US firm makes millions selling dead body parts donated to science – report

Baron Frankenstein’s creation (Image source: www.johhnytruelove

An investigation by Reuters news agency has uncovered the shocking news than an American company has made huge profits from selling human organs and other body parts donated to science, for surgical transplant purposes, often without the knowledge of relatives. Under US law it is legal though many people question the ethics involved. It would not be the first time doctors’ enthusiasm for turning us into Frankenstein monsters has run into ethical problems. A few years ago a plan in the UK to replace failing human organs with healthy ones from pigs ended in disaster.

This latest scheme, launched in 2008 by Arizona based Science Care Inc. had the goal of to maximizing profits from the sale of human bodies donated to science. The company’s model for ensuring quality was based on the McDonald’s Corp business plan.

The company promised to provide customers, i.e. the transplan surgery teams of hospital groups linked to the USA’s private healthcare system, with the same cuts from cadavers no matter which Science Care branch handled the order. Company boss James Rogers cited production methods perfected by Ray Kroc, the visionary who turned a hamburger stand into a fast-food empire, according to a Science Care executive turned whistleblower.

“He used the McDonald’s analogy that no matter where you go, you get the same exact thing,” the executive, former quality assurance director John Cover, said in a sworn statement.

“It was all about quality,” Cover said when interviewed for the Reuters investigation. “When you get a Big Mac, it’s going to taste like a Big Mac, whether you’re in Louisiana or San Francisco.”

Instead of selling hamburgers and nuggets however, Science Care has made millions from human body parts according to Reuters report of its investigation, titled The Body Trade.

According to its own website Science Care, along with its subsidiaries, serves as “a link between individual donors and medical researchers and educators”. It also promises cremation at no cost to the donors or their families.

Body donation differs from organ donation which is closely linked to lifesaving procedures such as when a patient receives a heart or a kidney from the recently deceased. Organ donation is strictly controlled in the US, and selling organs and other body parts for transplant is against the law. Body donation provides material for medical research and training mainly in universities.

Science Care doesn’t break the law, as US regulations don’t prohibit doing whatever you want with corpses donated to science. Science Care is free to sell or lease the bodies and their parts, torsos, heads or limbs. Families of people whose bodies are donated will, however, be shocked to learn their loved ones bodies are not being used for valuable research, but “harvested” like a wrecked car for useful parts that will be sold for profit.

Science Care obtains many of its bodies from hospices caring for the poor and from needy families who cannot afford funerals. Body donation commonly saves families lots of money. A funeral including the cost of a coffin, the memorial service, and burial, may cost a family $7,000, while the price for a simple cremation, which is getting increasingly popular, comes in at $1,000.


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Best Headline Of The Day Is From The Daily Mail

OK, those of you who feel you must throw a hissy fit at any mention of The Daily Mail can fuck the fucking fuck off, now. This story amused me.

Russian Nikolaev Bolloxov recovering in hospital after his ordeal

Married TV actor wakes up to find his testicles have been STOLEN after he is drugged in Russian bar by attractive blonde working for organ traffickers

Actor Dmitry Nikolaev, 30, was chatted up in a bar by a blonde who approached him after a performance and asked if she could buy him a drink .

He said she flirting with him then invited him to a sauna, and though he was married, he agreed to go with her.

They kissed and had some more beer and after that the actor remembers nothing,’ Moscow police said.

He woke up next day at a bus stop, feeling acute pain, and with blood on his trousers. Later in hospital, he was told that his testicles had been removed and that ‘it was done like proper surgery by someone with a medical education’. The operation was conducted in a ‘skillful way’, said police, who believe his beer was spiked by an unknown drug.

Now I have in my time explained away love bites and scratches on my back to Mrs. T, but I think even the most experienced philanderer would have trouble persuading his wife the absence of bollocks was due to a bizarre gardening accident

And my other question is who the fuck would buy a pair of second hand bollocks?
Read more at The Daily Mail:

Still on the subject of Ukraine – meet Barbieboushka

Ukranian model Valeria Lukyanova is a real person. you may find this hard to believe when you see the picture below, but honestly she is.

My wife is a big fan of a late night TV show called bodyshocks, in which ex model Katie Piper who was the target of an acid attack and has had to undergo many operations to rebuild her face, talks to people about cosmetic surgery disasters, faces and other body bits ruined not by violence but by that futile quest for physical perfection that obsesses so many young people these days.

Katie deals very sympathetically with cases where cosmetic surgery has gone wrong or highly visible but highly misguided tattoos. But the results of cosmetic surgery that has gone right can be just as insane.

