This Is What A Hypocrite Looks Like

The “This is what a feminist looks like” t-shirt proudly worn by Harriet Harman during Prime Ministers Questions last Wednesday was made by factory girls in the Mauritius who earn just 62p an hour and sleep 16 to a room. The shirts are currently being sold at Whistles for £45 each, with all profits donated to the Fawcett Society, a campaigning group for women’s rights.

The t-shirts are being promoted by women’s magazine Elle in their forthcoming edition, which features a number of men including Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Labour Leader Ed Miliband, and the actors Benedict Cumberbatch, Richard E Grant and Simon Pegg all sporting the shirt.

Prime Minister David Cameron landed himself in hot water by repeatedly refusing to take part in the feature by wearing one of the shirts, but it appears that he may have the last laugh as an investigation by the Mail on Sunday has revealed that the girls making the shirts are committed to 45 hour weeks for which they are paid just 6000 rupees – about £120 – a month, meaning that it would take them a week and a half to earn the money required to buy one of the shirts.

Francois Woo, managing director of CMT’s factory in La Tour Koenig, north Mauritius told the Mail: “The Mauritian government has set out a minimum wage that we must pay and we abide by their rules. “I am like a parent to the workers. They are free to come and go as they please but if they go out on a weeknight I will not be happy because then they will turn up for work the next day hung-over.

If people didn’t want to work for us then they don’t have to, nobody is forcing them. If they have the chance to earn more somewhere else then they should go elsewhere. If they didn’t like it, then we would not have existed as a company for 28 years.”

But the workers disagreed. One 30 year old migrant worker told a Mail On Sunday investigative reporter: “I have worked here for four years and I have not been able to see my son or husband in Bangladesh during all that time. We work very hard, sometimes 12 hour days, for not much money. I send all my money home and could not afford to fly back and see my family.”

Another said, “It is awful but we have no choice. In my country, the rupees I earn here are worth three times as much as they are in Mauritius. “How can this T-shirt be a symbol of feminism?”

And that £45 price tag? I phoned my bother who has a clothing business, he reckons he could buy that quality T shirt with a better slogan for £5 and retail at £10. So we must wonder how much of the £35 ectra profit is going to charity and how much is landing in the pockets of hypocrites promoting this ‘feminist’ ( for which read Marxist) shite?

Boggart Blog Says ‘Become A Feminist and Support Slavery

The Left Really Have Lost It.

I read on Longrider, that the blog of a leftie blogging outfit called Outside Left has been caling for a boycott of a retailer for selling “sexist” T Shirts bearing the slogan ” “I’m too pretty for homework so my brother has to do it for me.” to irresponsible (and by assoiuation, obviously right wing) parents. These pompous pratts demanded that the T-Shirt be removed from sale or they would tell readers not to shop at that retail chain.

Now the prospect of losing the custom of Left Outsides’ few hundred sandal wearing Oxfam shop clothed readers probably had the company shitting themselves.

But there’s another pointer to leftie stupidity here. Do they really, really think the parents of girls old enough to understand thast slogan have any say in what their daughters wear? Really?

Creepy and Evil Christmas Pressies

Jenny Greenteeth spent most of yesterday organising the Boggart Blog Editorial Team secret Santa thinly which got the rest of us so excited we spent most of the afternoon ignoring the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, The Afghan War and Chancellor darling’s Pre Budget Report or while we looked for silly and quirky pressies we could get each other.

Top of the list for sheer questionable taste was The Michael Quackson rubber duck (£6.99 from a Whacko Jacko toy you put in the bath with very young, naked children. Don’t wrinkle your nose at the tackiness and exploitativeness of the idea, it is what Michael would have wanted after all.

Craziest and possibly the most frightening present on offer is a life size cardboard cut-out of Top Gear hero The Stig from Imagine waking up at three a.m. and in the half light seeing one of those standing over you as you lie in bed. You would never make it to the toilet.

Without a doubt the most evil gift available this Christmas though, a gift so evil Baldrick, it could only have been devised by Dr. Evil’s even more evil twin Dr. Even-more-evil-than-Dr-Evil Evil the chief professor of evil at the Academy of All Evil Things in Evilville, a gift so evil it is probably the most evil thing ever devised by the human mind, an ideal gift for the person you hate most in the world so we are all going to chip in and send a dozen to Tony Blair, is a Jedward T Shirt, £6 from

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