Afrophilia and the reality of western ambitions in Africa

Africa - the popular view
Africa – the popular view (source)

As you know Boggart Blog does not have much time for those emotionally needy people who depend for their self esteem on peer group approval, these people hide their inner fascist from the world by calling themselves ‘liberal’, ‘progressive’ or ‘left wing’. Some even try to give themselves authority by waving their academic qualifications at us. I suppose w hen in The Wizard Of Oz, The Wizard tells The Strawman, “You don’t need a brain so long as you have a diploma,” the irony is lost on our literally minded leftie friends.

One of the dogmas of this politically correct cult of knee jerking, lockstep marching, wisdom-of-the-crowd chanting flock of Sheeple is that we must love Africa. Dark skin good, pale skin bad is the mantra. That the sheeple are nothing more than gullible dupes and useful idiots to the faceless men and women who really lead us is shown by the contrast between the mass Afrophilia of the flock and the way the controllers see Africa.

But as long as the controllers public facing puppets keep the punters sweet and on message by pumping out the pro – African propaganda, they can keep the tyrants sweet by shovelling money into the bottomless pockets of those ornate uniforms and expensive business suits and thus guarantee that the corporate interests that fund politics are allowed to continue exploiting Africa.

Ahead of the US-Africa Summit this week, and given that President Obama explained “Africa also happens to be one of the continents where America is most popular,” we thought this map of how the controllers really see Africa might help the sheeple understand why the basis of the west’s relationship with that continent needs to change.

How the West $ee$ Africa (source – Getty commons) – Click on image for sharper text

Of course, as The Emperor Obama explained yesterday, the US is different…

We are “deeply interested in working with Africa, not to extract natural resources alone, which traditionally has been the relationship between Africa and the rest of the world, but now because Africa is growing and you’ve got thriving markets and you’ve got entrepreneurs and extraordinary talent among — among the people there… and we think that we can create U.S. jobs and send U.S. exports to Africa.”

So the Afrophiliacs of Obamaland are planning to shaft Africa twice then, by stealing all the raw materials resources and dumping over priced products in African markets. And once again we see that people who speak the same language as us (approximately) are not necessarily the good guys. Which is why we should be sceptical about anything that comes out of the Washington propaganda machine.

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Here’s Another Post Especially For The Sheeple

As I just told the Sheeple on Facebook, I consider it my duty as a lifelong dissident to keep pissing off the silly sheeple who bleated in blogs and on social media about UKIP being racist until they learn to respect the rights of freedom of speech and though for everybody, not just sheeple who agree with them:

from Breitbart UK

A former Labour Party Press Officer has announced that he has joined UKIP, Breitbart London can exclusively reveal.

Richard Bingley was formerly head of the Labour Party’s East of England and London media operations during Tony Blair’s second and third terms as Prime Minister. He was seconded back to the Party to run its ‘Key Campaigner’ (Cabinet Minister) visits during Gordon Brown’s fateful 2010 general election and served for seven years as a Councillor in Thurrock in Essex.

Now a business leader and Senior Lecturer, Bingley told Breitbart London why he’ll be supporting Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party at the 2015 General Election: “I have joined UKIP to help promote their values of democracy and fairness and also to endorse a general sense of pride and celebration in being British,” he said.

Continue reading

Voter Backlash against Media UKIP Smears Is Good For Democracy

Mike Harding

One of the saddest things I have seen on the interweb of Sheeple for a long time was a post yesterday from a comedian who did very well in the 70s and 80s by presenting himself as a working class hero and man of the people. Even though Mike Harding is from a considerably poorer part of Manchester than the one I was born in, and grew up in the Lowryesque streets of Crumpsall where my family moved to green and pleasant Shropshire, in his comedy and music gigs Harding talked about shared experiences of 1950s childhood and sixties adolescence especially the agonies of adolescence because we moved back to Manchester when I was fourteen.

