Are People Really That Stupid? It Would Appear So.

Waiting for a bus at Silverstone on Saturday evening when the heavens opened. All day we had enjoyed the beautiful warm sunshine and so were dressed in shorts and tee shirts. The bus arrived through the deluge. Thirty or forty people waiting to get on.

So what do the people at the front of the queue do?

Pile onto the bus and move along to the back or upstairs to let those outside on and out of the rain?


Take up the seats nearest to the entrance, carefully removing their backpacks while blocking the aisle as the waters rose around our ankles as we waited.

Then they started saying there was no room.

My three burly friends and I barged our way on and up the stairs – to a completely empty top deck.

All muttering “FUCKWITS” as we climbed.

On a similar note I was always bemused by the people who thought Rik Mayall’s Kevin Turvey was real.

“He reminds me of Rik Mayall”, one person, obviously lacking a sense of humour, said.

“That’s because it is Rik Mayall”, I explained, but poor old Derek wouldn’t believe me or any of our friends who tried to convince him.

Likewise many people fail to recognize Steve Coogan’s grotesque creation of Alan Partridge as just that.

Which means it should have come as no surprise to learn that the Beeb have received complaints from some viewers regarding Clarkson and Co’s hover-van exploits when they learned that it was staged and the group of people drenched whilst sitting on a pub decking were in fact actors.

In the words of Snoopy,