Eurovision Bearded Lady, A Victory For Leftist Hypocrisy

What a gay day, as the wonderful Larry Grayson used to quip. The bearded transvestite who won Eurovision has inspired much ribald humour, mostly outside the M25 it has to be said, while the hairy testicled ladies and limp wristed eunuchs inside the tarmac border of the the land of metrosexuality seem to think the ever more risible Eurovision Song Contest, by choosing a wierdo winner has struck a blow for … erm, something.

And of course the very best way to wind up lefties is to take the piss out of one of their politically correct darlings. So we had a field day with Conchita Wurst and his superfluous sausage.

Actually what it struck a blow for was hypocrisy. While media luvvies blubbered about how wonderful it was that “the people of Europe could unite behind such a brave contestant who dared to be different, some nations who thought their entries had had a rough deal were less than happy. And rightly so, if the bookies hadn’t stopped taking bets on who would win as soon as the bearded transvestite was announced, I would have placed a substantial wager on the bloke in a frock for the simple reason that in the Left’ Liberal Progressive Brave New Weird we live in, the behaviour of those creative and imaginative media types is utterly predictable so bearded lady with a dick could not possibly lose. Unfortunately William Hill, Ladbrokes, Corals, Paddy Power, Victor Chandler and Fred Done all knew this too.

Great isn’t it, how the luvvies who claim intellectual and moral superiority over those who are not reality challenged with always behave as a herd.

Conchita said as she accepted the trophy . ‘We are unity and we are unstoppable’. (Unity? George Orwell called it something else.) Unstoppable was right though, he – yes let’s use the dreaded ” H ” Word, Conchita has a dick – could only have lost against two bearded, Black African, Muslim ladies or a black, Irish, dwarf, crack addicted one legged lesbian, bipolar single parent.

Just help me out here, wasn’t a similar speech once given by another Austrian freak who sported considerably less facial hair.

Just as a matter of interest and because I know there are some people labouring under the misapprehension that the winner is decided by popular vote, WRONG! Its 50/50 public vote and panels of media luvvies experts. The Poles, who won the popular vote by a distance while the panel vote was unanimous, as if they had all been given instructions if you know what I mean possums. Some blabbermouth in Poland leaked that fact today.

I reckon we should all boycott the BBC and put the fuckers out of work, they’ve been taking the piss too long. But then I’ve been lobbying for us to pull out of the Eurovision fiasco for thirty years or more. Calling it a song contest is fraud.

Whether Tom Chivers Is A Science Writer, A Hack Journalist Or A Cunt Is A Matter Of Semantics

An American Hero And A True Liberal

pete seeger - a recent photo
Pictue: Pete Seeger – a recent photo, Source

Pete Seeger was one of my heroes in the sixties (well starting from the late 1950s I guess), his witty songs of social comment appealed to the being that was emerging from childhood into free – thinking, anti – authoritarian adultery. I think him for one of my great love affairs too. Thanks to his music kindling an interest in folk clubs that I met beautiful Linda, fifteen years older than myself, proto – Goth (or perhaps hangover from the beatnik era), and a better educator than I could have found in any university (she gave me my first joint and my first B.J.)If by chance you read this Lin, yes I do still think of you very often.

Pete Seeger was a natural successor to Woody Guthrie, a pure voice raised in support of freedom and the rights of the individual, a man who instinctively mistrusted government and all politicians and, right up to the end of his life, had no time for the pseudo – liberal, crypto – facist left that is asiduously working to turn us all into mortgage and debt slaves. They might claim to share his values but all their claims to love gays, blacks and other minorities are exposed as hypocrisy by their very obvious loathing of the values and traditions of the working classes (Left wing intellectuals have always despised the masses they claim to love)

It’s impossible to pick a best Pete Seeger song and difficult to pick a personal favourite to round off this little tribute so here’s a video and a lyric I know my sister fatsally will love. It is also rather prophetic too.

Little Boxes by Pete Seeger – lyric from video (scroll down) YouTube.

Little boxes on the hillside
Little boxes made of ticky tacky
Little boxes
Little boxes
Little boxes all the same
There’s a green one and a pink one
And a blue one and a yellow one
And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same

And the people in the houses all go to the university
And they all get put in boxes, little boxes all the same
And there’s doctors and there’s lawyers
And business executives
And they’re all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same
And they all play on the golf course and drink their martini dry
And they all have pretty children and the children go to school
And the children go to summer camp
And then to the university
And they all get put in boxes, and they all come out the same
And the boys go into business and marry and raise a family
And they all get put in boxes, little boxes all the same

There’s a green one, and a pink one
And a blue one and a yellow one
And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same

Was he right on the nail or what?

Can’t find a recent video of Pete doing Little Boxes – here’s his recording with a video track.