One would think then that somebody like Mike Harding would understand the attitudes of the working class. But no, like so many working class heros he has sold out the the politically correct luvvieocracy of the media and showbiz. There he was on his facebook page, assuming his faded celebrity gave him some kind of authority to tell people what to think, sneering at a UKIP candidate for expressing the view that working class people are sick of the media banging on about homosexuals rights and what a bigoted lot of buggers the masses are, when actually what the working class want politicians and the medias to talk about are things like jobs, immigration, the cost of living, immigration and jobs in that order.

And of course the media and politicians just take a patronising, paternalistic stance: “those things are to complicated for you oiks to be bothering your bigoted little heads with,” they say (well I’m papaphrasing.

Well I live in east Lancashire and I can tell Mike Harding that the opinion expressed by the UKIPper he is sneering at, that dislike of ‘the homosexual community’ is a view that has held sway for a long times and continues to do so.

Good to see then that voters have flicked a very big V sign to Mike Harding and the other media luvvies and in response to the smear campoaign UKIP’s poll rating has risen.

Wealthy, superior luvvies might not be able to think for themselves but the working class voters obviously can.

from The Guardian:
The media’s failure to neutralise Ukip can only be good for democracy

‘The intrusive power of the media, their capacity to lay waste the lives of ordinary people and celebrities alike, has been much aired, before and after Leveson. But there is another form of power, exercised with far greater discretion. This is the ability of the media to shape – and to limit – discussion; a capacity which has in recent weeks become conspicuously transparent, thanks to their efforts to discredit Ukip in general, and Nigel Farage in particular.

The dominant political parties and the mainstream media collusively concerted the attack on Ukip. Never has the management of what is somewhat hyperbolically called “the clash of ideas”, conducted by the opinion-formers and gatekeepers of debate, been so clear. Rarely have the tactics to maintain argument within acceptable bounds been more obvious.’

Continue reading:

I particularly liked this line from the article:

“It may be considered something of an irony that, since all the main parties are, in one way or another, conservative parties, an even more conservative party should be the object of such vilification; and this can be ascribed only to the desire to maintain a monopoly of representation by Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats.”

Absofuckinglutely right.

Euronazi superstate
Eurobureaucratic democracy

You don’t have to follow the crowd.

Because I know a lot of poets and writers on Facebook I sometime have to resist getting dragged into bouts of mooeyness that go round. One of the latest of these is about what a great writer Paolo Coelho is (he’s not, he’s shit. Trust me. He appeals to sad, mooney hippies who are “in touch with their inner child.”
My advice to them is kill your inner child and grow up, it’s great to be a free spirited, independent minded adult.

Anyway, fed up of explaining to people why Coelho is a shit writer, (e.g. No dear, his charm is not that his prose is like a childrens book, his prose style is like something written by a child, a retarded one at that” OK, sorry, I can come across as a bit arrogant. It’s not my fault that few people have read Albert Camus, Franz Kafka, John Fowles, Marcel Proust, Soren Kierkegaad and Thomas Hardy)I found a page dedicated to unfavourable reviews of his work.

And this one stood out:
A real horse, by my Crog could probably write better prose than Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, is billed as a modern classic, yet I find it difficult to discern why. It has the feel of a fable; from a time as hazy as the desert in which it is set, and carries the lessons on life one would expect from such a parable. The feelings of distant memory that it creates, however, fashion a gap between the book and the reader.
It begins with Santiago, a shepherd boy, who gives up his customs to follow a dream he has, a vision of treasure found at the Egyptian pyramids. Along the way he meets a king, a crystal merchant, an Englishman, and an alchemist; all of whom, with their passing involvement, provide him with a piece of the spiritual jigsaw that is his life. Finally, when he arrives at the Egyptian pyramids, he learns a lesson in life that brings him happiness.

The novel is short, and, while it gets its message across, a number of other things suffer. The characterisation is lean; everyone is faceless, ageless, and speaks with the same voice, a voice of implied wisdom. Most characters are also nameless; even Santiago, the protagonist, is simply referred to as ‘the boy’ throughout. Setting, also, is a casualty of the book; while we follow Santiago through the desert, we never truly get the feeling of being there. We don’t feel the heat, thirst for water, or shiver when night falls.

