Woman Spontaneously Combusts In Germany

from Yahoo News

A woman is fighting for her life as a result of ‘spontaneous human combustion (SHC)’, it has been reported.

The woman, originally from Mauritius, was sitting on a park bench and engulfed in flames when she was spotted by a passer-by in the north German town of Flensburg.

The passer-by rushed to her aid and attempted to use his coat to beat out the flames, but the woman – believed to be in her 40s – was left with severe burns all over her body, according to the MailOnline.

After being taken to a local hospital she was airlifted to a specialist burns unit in Lubeck where she remains in a critical condition

Prosecutor Ulrike Stahlmann-Liebelt, who is running the investigation, said: ‘The victim has lived in Flensburg for a long time and has family here.’

The prosecutors have not yet ruled out a suicide attempt.

SHC is a much disputed phenomenom and has in the past been used to explain instances of a human burning with no discernible external trigger.

The possible causes of SHC still baffle experts even today but there are studies that suggest alcohol consumption, proximity to potential sources of ignition and other behavioural habits can be a factor.

I think the woman became so depressed because she lived in a Bleak House, her body’s natural temperature regulator just gave up

Ghost at football match>

Spectators watching a soccer game on television noticed a strange figure running through the fans at a crowded stadium recently. The footage was broadcasted by Fox Sports from the Hernando Siles Stadium in Bolivia, the Huffington Post reported today.

The footage was captured last Thursday at the Hernando Siles Stadium during a soccer match between The Strongest and Defensor football clubs. In the video, a shadowy figure can be seen running through one of the seating rows at the crowded stadium. The figure seems to be unnoticed by fans. At one point the figure appears to pass through a barrier.

Most people that watch the video believe that the figure is a ghost that haunts the stadium. Others believe that the figure is some type of a hoax or possibly an optical illusion created by the lens of the camera.
Watch the video and make up your own minds. we thing it was the shade of Tom Finney showing today’s muscle bound carthorses how to ghost their way past defenders.

A Dragon Flies Over Truro

Now I know some among you who have relied on your belief in reason, logic and order to protect yourselves from having to face the fact that we live in a a crazy, insane world in which nothing makes sense will be throwing a hissy fit at the notion that a dragon might have escaped from Arthurian myth to harass the good burghers of Truro, but here’s a video from You Tube that is going viral. And people who post videos on You Tube would not try to deceive us with fakes would they?

On the other hand, as I told those fools from the Merseyside Skepitics Association (who spell sceptic with a k because it look more like magick that way) to be truly a sceptic you have to neither believe nor disbelieve anything but question everything.

But the first thing to do is examine the evidence:


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Hmmm … So let’s question the video. Do dragons exist? My children tell me they have encountered one such creature, it was called Mrs. Bibby and taught seven to eight year olds at St. Annes school. The Dragon once told my daughter that her daddy would burn in hell because he was not a Roman Catholic. Mrs Bibby was a crap dragon, she could not even breathe fire although she found at the next parents evening that I can.

Now back to the Truro dragon which you will immediately notice in the video looks nothing like John Hurt.

I am very suspicious of this dragon because the way it moves its wings is completely unaerodynamic. Even a Ray Harryhausen dragon moves more realistically than that. To me this creature looks like one of the little buggers that was responsible for wannabe skinny dippers on Hampstead Heath having to don budgie smugglers.


North American crayfish: this creature already boosted sales of budgie smuggers in North London, will it now book tourism in King Arthur country?

Anyone who has seen one of these vicious little willie nippers swimming with recognise the action as being identical to that of the alleged Truro dragon in flight.

We therefore pronounce the Truro dragon a hoax, and being in Cornwall probably a scrumpy related stunt. Unless Mrs Bibby moved down to Cornwall after she retired. She would be in her nineties now, but dragons are immortal aren’t they?

Zombies Getting Back Together?

