The Mad Wee Hag goes Miley

As if you hadn’t seen enough of The Mad Wee Hag Nicola Sturgeon in the past few weeks, the SNP leader is trying to surpass her predecessor Wee ‘eck in the overexposure stakes.

All we can say is “Don’t give up the day job Nicola (just keep your brand of Maoist madness north of the border hen), Miley Cyrus has nothing to worry about.

As for the election in England, while the lefties are still getting excited about every poll fluctuation that shows UKIP down a point or two, more level headed statisticians (me) who are smart enough to know trends can only be plotted by studying polls that use the same sample size, the same questions and the same weighting method. Do that and the picture is quite different – Survation and Com Res which actually give the name of the candidate as well as the party are showing the Kippers moving up past 16, TNS, You Gov (Sunday Times) and Panelbase which giive party only show UKIP on a steady 13 to 14,  while Tory donor Ascroft who only names the three main parties and offers ‘others’ as the alternative choice sees the Kippers down at 10 to 12.

Its a funny old business polling, but as Nate Silver said on TV las night, nobody has a clue what the outcome might be.

A possibility not being talked about in public is a Con Lab Lib-Dem coalition to keep The Mad Wee hag away from Westminster. However the swearing in of such a government would quickly be followed by a return to medieval pitchfork and cudgel politics.

SNP: Scottish Nazi Party?

Do you really want a bunch of creepy authoritarians like this pulling Ed Miliband’s strings in a Labour – SNP power sharing deal?

The SNP Jackboot descending on dissident voices (image source)


While the people of the UK are spending their time obsessing over which party will win the general election on May 7th and who they might have to do dodgy deals with to actually secure power there is something more sinister and Orwellian taking place in the Scottish parliament.

The ranks of the Scottish National Party (SNP) who are in power in the limited Scottish parliament have swelled since the Scottish independence referendum last year and there has been much evidence of them being the most authoritarian party in Britain. But for me (and many others I know) their scariest plan is their Named Person scheme.

In the words of the Scottish governments own website “The Getting it right approach includes making a Named Person available for every child, from birth until their 18th birthday (or beyond, if they are still in school)”. Sure it sounds innocuous enough, almost as if they want to say “the friendly state will provide someone to look out for your child during their young lives”. That is absolutely the way that some see it in this country but (especially with the No2NP) movement gathering steam most are seeing through this scheme for the Orwellian nonsense that it really is.

So what’s exactly wrong with it? Well if you look closely a lot of things. For one it undermines the family and this is a very important point. Many families and carers simply don’t need someone from the state snooping into how they raise their children, they have been capable of doing this themselves for a very long time.

I wonder personally what kind of questions these state “Named Persons” may ask kids. “What do Mummy and Daddy do in the evening?” for example, “How much do they drink?”, “How clean is your house?” and I think before you know it good parents who maybe have a flaw or two are having their houses inspected by the state and the possibility of their children being taken from them for no good reason at all …

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Remember, a vote for Conservative, Green, Labour or Liberal Democrat is a vote for Naziism. Do the right thing to preserve British freedoms on May 7.

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If Sturgeon Is Jerking Miliband’s Strings, Who Will Be Prime Minister

The puppet and the puppeteer: Image Source: The Daily Telegraph)

Since the second division leaders’ debate last week, The SNP’s Mad Wee Hag Nicola Sturgeon has been leading the news every day. With Labour facing wipeout by the nationalists in Scotland, according to polling figures, the possibility of a Labour / SNP coalition along the lines of the Conservative / Lib Dem coalition that has governed since 2010 has become the obsession of the media.

Few are sanguine about the prospect, the SNP are Europhile, spendthrift, globalist Marxists whose political position on the relationship between Scotland and England makes Pol Pot look moderate.

Sturgeon has tried laid to offer Ed Miliband a deal that would put him in Downing Street for just as long as he was prepared to accept all the SNP’s outrageous demands for special treatment for Scotland in relation to England and Wales. So far Ed, sensing the likely backlash from English voters has not said yes, although he has not rejected such an arrangement completely.

