left wing thinking.

The other of course is hypocrisy.

Do you know any red heaired people (or if you are Scottish do you know anyone who doesn’t have red hair?) Most of us do, and they are for the main part fine people. So why a few years ago did it become an acceptable prejudice to pour scorn on Ginges. I mean it wasn’t just good natured teasing we are talking about it was nasty, vicious hate speech. Well I suppose the people who run around screeching ‘hate – speech’, ‘racism’, ‘sexism’, ‘homophobia’ at anyone who expresses an opinion they don’t quite totally agree with have to have an outlet for their prejudices. In fact they have several. Northerners are one, short people another (I’m a victim on both counts), ginger haired people are yet another.

I suppose Chris Evans has a lot to answer for, but even with black, brown or blond hair he would still have been a knobhead. I could never understand the pillorying of Simply Red sing Mick Hucknall for his suposed freakish ugliness which was often said to be related to his ginger hair. Mick isn’t the best looking guy on the planet, but he’s not The effing Elephant Man either. And he’s a very good musician; where in the rules does it say he has to look like Adonis?

Anyway the Gingism has backfired
from Breitbart London

Dozens of young redheaded men and women are replacing the ritual bullying of the playground with the ritual strictures of radical Islam, perhaps – at least according to some experts – as a result of the bullying and persecution they endure early in life.

You’ve likely already made the connection between ginger hair and home-grown Islamic radicals yourself. Subconsciously, perhaps, from newspaper reports showing carrot-topped wannabe jihadis from Bradford, and TV clips of auburn brothers in east London. What you probably don’t know is just how vastly over-represented redheads are in the ranks of Islamist converts.

There are no surveys of jihadis, of course. The Quilliam Foundation, a counter-extremism organisation, told us that no one keeps reliable data on white converts to Islamism. So news reports probably represent the best data set available to researchers.

We sampled national newspaper coverage of white converts to radical Islam published between 5 August 2013 and 4 August 2014, excluding cases where there was no evidence of extremism or radicalisation. For example, Lucy Vallender, the ginger-haired Territorial Army private who had a sex change and became Britain’s first transgender Muslim woman, was excluded from our results.

We discovered that 76 per cent of white British converts to radical Islam had red hair. In the Daily Mail archives, 69 per cent of white Brits lured into jihadism or the orbit of an extremist preacher were ginger. The number was similar for the Mirror and the Telegraph. The Guardian yielded a full 100 per cent redhead rate for the stories we sampled.

These are extraordinary numbers when you consider that in northern and western Europe, the average incidence of red hair in the general population is 5 per cent. In other words, Islamic extremists reported on by the media are fifteen times more likely than the general population to have red hair.

Well, that’s where being prejudiced gets you, as you sow so shall you reap, as the saying goes. The revenge of the ginges is upon us. although I’d rather they’d chosen The Morrigan than Allah as their agen of retribution.

Unless you think there’s a Fleet Street conspiracy to single out and report on ginger jihadis – and that the Guardian is leading the charge – the data clearly demonstrate that white people who convert to radical Islam are overwhelmingly likely to be ginger. Continue reading


                                                   Morrigan – Goddess of retribution and Ginger hair

Has Obama Sealed Victory For Alex Salmond’s Scottish Independence Campaign

bruce memorial
Scots, wha hae wi’ Wallace bled, Scots, wham Bruce has aftimes led;
Onward tae your gory bed, Or tae victorie!* (Picture source)

With characteristic dickheadishness, fuckwittery and a natural talent for inappropriate behaviour, the former rent boy, now President of the Entire Universe and Everything Else Besides, Barack Hussein Obama made entirely inappropriate use of the D Day commemorative ceremony to launch yet another hopelessly inept attempt to meddle in the affairs of other nations.

from The Daily Telegraph:

Barack Obama has urged Scotland to reject independence, saying the United Kingdom is better off remaining together.
Britain works “pretty well” as a “united” nation, the US President said, in major intervention in the debate over the future of Scotland.

The President reiterated his call for Britain to remain in the European Union. The commemoration of D-Day shows Europe depends on Britain for its prosperity, and the UK will lose out if it excluded, the President said.

The British people will make the “right decision” in an in-out referendum, he said.

Alex Salmond said Scotland wanted its independence like the US, borrowing the President’s 2008 election slogan to say: “Yes, we can.”

Mr Obama’s comments were entirely out of place at the memorial ceremony, but when has consideration for his hosts ever got in the way of Obama’s ego. It would be out of order for any leader of a foreign power to use a non political occasion comment on a sensitive issue.

Commenters in sections of the media supporting the “No” campaign to the campaign to keep the UK intact claimed the support of the warmonger Obama represented a major boost to their campaign.

In our view, Obama has given Alex Salmond and The Scottish Nationalist’s “Yes” campaign a huge advantage. Telling a Scot what to do is a safe and sure way to guarantee they will do the opposite. Only a naive and egocentic clown like Obama could be ignorant of this.

*Robert Burns page, The Poetry Foundation

At least someone gave a shit

Imagine the surprise of Scottish homeowner Mike Williams to find on returning home one day that some wee scunner has shat down his chimney. Mike told reporters: “I was just getting home from work when a neighbour ran up and said they had seen some wee ned shiteing doon ma chimbley. “He’s even taken a wee photie on his phone.

“When I open the door the smell was disgusting. The wee bastards’s shite had landed in the grate, it was all over the place! “It was all on the rug in front of the fire. There’s no way it’ll brush out. What the hell am i going to say to the insurance? ‘Och, a ned shat down the chimney’?

“If I get my hands on the little bastard I’ll kick him so hard in the arse he’ll never sh*t again.”

A spokesperson at Grampian Police said the crime was “Unpleasant and unusual”.

This is a new one on us, we occasionally feature stupid criminal of the week reports but this obviously does not qualify as stupid, just insane. The only thing I ever encountered that was similar was years ago when a colleague sent me a christmas card depicting Santa shitting down the chimney of The Prime Minister’s house.

The strange case of the rooftop defecator is one for the archives.

Did ye shit doon ma chimney Jimmy

The see full page image click here

Obama Goes To Lockerbie

A nice little scandal is brewing over the letter The White House sent to The Scottish government which was leaked in the Sunday Times yesterday. It confirms that Barack Obama was lying when he said he was opposed to the release to Libya of the Lockerbie Bomber. While the President was not wildly enthusiastic about the idea the note said he believed a compassionate release was preferable to the prisoner transfer negotiated by Tony Blair.

Thus Obama is exposed as a liar and a hypocrite for the way he had earlier feigned outrage at a rather too convenient allegatioon that BP were somehow involved in brokering the release.

As The White House pointed out this story is only from a leaked document and as such cannot be relied on. So far the US government has not commented on the veracity of the leaked version, they have only said the original will not be released.

We must assume then that the document contains somthing that could threaten US security. I mean, it’s not as if Obama has a track record for concealing information that could damage him, stuff like birth certificates and college records for example, is it?

Obama and the Lockerbie Bomber
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Being Scottish

A scientist has developed a DNA test which he says can prove if you are Scottish. Dr Jim Wilson, a genetics expert at Edinburgh University, says
the £130 test can establish if you are descended from the Picts, who lived in Scotland until the 10th century. It involves checking a saliva sample
against 27 genetic markers and is expected to be popular among Americans wanting to prove Scottish descent.

Boggart Blog thinks this is unlikely to be popular to any real Scots who are never going to spend such a serious sum of money on anything other than a good whisky, a good curry or (once in a lifetime maybe) a world cup ticket.