Older punters may remember the Zombies, younger followers of Boggart Blog will perhps have heard their biggest hit “She’s Not There” with singer Colin Blunstone straining his vocal cords to sing way above his natural range and behind him probably the greatest bassline in rock music ever.

Well it seems the Zombies may be getting back together. Old rock stars are coming back from the dead all over the world.

The latest is a man who recently made the news in South Africa by claiming he is the late Zulu traditional music singer Khulekani Khumalo, also known as “Mgqumeni.” The man arrived at the musician’s home last week at Nqutu village in east South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province.

News that the musician had returned spread like wildfire, prompting fans to descend on his home. The putative Khumalo claimed that he had fallen victim to witchcraft but that he was rescued by his ancestors. He did not die, he added, but was kept with zombies in a place he could not recall.

There must be something about death that Boggart Blog should be putting in bottles and selling on line. The Zombie Mgqumeni is considerably younger than the one who died in 2009.

Announcing a comeback tour at a press conference the singer said the line up for his new band will include John Bonham, Jimi Hendrix and John Entwistle.

He was later arrested and is currently in custody pending a criminal investigation. Detectives have been questioning the man this morning and are conducting further investigation, said police spokesman Jay Naicker.

Psychic Power
Angels, Crosses and Footballers
Reincarnation: Is There Scientific Proof We Can Live Again?
Did You See That?

Psychic Power

This is not by best piece ever by a long way but I just had to write that headline.

Lancashire psychic Joe Power (see, I told you I had to write the headline) a wannabe celebrity psychic whose by line is (portentous chords) “He sees dead people didn’t see trouble coming his way from live(ish) people when he fell foul of the Merseyside Skeptics Society who question his claim to have supernatural abilities.

We’d love to be able to tell you Joe’s claim is actually true because he holds down a day job as a morgue attendant but we could get no information to back that up. We do have information on Merseyside Skeptics Society however. They are the arseholes who earlier this year staged a mass overdose protest against homeopathy. As we reported at the time the Merseyside Skeptics Society (calm down, calm down) got very excited about the sale of homeopathic remedies in Boots Chemist. To “prove” homeopathy is a fraud they gathered outside the Liverpool branch of Boots and drank amounts of homeopathic medicine that vastly exceeded the recommended dose. Then they didn’t die and claimed they had proved homeopathic remedies were useless despite the information on the remedies’ packaging clearly stating “There’s one born every minute,” and on the other side “Exceeding the recommended dose will not harm you.”

I would say the sceptics proved at least one claim made by homeopaths is true.

Back to Psychic Power however. He has alleged that Merseyside Skeptics Society have been conducting a campaign of harassment against him. Nonsense a spokesman for the sceptics said: All we have done is say his powers are mythical. Maybe the thkeptic thpokthperthon wath trying to say mystical but had a thpeech impediment. Could a psychics powers be mythical, like King Arthur or Robin Hood or Jason and the Argonauts? Is there anything in classical literature about The Mythical Mystic of Mykonos? No? Oh well, worth a try.

So in the end does Joe Power have the power? We don’t know, nor do we care much in fact we were happy to have never heard of him until the Merseyside Skeptics Society gave the life giving oxygen of free publicity to his career as the man who speaks to the dead.

The Sceptics on the other hand we have to feel sorry for. The irrational faith in reason and logic of people who go to great lengths and waste their hard earned proving something known to be harmless is actually harmless makes them sadder than the people who ask Psychic Power to contact Great Uncle Fred and ask him where he hid the keys to the safe deposit box. On the other hand if the sceptics really want to scupper Psychic Power’s career they could try putting a curse on him.

Zombies Getting Back Together?

Vampire’s Grave Opened In Italy

There are many legends and superstitions concerning vampires. The blood drinking faction of the undead seem to have been busy all around Europe from the medieval era until the 1930s when they all moved to Hollywood or Pinewood. Most of the superstitions centre on how vampires can be deterred, killed and interred. The way the corpses of supernatural manifestations should be disposed of in order to stop them becoming undead again is of utmost importance.