Valeria Lukyanova - barbiesboushka?
Picture: Valeria Lukyanova. Source

Just one question. WTF was she thinking?
The same thing perhaps as the deluded revolutionaries in Ukraine, Egypt, Yemem and Syria who believed Obama would actually help them in more substantial ways than by making a speech.

In fact Valeria believes she is an alien and can live on light and air. Which explains a lot and answers for us a question relating to the insanity of the new rulers of western Ukraine who believe they can win a fight with Russia.

The entire country is insane.

Adipose Offsetting

Well, not only do we have several Olympic gold medalists, hold The Ashes and boast the current and elect Formula World Champions but also, according to The Sun, Britain is home to the world’s fattest man!
Weighing in at 70stone he maintains his…er… fighting weight by consuming 20,000 calories a day and remaining in bed, mainly because he is too ‘ill’ to get out of it.
A NHS spokesperson explained that if he doesn’t receive drastic stomach surgery he could be dead in ten years.
Arrangements are being made to transport him to a specialist hospital where gastric by-pass surgery is the most likely option.
At the same time surgeons will perform liposuction so that the cost of the treatment can be offset by selling the fat to an oil burning power station where it is estimated it will fuel the burners for at least three months.

Olympic Legacy

Muslim Dentist Omar Butt Makes An Arse Of Himself

Omar Butt, a Muslim dentist who worked at the Unsworth smile clinic like Muslim women to be “modestly dressed” when they turned up to have their teeth done. We don’t know if Omar was ever a member of the boy scouts but he was certainly prepared for secular Muslim women who turned up niquabless and said, “Ayup, I fergot me effin’ veil, ferget me ‘ead if it weren’t screwed on, me. (That’s how Muslim women in Bury talk.) Omar you see kept a box of spare veils in his surgery and would ask unveiled Muslim women to one on.”

Mr Butt has also been accused of asking patients if they prayed three times a day and performed their ritual ablutions diligently before deciding what treatment he would ofer people. We have not heard of any instances where he has pulled out all somebody’s teeth because they fell short on their religious obligations. Nor has there been any suggestion that he removed the teeth of infidels with rusty pliers.
Omar also had signs in his surgery reminding Muslims that sharia law still applies even when they are having teeth pulled. He says he is not an extremist but wanted people to know he is a Muslim. Well that’s very nice but what about women patients who didn’t want people to know they are Muslims.

As a result of his bizarre behaviour Omar, having already served one suspension after being found guilty of serious professional misconduct in 2007 is facing another disciplinary hearing. If he is judged guilty on the current charges he will lose his job.

We would like to know how can you work on somebody’s teeth when they are wearing a veil? Would a surgeon try to do a hear transplant without taking the patient’s shirt off?

Muslim dentist found guilty of discrimination

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Mentalist Of The Week.

There was a guy on breakfast television yesterday who has had his whole body tattooed with Tiger markings. Tattooed, you understand, no wussy face paint job for him, nothing that would wash off or even fade with time. Face and body tiger-striped all over. What is more he’s had cosmetic surgery to mouth and nose to give his face a more tigerlike aspect.

The man, let’s call him Tiger Man is an American and is in Britain on a promotional tour. Promoting what? you might well ask. Insanity is a strong possibility. He complained to Phillip Schofield, not perhaps the best choice of interviewer as he had trouble keeping his face straight when dealing with oddballs, that on arriving at Heathrow he had been detained by security for four hours although he had no criminal convictions and no terrorist connections. We think it was simply to give the boys on afternoon shift a chance to get a look. You can imagine the texts going out, “gt in a bit rly n brng mobile or cmcrdr, got a rite nutter here. Boyz down the pub wll never believe this.”

Tiger man’s best mate, who was with him, had had his face and body tattooed all over with yellow and green lizard scales. He had also had his toungue divided and insisted on demontrating lizard like tongue gymnastics to camera. Put me right off my Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes it did.
These people claim they are simply expressing their right to free expression. I say, and I know I’ve said it before, I’ll expect tp say it again too; When they closed down the mental hospitals and decided to let people like this loose, they had not really thought things through.

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Obama Served With Elegibility Action Rumours about barak Obama not being a natural born Amertican and thus not elegibie to run for President have been around for some time. But now lawyer and foirmer State of Virginia District Attorney Phillip Berg has filed a suit calling for Obama to prove his elegibility. Interesting.

Convention of the living dead Journalists and bloggers who have drunk the Obama Kool Aid or been sucked into the maelstrom of hysteria are writing as if the election is over. It would be if the Democrats had a half competent candidate.