The prose in the book is extremely simple, giving The Alchemist the feel of a children’s book. Adjectives, especially when necessary, are rare, so that most things are described as ‘the desert’, ‘a horse’, or ‘some wine’. The desert has no texture, the horse no character, and the wine no flavour. Repetition, also, lengthens the book so that, once wisdom has been spoken, it echoes through the narrative so that each action can be credited.

The Alchemist is a quick read, but it’s not a good read. It has the feeling of a bonding session in the workplace where you discuss the implications of pseudo-situations, only moved from the office to the desert. It’s a self-help book disguised as a novel, the “secrets” of life, though hardly life-changing, are listed as stages in one boy’s discovery. And if any discoveries are necessary, it’s that you don’t need this novel.

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Isolation, the curse of the Independent Minded

I’m a bit stuck today, just can’t get myself going. It may be withdrawal symptoms, I finished rereading The Girl Who Kicked A Hornet’s Nest last Sunday and thus am parted from Lisbeth Salander and company for a couple of years.

Or it may be winter blues, being restricted to a very slow walk my outdoor time is very restricted at this time of year and in the kind of weather we have been having.

Or perhaps it is that editing a novel is a pain in the arse.

Still, as most of the people who read Boggart Blog are pretty independent minded (I doubt many sheeple return for a second helping) I thought you might enjoy something I stumbled on today.

Isolation, The Curse Of The Independent Mind

life as an independent minded human
Picture Source:


from Julian Walsh atWaking Times –

Today I wish to address to you a certain brand of loneliness. It is perhaps the most debilitating form of the condition. The state is sometimes referred to as “isolation” or the sense of being disconnected, apart, abandoned or simply “different” from everyone else you know. This situation is compounded when friends, coworkers and even family members begin seeing you differently. They’re not so much intrigued by your positive changes but rather disappointed by your shift in attitude and may even be concerned for your mental stability. These otherwise well-meaning souls are occasionally characterized as the “sleeping” and you may very well be part of the “awakening.”

I say “awakening” because the experience appears to be very dynamic and fluid by nature. I’m not sure I would recognize or even fully appreciated an “awake” mind for they are far and few between us. But for those who are experiencing various stages of wakening, you are as visible to me as I am to you.

Read all at Waking Times

Question Everything

Are you happy to be one of the Sheeple. Napoleon Bonaparte said “There are two kinds of soldiers, the sheep and the goats. Sheep must be driven, but goats are intelligent, they can be led. (Unfortunately the French had more sheep than goats and the British more goats than sheep.)

Look around the world today and you could be foirgiven for thinking the goats are an endangered species.


Click picture to enlarge

Buddha said Believe Nothing You Hear Or Are Taught Without Questioning It

Conspiracy Theory, a new definition.

Vic Damico, a musician from Houston, Texas, has responded to those sheeple who yell “conspiracy theory” whenever anyone suggests that the government or mainstream media may not be telling us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Vic writes:


The definition of the term “conspiracy theory” has obviously changed over the years. What was once theories that were based upon unproved facts has expanded to theories that are factually based, yet those who in their unconditional loyalty to the government cannot not understand the possibility of governments being dishonest, refuse to question. .

These puppets, these sheep, these people are too damned blind to see history repeating itself as our very own government has put into place the components that will allow them to do whatever that government may wish. How ignorant must one be to dismiss the concept of a government deception, when evidence is readily available, because the government or the mainstream media tell them to dismiss it as a conspiracy theory? How ignorant must one be to not believe what is clearly worded within current legislation that states the precise intentions of the government, and has vague wording in places to allow for even more extreme measures to become a reality?

“If the mainstream media feels inclined to almost immediately respond to an issue, and to suggest that it is merely a conspiracy theory, you can bet that there is a reason that they are trying to persuade you to believe that.”

Vic Damico

To which I can only add this quotation:

‘The intellectual tradition is one of servility to power, and if I didn’t betray it I’d be ashamed of myself’ – Noam Chomsky


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