What Are They On?

It’s not like me to blog about football, my interest in the game these days barely registers on the radar. I do know however that not long ago it was looking like a duel between Manchester City and Chelsea for the Premier League title, with Liverpool the outsiders.

Then along came Sunderland. One of the pre season favourites for relegation, sunderland have been among the strugglers all season. And then in the space of a week they travel to Manchester and hold City to a draw before beating Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Whatever drugs they are certainly doing the job. Can we have the name of their pusher please?

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The Nazi Left Want To Boycott A Facist Football Manager

Todays wailing and gnashing of teeth from our ever full of shit friends on the left is a demand for a boycott of Sunderland Football Club because their newly appointed manager once admitted he was a fascist.

One commentator astutely asked if there would be the same outcry from the closet Nazis of the left if a football club had appointed a Communist. I think we all know the answer to that one.

Sunderland are a football club FFS, they are not involved in politics nor are they a news provider in the print or broadcast media. It does not matter if their manager is a supporter of The Inquisition, a Leveller, one of Guido Fawkes fellow conspirators, a molester of small furry animals or a fan of Charles Manson. His job is to manage a football team.

We should not be worried about Paulo Di Canio’s politics, he has as much right to his opinion as any of us. What we should be concerned about is the number of left wing reporters and political figures joining in calls to boycott the team he manages. These people do like to think they are opinion makers and thought leaders.

And once again they are showing their contempt for democratic principles like free speech and freedom of opinion.

Boycott the left, boycott the political parties who are not speaking out against the left’s authoritarianism. Vote UKIP.