Some examples of vampire lore are just silly. The belief that garlic will repel a vampire for example ignores the fact that garlic will repel anybody if we are less than assiduous about dental hygiene after eating it. The legend that iron will repel vampires fails in the same way as anybody who has been hit in the face with a shovel or old fashioned frying pan will testify. In some parts of Europe vampires were not very bright and it was simply sufficient to steal one of a suspected vampire’s socks in order to ensure the unfortunate ceature spent the rest of eternity looking for the missing item of hosery and never left the grave to trouble local virgins.

In other places putting a coin in the vapire’s mouth is believed to do the trick. The vampire swallows the coin when trying to rise from their coffin and their fellow vampires have not yet learned the Heimlich manouvre.

Legends also show vampires to be very anally retentive. For this reason in Germany poppy seds were put in the coffin of a suspected vampire and on revitalising the monster could not resist the urge to count and grade the seeds which kept them busy for along time.

All these methods are proved because people they are used on never acually return to the realm of the living as vampires. What more proof could anybody want.

In Britain and Ireland the coffin of a suspected vampire would be lifted out of the house through a window which was then bricked up as everyone knows vampires can only re-enter a house the same way as they left. In Shropshire when I was young every child knew (because the rustics delighted in telling us) that some old houses had bricked up windows because a vampire had once lived there. It was nothing to do with the pernicious window tax, levied on the number of windows a house had of course. The tax persisted from the seventeenth to the early nineteenth century. It’s abolition marked the end of The Dark Ages :))

(As an exercise readers can work out which parts of the above paragraph might be true)

One of the most persistent and popular superstitions is that a vampire can only be killed with a steak. This may well be true, but only if the steak is from Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant.

Perhaps the most bizarre of all “stop the vampire” techniques came to light earlier this week. It was reported in the news archaeologists excavating a sixteenth century graveyard in Italy opened one of the graves to find the female skeleton had a brick between its teeth. After consulting folklore experts the archaeological team concluded this proved the woman was suspected of being a vampire.

Apparently it did not occur to them that maybe she just liked chewing bricks.

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Smack in the gob for sceptics ( paranormal )

This is in response to a personal message written in a sneering tone about our recent halloween posts. The writer obviously thought we take ourselves seriously.

Don’t these literally – minded people annoy us fun loving, open minded types who love to have whacky discussions down the pub about weird stuff, ghosts, aliens, the paranormal and cryptozoology. Such discussions are great fun and can go on for weeks so long as no self professed sceptic come along and spouts “course there’ no scientific evidence to support such theories.”

Of course there is no scientific evidence, that’s what makes it fun. Would you believe I had one high – minded half – wit inform me once that “Jenny Greenteeth is not an elemental spirit that dwells in stagnant water at all.”

There’s no helping people like that. But though elementals like Jenny are beyond science and the jury is still out on other cryptozoological specimens such as The Yeti, Bigfoot, Agogwe, The Honey Island Swamp Monter (honest!) and other hairy beasts from around the world, the evidence for lake monsters such as Nesie is pretty overwhelming thanks to one incident. Se a fuller list of Hairy Hominids at American Monsters.

Now when evidence for Lake Monsters is mentioned we are not talking grainy footage taken by tourists who had recently enjoyed an educational tour of the local distilleries near Loch Ness, we are talking actual physical evidence that the sceptics, those who think their interests (i.e. getting nice fat research grants) are served by insisting there is nothing science cannot explain and dissing as fake all the many things science cannot actually explain.

I want you to consider the case of the Stronsay Beast, the skeleton on a marine creature washed up on the Orkney island of Stronsay in 1808. The creature is obviously a Nessie. Not so say the “scientists”, it a basking shark. Jenny Greenteeth who knows a bit about these things says “Shark my slimy arse, if it it looks like a Nessie swims like a Nessie and smells like a Nessie, it probably is a Nessie.” Good advice.

