Potty Training forSwansea University students

We knew the dumbing down policy of the past twenty five years had succeeded in dumbing down pupils in the educations system a very long way but this story suggests things have gone a tad too far.

We learned today that potty training is having to be provided for students at Swansea University. Not, thankfully, as a degree course butfor reasons of basic hygiene.

You think I jest? Cop a look at this latest visual aid for use of dyslexic students who are taken short.


Now those irate public service union members who viciously attaked Boggart Blog when we suggested something similar was needed on the backs of toilet doors in government and local council office can eat their words (along with anything they might have left on the toilet seat. The public sector is second only to MacDonalds in recruiting new graduates.

This post is dedicated to my Uncle Bob who in WW2 was a bomb aimer on Lancaster Bombers.

Tweeters all of a twitter about Hitler House

I’ll do almost anything to drive traffic to my blogs but one thing I’ve resisted is Twitter. For one thing anyone who thinks a post of 140 characters is serious reading will not going to be comfortable with Biggart Blog’s verbosity. Buggeration, some of our posts are up to 250 words long.

The main reason however is I’d die of embarrassment if anyone identified me as a twitterer.

Yesterday gave a perfect example of why.

Headlines in today’s press reported there had been a flutter of excitement among the twitter community about a house that looks like Hitler.

Now we have reported stories of various celebrity apparitions, Elvis in a slice of toast, Jesus in a pancacke, a door at Ikea and a loaf of bread at the co – op Tommy Cooper in a pie and many more.

But in this case the house looks nothing like Hitler. It bears more of a resemblence to Michael Aspel see for yourselves:

Is This House A Hitler Lookalike

This story teaches us nothing about Hitler or Swansea. But it tells us everything we need to know about Twitter.