UK Asylum Seekers DEMAND ‘VIP’ Treatment

Arguments will rage for some time over how Britain should respond to the immigrant crisis. The left insist we should allow in anyone who arrives at our borders without travel documents or even a national ID card to prove they are who they say they are (including the one wearing suicide vest and carrying AK 47s), more level headed opinions is saying, “OK, genuine refugees and children maybe, but illiterate men of working age, maybe we should question them and send back those whose only skills are begging or making IEDs.

Without getting involved in that issue right now, I do get the impression that many of the ‘refugees’ are labouring under the misapprehension that they are somehow doing Britain a favour by coming here to live well at the taxpayers expense. Take the example below:

Taxpayer-funded three-star hotel accommodation provided for asylum seekers has been labelled discriminatory because paying guests receive better food than migrants who demand their “VIP status” be recognised.

Private contractor Clearsprings is housing 129 refugees at the Mediterranean-themed Europa Gatwick Hotel where migrants have their own rooms, with en-suite bathrooms, plus a television and tea and coffee-making facilities.

Yet, according to the Mail on Sunday, one of them was indignant about the conditions and demanded that they should be treated like VIPs.

The man, who has previously worked at hotels in Dubai, said: “We should be considered VIPs because we are long-staying guests. We are making money for this hotel.”

Who the fuck do these gimmegrants think they are? Many British people who have JOBS and pay taxes to the British government could not afford that standard of accommodation if they went to London.

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A Cheetah Won’t Change His Spots

A couple of weeks ago the nation, well the media, were outraged by the size of Sir Fred Goodwin’s pension, negotiated under the very noses of Cabimet Ministers. Harriet Harman announced that the government would claw some of the money back, but alas this was not possible. One correspondent to The Times suggested that perhaps Fred’s pension could be made up of Toxic Assets that his bank took on under his guidance, nice idea but you know it’s not going to work.

An altogether more trusting and understanding chap suggested that Sir Fred might possibly wish to renounce some of his vast rewards for bringing a respected institution to its knees.

A fine example of Hope over Experience there, Sir Fred is a money grabbing, blood sucking leech who cares not one fig for anyone else so long as he’s alright Jack. Well you knew that anyway, he’s a banker.
And there’s the rub,because it is still bankers and city slickers who are in charge. At yesterday’s Treasury Select Committee’s inquiry into the RBS bailout and Sir Fred’s pension, Lord Myners uttered these words which should strike fear into every investor and taxpayers heart.

“One has to admire, in a non-approving sense, the dexterity of Sir Fred Goodwin in respect of his own contract.”
And obviously not spoken out loud, but thought all the same, ” I just hope I can do as well when it is my turn.”

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