Is Spelling Important

I see lots of arguments in threads, particularly on writers’ sites, that say spelling is not important and a lot of people are too fussy. Now though I’m quite good at spellings I do admit to being less than meticulous in proof reading my work for errors.

So is spelling important or something only pedantic people get worked up about. Look at the picture then answer my question below it (apparently it is from a short story posted online) .

Did he fart a lot in bed or were there skidmarks.

A Fairy Tale Of Rekjavik

Civil Rights campaigners in Iceland have joined forces with environmentalists and elf experts in an attempt to force the transport agency to abandon a new road project that they claim will destroy a traditional elf habitat, including an elf church,” Associated Press reports.

Elves in Iceland are as much part of Iceland’s heritage (and tourist industry) as its volcanoes and smelly old geysers, and it is no surprise that the protection of elves has become a matter of Iceland’s Supreme Court.

The route being opposed by Iceland’s powerful public elf lobby concerns a road that would provide a direct route from the Alftanes peninsula, where Iceland’s President Legolas has a home, to the capital Reykjavik.

The road would cross land that Iceland’s elf enthusiasts say is a currently habitat that elves alias huldufólk or “hidden people” have occupied since before humanity arrived, including an area that is especially important because it contains an elf church (and an elf centre?).

the elf centre on Alftanes peninsula
The Elf Centre on Alftanes peninsula

You may laugh but elves are a serious political issue in Iceland, around three percent of Icelanders say that they have had a personal encounter with a pointy eared creature which is about the same in percentage terms as the number of scrumpy cider drinkers who claim they have been abducted by aliens and the number of Californians who claim they have had sex with Nephilim.

Eight percent of Icelanders believe in elves without any doubt, and 54 percent of Icelanders do not deny the existence of elves, according to a 2007 study conducted by the University of Iceland.

“For many Icelanders, elves don’t just live in fairy tales. They dwell in hills and valleys, rocks and flowers, and even houses. Some reside on Álfhólsvegur (Elf Hill Road), a street in the town of Kópavogur. Others live at the Icelandic Elf School, which offers a nonacademic diploma in Elf Studies and leads an elf hunt in the nation’s capital, Reykjavik,” a spokesperson for the Pippi Longstocking Foundation for the Betterment of Elves

Even those sceptical of Iceland’s elves go to great lengths to protect “the hidden people” that might reside in grass patches. According to a Psychology Today report, “to avoid removal of inhabited ‘elf stones,’ the general public can petition to divert roads and halt construction of buildings.”

With more than 65 percent of its population not denying the existence of elves, it is no surprise that Iceland’s Supreme Court does not take the matter of elves delaying a road construction lightly.

On the other hand, anybody familiar with the legends of Birka would not risk messing about with elves either.

More on Icelands Road Blocking Elves

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Did A Fart Change The World

Did a fart shape the development of western culture?

A story on te BBC’s environment science page today suggests that may have been the case.

In The Bible’s Book Of Exodus there is a story everyone knows of how Moses parted the water of the Red Sea so the Israelites could escape from Egypyt and the Pharoah’s army.

Most of us dismiss this as “just a story” by the time we grow up but an new expercise in mathematical modelling says it is feasible that an unusually strong burst of wind caused the waters to part.

Not being convinced I looked up a literal translation of the story from the ancient scriptures according to Mike Harding. It tells of the incident like this:

Moses stood on the beach and said “Thank God for beans, get ready to follow me lads and lasses”

Then he turned his back to the water, hoisted his kaftan, bent low and ripped off a stupendous shirt flapper causing the seas to open up for his people to cross.

You can see a video of how it happened at Wind Makes Red Sea Water Part

Selfish Teetotal Bastards Cost NHS Billions



You know all those dire warnings we get from New Labour Thought Police agents, Doctors and medical experts in the pay of Big Pharma and a whole bevvy of whingeing, hand wringing do gooders about how much harm we do to ourselves and how much money we cost the NHS through our irresponsible drinking habits?

Did you ever suspect there was more to this story than meets they eye?

This is the news we have all beeen waiting for.

According to a report in Time Magazine new study from America, Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research shows that heavy drinkers live longer than those self righteous, self obsessed teetotallers.

While Boggart Blog, being libertarians who fully support peoples’ right to make their own choices, would never suggest teetotallers should be compelled to drink or face penalties for abstaining we urge all non drinkers to think of the burden of expense your selfish and irresponsible behaviour is imposing on the NHS.

In these financially desperate times when budget deficit reduction is so important we urge non drinkers to think twice before ordering fizzy water. All you are doig is asking the taxpayer to pay for your self indulgence.

NHS failing the old

Michael Jackson Death Hoax – Boggart Blog Broke The Story First

As rumours of conclusive evidence existing that Michael Jackson faked his death and is in fact still alive go viral on the web Boggart Blog takes this oportunity to remind you we broke the story here first.
Boggart Blog 27 June 2009 Jacko death faked

Not only were we the first to break the story, while other downmarket news publishers concentrated on the tasteless media circus drummed up by the Jackson clan to commercially exploit the King Of Bubble Gum Music’s death our team of nvestigative reporters dug out the real story behind the story.

Jackson and Obama the same person!

Obama Releases Birth Certificate But It Will Not Save His Presidency