The Hate The Bourgois Left Find Acceptable

You’ve heard them screaming often enough, the left wing bourgeoisie, jumping on every ism and phobia bandwagon that passes, accusing everybody who strays even slightly from the Politically Correct straight and narrow. UKIP are racist, people who read Nuts or Loaded are sexist, anyone who thinks same sex marriage is a joke is homophobic, anyone who says we don’t need sharia law in the UK is Islamophobic.

Strangely there is one prejudice and it is a real, deep-seated hatred rooted in fear, that these people find perfectly acceptable. It is the hatred the left wing bourgeoisie, for all their blether about fairness and equality, direct at the real working class.

Hatred that leads to this irrational attack on high street pie shop Gregg’s. This graphic, which originated on the Uncyclopedia website, appeared on Google search results for Gregg’s after a hacker attack.

Greggs – supplying shit to scum for 70 years the photoshopped logo reads

I don’t know why Gregg’s in particular attract such hatred from the pretentious left, but I’ve noticed quite a few of the current generation of painfully unfunny posh boy comedians categorizing Gregg’s customers as ignorant, drunken, knuckle dragging neanderthals. Which obviously makes it OK to deride what these nasty little bigots see (incorrectly) as a shop that caters to the hated working class.

Why? Nothing wrong with Gregg’s stuff – their sandwiches are better than stuff from the trendy Subway chain, their coffee does not taste much like coffee but it tastes better than Starbucks dish water and their sausage rolls may be filled with lips and arseholes but as my brother will tell you, on a cold day on Whitehaven Market a Gregg’s patsy just what you need (I’ve enjoyed them too but not in such extreme circumstances).

I suppose the people who think Greggs have built their success on supplying shit to scum would have us all eating vegetable samosas that taste as if they are made from ground up rat turds bought from the Waitrose deli counter.

One again we see that the people who scream and shout about ‘diversity’ don’t know what the word means.

The middle class twatocracy whose twitterings dominate social media, seem to think that while the favoured ethnic, sexual and religious minorities are beyond criticisms or satire, but having find some outlet for their natural anger and resentment somewhere, targets the working class in general and Greggs in particular. Yes, the Labour voting luvvies think, let’s have a good snort at Greggs, with its customers in high-vis vests, its steak bakes and unsophisticated chocolate eclairs. Greggs is seen as being fair game because it’s old-fashioned and blue collar: the very antithesis of organic, hand-reared, home-style, pretentiously labelled, overpriced food.

Makes you realise what nasty, illiberal bigots these lefties are.


The Genocide Of Ideas
Interviewed on UK Television the director and former Monty Python Flying Circus member Terry Gilliam said he did not like anything among the recent output from Hollywood. “I don’t know what they are about,” he complained, “there is a car chase, a few fights, a threat to civilisation and the hero saves the world.” Continuing to critique the formulaic Hollywood blockbuster genre Gilliam said films, books and plays ought to be about ideas.

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Don’t waste your Air Miles

We heard thatBritish Airways is offering its frequent flyers the chance to trade in their air miles for a place on a course instructing passengers how to survive plane crashes

Your Boggart Blogger were never the type of people who would save air miles (though our Dear Old Mum would have certainly done so – and then been to tight to part with them in exhange for gifts) but we know some people were quite obsessive, going to such extreme lenghts as paying over the odds for stuff to buy in a shop that offered air miles.

So now, for the sake of air miles lovers we offer the free Boggart Blog course in how to survive air crashes ………….


The Left Really Have Lost It.

I read on Longrider, that the blog of a leftie blogging outfit called Outside Left has been caling for a boycott of a retailer for selling “sexist” T Shirts bearing the slogan ” “I’m too pretty for homework so my brother has to do it for me.” to irresponsible (and by assoiuation, obviously right wing) parents. These pompous pratts demanded that the T-Shirt be removed from sale or they would tell readers not to shop at that retail chain.

Now the prospect of losing the custom of Left Outsides’ few hundred sandal wearing Oxfam shop clothed readers probably had the company shitting themselves.

But there’s another pointer to leftie stupidity here. Do they really, really think the parents of girls old enough to understand thast slogan have any say in what their daughters wear? Really?

Where Can You Buy A Conservative These Days.

How we love that undervalued breed of people the Television subtitlers at Boggart Blog. They have so often come to our rescue when news to amuse has been thin on the ground.

The question underpinning today’s post is “Where can on buy a Conservative these days, especially in East Lancashire. not so long ago it was easy to buy a Conservative, a Jeffery Archer was always available and a Neil Hamilton was peddled for a few grand while in the bargain basement junior back benchers could be had for the price of a bottle of Champagne.

Times change though, the Old Etonians are back in charge of the party and the cheaper, working – class Conservatives are a rare commodity.

Watching the North West News bulletin at lunchtime today I was shocked to read the subtitles of a story about Blackburn’s oldest High Street shop closing down after 170 years trading. As the newsreader burbled nostalgically and my wife as usual talked over the tele, I read the subtitles:
“Over the years Mercers department store has been all things to all people, selling hardware and household goods, furniture, carpets, gifts and tories…”

Had I known the store sold tories I might have bought several over the years but now I’m stymied. Is there nowhere in the area I can go to buy a Tory? I want one and I want it now!

(Proprietor’s Note: Worry not readers, Ian would never really buy a Tory. There are one or two Lib Dems he would pay decent money for and we suspect he has very lurid fantasies about Hazel Blears dressed head to toe in black leather and mounted on her Harley Davidson – J.G.)

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Boggart Blog Recession Survivor’s Test.

Many people are being hit harder than they realise by the recession. How are you coping? Do you know how much your lifestyle has downsized? Will you survive, are you existing frugally or are you maxed out but still spending as if there’s no tomorrow?

Boggart Blog has devised this simple test , The Pound Shop Index, to help you determine how well you are coping with the economic crisis.

Just answer this one simple question, the higher number your answer is the better you are coping.

Tell us which of these statements applies to you?

1) I go into my local Pound Shop every day
2) I go into my local Pound Shop several times a week
3) I go into my local Pound Shop once a week
4) I go into my local Pound Shop occasionally.
5) I walk past my local Pound Shop but do not go in.
6) I know where my local Pound Shop is but do not go near.
7) I do not know where my local Pound Shop is.
8) What’s a Pound Shop?

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Shop Assistant’s Big Boob

Marks & Spencer is putting J-cup bras on sale for the first time as customers demand larger sizes. The chain is trialling the garments on the internet before deciding whether to put them in the shop. Its largest cup size was previously a G, but M&S said there was a demand for the new, bigger garments.

The story reminds me of when my wife took me and my credit card shopping one day. While I was waiting for Teri to try on some dresses I heards an assistant on the corsetry counter say to a customer “you need a mark F madam.”
“And what is a Mark F?” the customer asked.
“Next size up from a marquee,” the assistant said.

Today’s post was kindly supplied by our “Old ones are the best” department.

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