The Other Reindeer

You all know the names of Santa’s reindeer right? If you don’t, shame on you. The were Basher, Slasher, Knuckles, Lefty, McSweeney, Pretty Boy, The Enforcer and Big Al … Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen.

But do you know the name of the other reindeer, the one everybody forgets? Come on, it isn’t that hard.

Sing through the song and see if anything jogs you memory …

Rudolf the red nosed reindeer
had a very shiny nose
and if you ever saw him,
you could even say it glows …

Come on, you all know the words, you’ve all been children at sometime. Never mind muttering about superstition and magical thinking you militant atheist lot, this is not a religious song. Go through all the words …

Got it yet? No? The name of the other reindeer is Olive.

Who said there’s no Olive in the song? Sing it with me now!

Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer
had a very shiny nose.
And if you ever saw him,
you would even say it glows.

Olive the other reindeer
used to laugh and call him names.
They never let poor Rudolf etc. etc.

Hope you are having a great holiday.

A Few Christmas Goodies For You

Yep, here to help your festivities along are three Goodies with a seasonal song. I was prompted to post this by an article from Daily Telegraph blogger Tom Chivers in which he was bemoaning the lack of good Christmas songs in recent years.

Young Tom is not yet thirty so he must be excused for not knowing how uniformly shite Christmas songs of the 1970s, 1960s and even 1950s were.

But there were some noteworthy exceptions, Fairy Tale Of New York obviously, a song which to me sums up the true spirit of Christmas and we must not forget Jethro Tull’s ‘Ring Out Solstice Bells’ or Ertha Kitt’s deliciously suggestive Santa Baby …

But the greatest Christmas Song of all and yet the one totally overlooked by radio stations and compliers of “Top Twenty Christmas Hits” countdown shows is this one:

I promised Christmas Goodies and I delivered.

Your Baby Has gone down the plug hole

On hearing the story from china this morning of a new born baby who slipped down a drainpipe (kudos to the team that rescued the child) I was reminded of a song we used to sing at school and on boozy dos when I was slightly older.

(Writer Unknown – London Music Hall Song))

This version: Martin Carthy – 1964

A mother was bathin’ her baby one night
The youngest of ten, a poor little mite
The mother was fat and the baby was fin
T’was nawt but a skellington wrapped up in skin

The mother turned round for the soap from the rack
She weren’t gone a minute, but when she got back
Her baby had gone, and in anguish she cried
“Oh, where is my baby?”, and the angels replied

Your baby has gorn dahn the plug’ole
Your baby has gorn dahn the plug
The poor little thing was so skinny and thin
He shoulda been bathed in a jug

Your baby is perfik’ly happy
He won’t need no bathin’ no more
He’s workin’ his way through the sewers
Not lost, just gone on before

Your baby has gorn dahn the drainpipe
And the chlorine is bad for his eyes
He’s havin’ a swim, and it’s healthy for him
He needed the exercise

Don’t worry ‘baht ‘im, just be ‘appy
For I know he is suff’rin’ no pain
Your baby has gorn dahn the plug’ole
Let’s hope he don’t stop up the drain


Your baby is perfik’ly ‘appy
He won’t need a bath any more
He’s muckin’ abaht with the angels above
Not lost but gone before

Please Don’t Burn Our Shithouse Down: Boggart Blog’s Tribute to Mrs. Thatcher

A song originating from the hardships on the late 19th and early 20th centuries that we used to sing in the playground at school, not understanding the significance at the time (well we got our free milk in the 1950s).

It seemed an appropriate way to remember the havoc caused in industrial areas by the economic and business policies of Margaret Thatcher’s government.

Boggart Blog presents our tribute to Maggie Thatcher, the iron lady.


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Bonnie Tyler To Sing UK Eurovision Song Contest entry

I heard today that husky voiced rock chick Bonnie Tyler (our second Tyler of the day) is to sing the UK’s Eurovision Song Contest entry this year.

bonnie tyler

Boggart Blog was never a big fan, we throught she was Rod Stewart in drag, but we plead with her;

Bonnie lass, don’t do it, please, please don’t do it. Here’s why …

It’s a heartache, nothing but a heartache
Hits you when it’s too late, hits you when you’re down
It’s a fools’ game, nothing but a fool’s game
Standing in the cold rain, feeling like a clown

It’s a heartache, nothing but a heartache
Love him ’till your arms break, then he’ll let you down
It ain’t right with love to share
When you find he doesn’t care for you
It ain’t wise to need someone as much as I depended on you

Oh, it’s heartache, nothing but a heartache
Hits you when it’s too late, hits you when you’re down
It’s a fool’s game, nothing but a fool’s game
Standing in the cold rain, feeling like a clown

It ain’t right with love to share
When you find he doesn’t care for you
It ain’t wise to need someone as much as I depended on you
Oh, it’s a heartache, nothing but a heartache
You love him ’till your arms break, then he’ll let you down
It’s a fool’s game, nothing but a fool’s game
Standing in the cold rain, feeling like a clown

Civilisation Isn’t Over ‘Til The Bearded Lady Sings

Not like a bat out of hell. Songs to drive safely by.