Though the skeleton looks nothing like that of a basking shark, the sceptics still insist that is what it is. Do Guinness Book Of Records have a category for “World’s most stupid” I wonder? I mean, anyone who thinks the Stronsay Beast is a Basking Shark is off the scale stupid. Witness reports are notoriously unreliable but a skeleton is – well not flesh and blood, but pretty near.

You don’t have to accept Jenny’s word our mine, for once the Wkipedia entry is quite reliable, citing eye witness reports collaborated by contemporary newspaper and magazine articles. American Monsters website also has extensive information together with a truckload of Lake Monster stories from around the world. Surprisingly, or perhaps not to those of us who believe and disbelieve nothing, many of these stories, told by people who have never heard of Loch Ness, Scotland or Prof. Richard Dawkins, describe montrous creatures similar in appearance to Nessie and the Stronsay Beast

So much for the sceptics, Boggart Blog will continue to bring you stories on monsters, aliens, ghosts and anything we fancy. We will not tell you to believe or disbelieve of course, we will just hope you are entertained.

King Tut
King TutVampires grave discovered in Italy

Halloween Poems

Its scarey night.

Though pagan I don not really do Halloween being far more attuned to the solar than the agricultural calendar ( the pagans had two New Years. You have to hand it to them, they knew how to throw a party.)

I am hover a huge fan of Gothic Horror and its been my habit to post a spooky poem themed on the supernatural Authorsden for the past few years.

This yeards is Sceadugengan, based on the Anglo Saxon myth of the shadow walker and the very modern menace of stalking.

You might also enjoy Beloved Succubus, a mini verse drama for two voices, the story of a lover haunted by guilt.

The Headless Horseman is another audio presentation. This ballad written in the style of William McGonagall and read in the style of Private Frazer from Dad’s Army is just plain daft.

Days Upon The Year is a warning to the south of Watford brigade of what they might encounter should they stray north at this time of year. The ghost of a wronged woman takes revenge on any passing traveller.

Irish influence is prominent in The Hounds Of The Morrigan, a story of the goddess of retribution.

Strictly for fun but a bit creepy too.

The Number of the Beast

Number of the Beast

Returning from a visit to my mother yesterday I had just left the motorway and joined the A666 towards Clitheroe. Glancing at my instrument panel my eye was drawn to the trip meter just as it turned to 666. I do not use the trip meter and normally am unaware of its presence so what mysterious force drew my gaze to it? Was someone or something trying to get a message to me? A coincidence the cynical might say, but how often do we encounter two instances of The Number Of The Beast in our daily lives. I am normally a level headed sort myself, always ready to scoff at those American fundamentalists who see the hand of the Devil in everything. But sometimes you just get a feeling deep in your guts…..

With my attention back on the road as I headed eastward I noticed an unusually dense black cloud on the horizon, not a raincloud but something more sinister. As I watched I saw that it was an enormous flock of Ravens; moving as one creature the constantly swirled and turned choreographed by that mystical force morphic resonance until when they filled my entire field of vision, at which point they formed into a monstrous shape, the head of a primeval horned God.

Wanting only to get home as quickly as I could I pressed on, disregarding the shadowy figure of a black cowled monk floating on the periphery of my vision. Once safely inside the house I described on the floor a pentacle of salt and putting up some garlic sandwiches and a bottle of water from a sacred spring took refuge in my home made sanctuary where I spent a long night fingering a silver ankh until the bright dawn drove away the negative energies.

I feel rather weak and exhausted today but will be back online as soon as the large black dog that took up residence on the lawn just after I arrived home has departed.

BUT REALLY I knackerd something deep in my very fragile hip while trying to negotiate the lunar landscape in front of my mother’s flat in Morecambe, and had to rest for a couple of days. The A666 is true though, it’s a road the bikers just love. The trip meter bit is also true and that would be enough to give some people the squits.

Back to proper blogging tomorrow I hope.