DJ quits, BBC boycott planned over use of the N-word, why don’t celebs call out the sexism and hate speech of rap?

As DJ quits and BBC boycott is planned over use of the N-word, why don’t black celebs call out the sexism and profanity of rap?


You Know You Live In A Country Run By Idiots If

the three stooges

Our leaders headed to Scotland today, campaigning to save the Union – maybe they should have stayed in London
(picture: The Three Stooges)

You know you live in a country run by idiots if … …

… you can be arrested for fishing or watching television without a license, but not for being in the country illegally.

… you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a school trip but not to get an abortion.

… you have to show identification to board an aircraft, pay by cheque or join a club but not to vote on who runs the government.

… the government bans stable, law-abiding citizens from owning guns for competition shooting but gives fighter jets, SAM missiles and launchers, heavy artillery and automatic rifles to crazy Islamic religious fanatic freedom fighters.

… you cannot buy two packs of paracetamol in one supermarket, but you can visit every supermarket, pharmacy and general shop in town and buy a pack in each.

… an 80-year-old woman can be stripped searched by the borders Agency officials but a woman in a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head searched because anything more would be ‘culturally sensitive.

… your government and main opposition party believes that the best way to eradicate trillions of £££ of debt is to borrow trillions more.

… a seven year old boy can be accused of sexism and suspended from school for saying his teacher is ‘pretty’ but giving classes on sexual exploration or diversity to seven year olds is perfectly acceptable.

… the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to reward people for NOT working through a generous benefits system, but punish those who work with high taxes, pointless rules and regulations and a housing policy that make it impossible for couples to start a family because suitable housing is unaffordable.

… being stripped of the ability to defend yourself because as the Crown Prosecution Service goes after victims of crime who injure their attackers in defending themselves, passivity makes you more “safe” according to the government.

All of these things prove you live in a country run by idiots.

The main point here is that the swing towards ‘Yes’ in Scotland may be simply a measure of pissedoffness with Westminster consensus politics and the idiocies of political correctness rather than any genuine wish for or understanding of the real implications of independence for Scotland.

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A Good Pair Of Pins On Her

A furore in the football world this weekend, when two arseholes, er sorry, commentators, Andy Gray and Richard Keys, made sexist remarks about a match official.
She was, of course, female.

Officiating in the Liverpool vs Wolves match Ms Massey fell foul of the male chauvanist pig, erm sorry, Sky Sports commentators, by not signalling offside as the first goal was set up, prompting Mr Keys to suggest that “somebody ought to get down there and explain the offside rule to her.”, before he slapped the rump of a comely stewardess, commented on her nice legs and asked what time they opened, fnarr fnarr, – probably.

His colleague, Mr Gray, added, “Can you believe that? A female linesman. Women don’t know the offside rule.” and then added in an aside to his sidekick that he bet she could handle 12 inches though, fnarr, fnarr, – or maybe he didn’t.

They then continued in their misogyny by commenting on another female official rounding it off with a dig at Karen Brady, Vice Chairman of West Ham, who had complained of experiencing “sexism at its rankest” in football.

Keys asked, “Did you hear the charming Karen Brady…complaining about sexism? Do me a favour, love.” Fnarr, Fnarr, no doubt.

Boggartblog spoke to local football commentator Arthur Grimshaw, a former player for Atherton Colliers who had this to say.

“Those comments were definitely out of order. You only have to look at the video replay and you can see she’s a pretty little thing, brightens up the touchline no end. Good pair of pins on her too, although she could do with a bit more up top, if you know what I mean. I certainly wouldn’t mind sharing a bath with her at the end of a match, be even better if it had been raining, those polyester shirts don’t half cling when they’re wet….”

The best bit about this story though, is the fact that when the replay was shown Ms Massey’s verdict was shown to be correct, the player wasn’t offside.

Female Match Officials 1
Misogynist Old Has-Been Football Commentators 0

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FILTH ! The Mary Whitehouse Effect.

Advance publicity for “FILTH!” a dramatised version of the Mary Whitehouse story starring Julie Walters and coming (oops, pardon!) to a television near you has predictably aroused (oops, pardon!) the holier-than-thou brigade to start ranting about how we need a new Mary Whitehouse to protect the nation’s morals. Any mention of “FILTH!” in the media tends to make the legions of the narrow minded come over Mary Whitehouse (oops, pardon!)

For those too young to remember, Mary Whitehouse was the clean up TV campaigner who found fame in the nineteen sixties by convincing a few silly people that public morals were being corrupted by the tide of FILTH! streaming from our television sets.

The moral majority, as Mrs. Whitehouse liked to refer to herself, did not want FILTH! on television, they wanted decent family entertainment; acrobats, juggles, children’s programmes presented by poufs and virgins, Scottish Country Dancing, animal programmes. and hymn singing, lots of hymn singing. Ironically there was never more filth onscreen in one show than in the episode of Blue Peter where a baby elephant was brought onto the set and shat itself.

Most people in the country, the immoral majority you might say, wanted to see sex, violence, nudity, bad language, smut, innuendo and sexist, racist comedy. And a bit of Scottish country dancing but only at New Year when we were very very drunk. As it turned out, members of the organisation formed by Mary Whitehouse wanted to watch all that too. So avidly did they watch the FILTH! in fact that their letters of complaint would detail how many times each “bad word” had been used, the number of seconds bare breasts and bottoms were on view and give graphic descriptions of the simulated sex. Strangely none complained about the racism and sexism of shows like Til Death Do Us Part or Love Thy Neighbour.

For Mary Whitehouse and her supporters it was not a matter of simply being disgusted; they had to be seen to be disgusted. They were outraged at the sight of Helen Mirren’s knockers or Hywel Bennett’s bum but loved the twee, cosy racism of The Black and White Minstrel Show. White men blacked up, prancing about waving their hands and singing in comic accents (De Camptown races fahv mil’ lon’ doo dah, doo dah…” good wholesome family fun.

Modern Whitehouse revivalists have another source of FILTH! to attack. Now they can claim the Internet as well as television is pouring a steam of obscenity, pornography, violence and fart – lighting action into our homes. The remedy is the same as it always was however. If you don’t want to watch, nobody is forcing you to.

Meanwhile, as far as the rest of us are concerned, the message that needs to be sent to television executives is this:
What do we want? FILTH!
When do we want it? NOW!