In yet another scientific research project aimed at proving science is a career for tossers who like to have lots of time on their hands and do not have enough imagination to fill it intelligently, a bunch of scientists have been researching which songs are the safest to drive to.

Each of the songs in the top ten have an optimum tempo of a song for safe driving, mimicking the human heartbeat at around 60 to 80 beats per minute.

Among the top ten safest songs to drive to are Come Away With Me by Norah Jones, I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith and Tiny Dancer by Elton John. Anyone who would listen to that crap would never dare risk going above 30 mph of course so we must assume the science did not extend to looking at the risk of being rear ended by Jeremy Clarkson. Actually I wouldn’t mind read ending Norah Jones myself.

The Scientist by Coldplay and Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me a River also appeared in the top 10. A song called The Scientist? And it’s by Coldplay. What kind of driver would listen to that? They don’t sell Ladas in this country any more do they? Morris Minor drivers maybe? Tofu noshing G Wiz drivers?

The study, conducted at London Metropolitan University, also revealed the type of songs that cause motorists to drive dangerously.

Now this is what really pisses me off about scientists. FFS why do they insist on trying tell us what we already know and then getting it wrong.

The songs most likely to result in a write off, as any fule kno, are:

Bat Out Of Hell – Meat Loaf,
Paranoid – Black Sabbath,
Born To Run – Bruce Springsteen,

none of which were named by the study.

Having said that, I’ve always like to get my wellie down to O Fortuna from Carmina Burania.

X factor shocker – talented person is brought in.

Alas poor Kitty, voted off the X Factor last night. It’s bad news for all of us. Now she is no longer banged up in the contestants cells we will once again have to check our garden sheds every few hours to be sure the axe and the chain saw are still there.

Still she is now Lady Gaga’s new best friend. (Kitty / Lady Gaga girl on girl action – YouTube)

(Seriously, I liked her although I have not taken much notice of the show until this week)

But Kitty, though ever so slightly bonkers in the head could actually sing very well. As can young Amelia for whom shit-for-hair Frankie was dumped. Now call me an old cynic if you like possums, but I think I was not the only one who had a slight feeling that Amelia’s return was just a bit too smooth, too stage managed.

The girl was only supposed to have known half an hour before performing that she was a contender again. Yet when she sang the song it looked as if she had been preparing for weeks.

Just sayin’

X Factor shocker! Talented Person Is Brought In.
X Factor Is Proof Of Dumbing Down
X Factor – Bird Has The Last Word
Simon Cowell Stands Up For Clones

Isn’t It Grand Boys To Be Bloody Well Red (song blog)

 By tradition Labour Party conferences used to close with the delegates singing The Red Flag. The song tells of a flag that unites the workes of the world and owes its coulour to being dyed by the blood of the movement’s martyrs. Labour abandoned the working class a long time ago and became a party friendly to private enerprise, wealth and the middle classes. We can guess what The Socialist Martyrs would think of that. So as Labour no longer sings The Red Flag, we offer them a new song, one that is being sung by the likes of Kier Hardie, Bessie Braddock and Aneuin Bevan as the turn in their graves.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ian is not the best singer in the world though we’re sure you’ve heard worse on the X Factor. Help him out by joining in with the new Labour Part song Isn’t It Grand Boys To Be Bloody Well Red.  The Lyrics are below the play button.

Look at the Red Flag, bloody moth eaten,   
Isn’t it grand boys to be bloody well red

Let’s not have a sniffle, let’s have a bloody good cry, 
 remember the further you move to the right
the sooner you’ll bloody well die.

Look at the Party, disintegrating,
Isn’t it grand boys to be bloody well red.


 Look at the conference, all lawyers and bankers
Isn’t it grand boys to be bloody well red.

Look at the workers, driving Mercedes  
Isn’t it grand boys to be bloody well red.


 Look at the Tories, they’re bloody laughing
Isn’t it grand boys to be bloody well dead.


Look at our prospects, electoral wipe out
Isn’t it grand boys to be bloody well red.

Song: Trad, additional lyrics by Ian Thorpe. Distribute freely with attribution.

CDlick on link for a version of the original <a href="Isn’t”>’t+It+Grand+Boys”>Isn’t It Grand Boys To Be Bloody Well Dead by The Clancey Bros

Sex and folk music, a dodgy cocktail