The Collapse Of British Culture

It has happened at last. The Daily Mail and Express have been predicting the event for fifty years and now it has slithered up and taken us all unawares. I’m talking about The Collapse Of All That Is Great In Britain of course, the event that lays waste to all we hold dear.

So what’s happened? you ask. I’ll tell you what has happened, be prepared to be shocked.

Last night as I watched the late news on BBC television the main presenter said, “And now for today’s sport starting with cricket.”

Immediately the camera cut away to a good looking woman reporter not reading from a cue card but speaking knowledgeably about cricket (or crikkit if you are from the same area as Geoffery Boycott,)

So what was happening in the crikkit? Honestly I don’t know, being transfixed by the reporter’s big blue eyes , playful smile, perfectly styled hair and the smart but rather severe suit she wore as a contrast to her soft sex appeal.

What have we come too when the BBC will employ not just any woman but a very fanciable woman to deliver the report on the last bastion of British male sexual repression. A million old farts will be in shock today. Poor old Geoffery Boycott will be thinking of killing himself just so he can turn in his grave.

A sexy female reporting on crikkit? The end of the world cannot be far away.

Anyone happen to know the reporter’s name by any chance? A phone number would be good too.

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