John McCain Look behind You Who is that looming threateningly over Johnny Mac like nemesis. No its not Barak Obama, its George W Bush

Britain’s Biggest Gobshite

WARNING – Extermely strong language.

Its always easy to tell when summer has truly arrived, the peak time TV scedules suiddenly get filled with the kind of dross that would not normally make it into 3 a.m. slot on Bravo.
Last night then must have heralded the official start of summer. The ninety minutes from 9 until 10:30pm were devoted to an egomassageumentary about people who spend a lot of money.

Biggest Spenders the program was called but these were not really the biggest spenders but the biggest gobshites (except for a Lady named Lisa who has made a fortune through being good in her chosen field and is simply enjoying the rewards.) Put them together and they were not in the same league as Elton John, several big racehorse owners or any number of discreet Shieks.

There was Ami the pole dancer who has not quite worked out that it’s a really smart idea to earn it before you spend it. Ami was a nice girl who had simply made the mistake of having brain tissue removed and injected into her tits. Ergo she had massive tits and no sense. And a massive credit card debt.

Then there was Denize (not a spelling wizzard), a pikey who marred a rich (and very possibly blind) guy and screwed a massive divorce settlement out of him. Denize talked big money but actually spent little.

And then there was Scott, the total and absolute king of chavs. With his expensive jewellery that looks like bling, his expensive suits that look like mail order catalogue gear and thanks to hormone injections and cosmetic surgery Scott, 31, thinks he’s the dogs bollocks. Unfortunately his face, which may well have come from the David Gest academy of cosmetic surgeryb, looks like a dog’s breakfast. 31 my arse.

There was something about Scott that put me in mind of Peter Cook and Dudley Mooore’s Derek and Clive characters. Perhaps it was the way I involuntarily muttered “cunt” in response to each of his statements about how much he had spent on this, that and the other and how great he was. This man demonstrated why positive thinking should be declared a crime againt humanity. Remove the word “I” from his vocabulary and he would be dumb.

Scott showed us round his penthouse, telling us it was the biggest and most expensive in an exclusive development, (“cunt”) then he let us into the secret of his fridge. Normal guys’ fridges contain half a pizza with extra green mould topping, a few beers and a bottle of curdled milk. Scott’s is full of growth hormone serum which at £1000 a shot “keeps me looking young and great” (“cunt”) Someone should tell him it is not working, I’m 57 and he looks ten years older than me.

When Scott closed the fridge door we saw he has emblazoned on it No. 1. (“cunt”) Now why does he have to keep reminding himself?

Next we went abroad with Scott, he is buying a town in Bulgaria for £3million. Nobody seems to have investigated the possible pitfalls of Bulgarian property law. I know nothing about Bulgaria but I do know in many former communist countries people have fallen into the trap of buying land from people who don’t actually have the authority to sell it. No worries there for Scott. All he is thinking about is that once he owns the land he can rename the little town after himself (“cunt.”)

While in Bulgaria Scott lets us in on the secret of his success with women. Once we start spending all these gorgeous girls will be flocking round us (“cunt”) he tells the camera as he and sidekick trawl a nightclub. Poor Scott is not very worldly when it comes to women then, wherever I have been in the world there are always girls who will flock round a big spender. Every language has its own word for them.

Next we see Scott in Marbella where we discover he has a big tattoo on his back. Did it spell out WINNER? (“cunt,”) something like that. Oh well, if you want to honour a dodgy British film director, why not? Scott is on the pull again, boasting about his physique which is actually very good (he’s a former fitness instructor.) “This beach is only for the super rich, but they are mostly old guys, with our looks and our money we’re going to be fighting them off,” he says, (“cunt.”) Even the sidekick looks embarrassed as girl after wealthy lookinh girl ignores our Lothario.

But Scott is not finished with us yet, oh no, he wants to show us he is a player too. Off to the casino then. There are nights I’m on a roll, I can clean up quarter of a million he says, other nights I drop quarter of a million, but its not lost, it will come back, I’m a winner. Scott’s betting strategy on the roulette wheel is that of a complete novice and he quits, obviously feeling the pain, after dropping fifteen grand very quickly.

In closing Scott tells us he feels invincible, the growth hormones, which apparently everyone in L.A. is using (cunts) will keep him alive and youthful until he is about a hundred and forty. He actually looks a hundred and forty now. But Scott will always be a winner because he totally believes in himself.
Oh, by the way, his hair is dyed too.