The SNP leader demanded Mr Miliband replace the Tories with something better and not just the “Tories light” before she would throw her support behind him. This means she wants labour to abandon their pledge to show greater fiscal responsibility than they did last time when the country was only days away from needing a Greek style IMF bail out by the time the party was thrown out of office.

Setting out her key conditions for working with Labour, Ms Sturgeon said the Labour leader needed to be “bolder” in fighting austerity and she could not support his spending cuts.

And she made clear she would not support paying £100bn to retain the Trident nuclear deterrent saying she would rather spend the money on childcare, education and the health service.

In other words, were there to be a Labour /SNP government, Ed Miliband would have the job title but The Mad Wee Hag Nicola Sturgeon would be pulling the strings.

Miliband leading Labour into the wilderness
Labour no longer the party of beer and pies
Labour out of the closet – party of elitism and authoritarianism
The left do not have a petent on goodness and compassion
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Why Does Scotland’s Mad Wee Hag Frighten The Establishment Parties

Nicola Sturgeon, The Mad Wee Hag who could destroy Britain if Miliband lets her (source)

Labour and the Conservatives are kakking themselves. For Miliband to be talking to the SNP, who hate the Labour Party as much as Labour hate ……… well everyone who is not Labour I suppose, must surely be an indication that yesterdays story of how UKIP are threatening to score surprise wins in northern industrial areas. Labour have some common policy areas with the SNP, but the fundamental difference on the future of the union ought to prevent any deal.

While the Lib Dems would seem like more comfortable bedmates for Labour, such is the irrational nature of the left wing mindset that most Labour supporters would rather get into bed with a Redback Spider than a Lib Dem.

For Cameron to be demonising Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP’s Mad Wee Hag, and in a sure sign of desperation asking the Conservative Party Official Necromancer to bring back John Major from the other side to warn that Scottish Nationalists are a bigger threat to civilization than a Walking Dead style zombie apocalypse, shows desperation bordering on panic.

Conservative leaning newspapers have taken to using dirty tactics to undermine the popularity of Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon.

The Mad Wee Hag (as we dubbed her) and jimmy krankie lookalike contest winner has even been awarded Britain’s top anti-establishment accolade by the Daily Mail newspaper, who branded her “the most dangerous woman in the country.”

The title of “most dangerous man in Britain” was once given to the late left-wing stalwart Tony Benn, who died last year.

London Mayor Boris Johnson used his Daily Telegraph column to call the SNP “lefties on steroids,” and at one point went fully biblical, saying “You wouldn’t get Herod to run a baby farm, would you?”

Piers Morgan described Sturgeon as a “diminutive but sharp-witted woman [who] has rampaged through the UK election campaign like a mini-Godzilla, breathing fire and brimstone.”

The Mail also headlined a story concerning Sturgeon “Little Miss McHypocrite,” while the Murdoch-owned Sun took off the Miley Cyrus song ‘Wrecking Ball’ to depict Sturgeon riding said demolition tool while clad in skimpy tartan.

Meanwhile, the supposedly left-leaning Mirror (trying to salvage one or two Labour seats in Scotland perhaps) said “She’s got a natty new wardrobe of suits with matching stilettos and confidence way beyond her abilities.”

So should you be afraid of The Mad Wee Hag. We say no, our CEO (Chief Ectoplasmic Officer) Jenny Greenteeth fears none. But if Miliband does a deal with the SNP he should fear a similar wipeout in England next time votes are cast to the one that awaits Scottish labour MPs on May 7. We don’t like traitors who do deals with England’s enemies.

NB in the celtic languages a Hag is a witch or wise woman, aka a kelda, cailleach, nix etc.

Miliband leading Labour into the wilderness
Labour no longer the party of beer and pies
Labour out of the closet, an elitist, authoritarian party
The left do not have a monopoly on goodness and compassion