A Dragon Flies Over Truro

Now I know some among you who have relied on your belief in reason, logic and order to protect yourselves from having to face the fact that we live in a a crazy, insane world in which nothing makes sense will be throwing a hissy fit at the notion that a dragon might have escaped from Arthurian myth to harass the good burghers of Truro, but here’s a video from You Tube that is going viral. And people who post videos on You Tube would not try to deceive us with fakes would they?

On the other hand, as I told those fools from the Merseyside Skepitics Association (who spell sceptic with a k because it look more like magick that way) to be truly a sceptic you have to neither believe nor disbelieve anything but question everything.

But the first thing to do is examine the evidence:


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Hmmm … So let’s question the video. Do dragons exist? My children tell me they have encountered one such creature, it was called Mrs. Bibby and taught seven to eight year olds at St. Annes school. The Dragon once told my daughter that her daddy would burn in hell because he was not a Roman Catholic. Mrs Bibby was a crap dragon, she could not even breathe fire although she found at the next parents evening that I can.

Now back to the Truro dragon which you will immediately notice in the video looks nothing like John Hurt.

I am very suspicious of this dragon because the way it moves its wings is completely unaerodynamic. Even a Ray Harryhausen dragon moves more realistically than that. To me this creature looks like one of the little buggers that was responsible for wannabe skinny dippers on Hampstead Heath having to don budgie smugglers.


North American crayfish: this creature already boosted sales of budgie smuggers in North London, will it now book tourism in King Arthur country?

Anyone who has seen one of these vicious little willie nippers swimming with recognise the action as being identical to that of the alleged Truro dragon in flight.

We therefore pronounce the Truro dragon a hoax, and being in Cornwall probably a scrumpy related stunt. Unless Mrs Bibby moved down to Cornwall after she retired. She would be in her nineties now, but dragons are immortal aren’t they?

Psychic Power

This is not by best piece ever by a long way but I just had to write that headline.

Lancashire psychic Joe Power (see, I told you I had to write the headline) a wannabe celebrity psychic whose by line is (portentous chords) “He sees dead people didn’t see trouble coming his way from live(ish) people when he fell foul of the Merseyside Skeptics Society who question his claim to have supernatural abilities.

We’d love to be able to tell you Joe’s claim is actually true because he holds down a day job as a morgue attendant but we could get no information to back that up. We do have information on Merseyside Skeptics Society however. They are the arseholes who earlier this year staged a mass overdose protest against homeopathy. As we reported at the time the Merseyside Skeptics Society (calm down, calm down) got very excited about the sale of homeopathic remedies in Boots Chemist. To “prove” homeopathy is a fraud they gathered outside the Liverpool branch of Boots and drank amounts of homeopathic medicine that vastly exceeded the recommended dose. Then they didn’t die and claimed they had proved homeopathic remedies were useless despite the information on the remedies’ packaging clearly stating “There’s one born every minute,” and on the other side “Exceeding the recommended dose will not harm you.”

I would say the sceptics proved at least one claim made by homeopaths is true.

Back to Psychic Power however. He has alleged that Merseyside Skeptics Society have been conducting a campaign of harassment against him. Nonsense a spokesman for the sceptics said: All we have done is say his powers are mythical. Maybe the thkeptic thpokthperthon wath trying to say mystical but had a thpeech impediment. Could a psychics powers be mythical, like King Arthur or Robin Hood or Jason and the Argonauts? Is there anything in classical literature about The Mythical Mystic of Mykonos? No? Oh well, worth a try.

So in the end does Joe Power have the power? We don’t know, nor do we care much in fact we were happy to have never heard of him until the Merseyside Skeptics Society gave the life giving oxygen of free publicity to his career as the man who speaks to the dead.

The Sceptics on the other hand we have to feel sorry for. The irrational faith in reason and logic of people who go to great lengths and waste their hard earned proving something known to be harmless is actually harmless makes them sadder than the people who ask Psychic Power to contact Great Uncle Fred and ask him where he hid the keys to the safe deposit box. On the other hand if the sceptics really want to scupper Psychic Power’s career they could try putting a curse on him.

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