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The peasants are revolting (source)

Breitbart London carried this story today:

Students Publicly Humiliated by School Because Parents Refused Permission for Mosque Visit

Ten young children who were pulled out of a school trip to a mosque by their parents have been publicly humiliated by their school in Cornwall. The children, aged between eight and 11, were singled out in assembly and made to answer questions about their planned non-attendance.

Junior school children from Lostwithiel School in Cornwall are due to visit Exeter mosque, Devon in May as part of their Religious Studies lessons. The rural school has just 156 pupils on its books, nearly 100 of whom, aged between eight and 11, are expected to be taking part. The school says the aim of the outing is to teach children that jihadist groups such as ISIS are not a true reflection of Islam.

But the parents of 10 children refused permission for their youngsters to take part in the trip due to safety concerns, citing fears over Islamic terrorism. They reacted furiously to the news that their children had been made to publicly answer questions about their non-attendance, pointing out that it was not the decision of the children involved. READ MORE

WatTylersGhost commented:

“My daughter was due to go on a school trip to a mosque a couple of years ago. I asked the head teacher if the mosque conformed to the school’s policy on homophobic bullying. All hell broke lose, they were like chickens without heads. In the end the whole trip was cancelled. I cherished a rare victory for the proud Islamophobe!”

Good old Wat. We’ll let you know when the pitchforks and cudgels are being handed out, and when you hear the cry “The peasants are revolting,” stick ’em with your fork, clout ’em with your club and reply, “Maybe, but not as bloody revolting as the fascists who pose as schoolteachers to indoctrinate our children.


Lutfer Rahman, Eletoral Fradudster – Labout Can’t Live With Him But They Can’t Live Without Him

Honorouable and decent members (ahem!) of the Labour National Executive Committee leaped to the defence of Lutfer Rahman, elected mayor of Tower Hamlets who was recently convicted of electoral fraud and a host of other crimes related to electoral fraud. Their evidence of his innocence, “he’s a muSlim”, he has dark skin”, “people who oppose him are racists”…

Primary School Teacher Forced Out For Teaching It’s OK To Be Gay

from The Daily Telegraph

A gay assistant head teacher who wrote books challenging homophobia for primary school pupils has resigned after parents complained that they did not want their children “learning that it’s OK to be gay”.

Andrew Moffat was a target for protests at Chilwell Croft Academy in Birmingham from mainly Muslim parents. It is the latest in a series of controversies at secular schools in the city.

A dozen schools in Birmingham are currently under investigation by the Department for Education over allegations of financial mismanagement and Islamic extremism.

Mr Moffat resigned from Chilwell Croft Academy’s primary school in December and will leave his post later this month. He said some Christian parents had also complained.

His books, entitled Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools, have been used in literacy lessons for 10- and 11-year-olds, including some of the 363 pupils at Chilwell Croft.

Continue reading:

I love it when multiculturalism bites these politically correct fools on the backside. Too many unrepresentative minorities that seem to have the ear of politicians in the main parties are guilty of demanding for only their opinions, and these are nothing more than opinions, to be taught to children.

When the politically correct ethos of the public services yields to such pressure it creates a dangerous precedent for other children to be taught only the opinions of their parents (i.e. that homosexuality is an abomination, that women “taken in adultery” should be stoned or beheaded and that women who go out in public without a male companion or with their hair uncovered must be flogged. To quote Lou Reed “You’re going to reap just what you sow,” and having spent years appeasing Muslim fundamentalists in the name of multiculturalism, the cohorts of political correctness are reaping.

Many parents have felt that Islam is a corrosive, backward, intolerant and violent set of beliefs, which has held back the development of Islamic countries and societies and that decisions such as the one taken by the London Borough of Harrow to serve only halal meat at school dinners (Halal in Harrow) are offensive, sanction cruel and inhumane methods of slaughter and are not compatible with British values .
On matters of opinion, an acknowledgement of different points of view should be made, on matters of fact…only the factual should be taught.

What we see here is an illustration that a hierarchy of victimhood exists in the bizarre world of left wing hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance. but we are beginners in Britain (and fortunately it is not too late for us to pull back from the edge of the abyss – vote UKIP). Take a look at the proceedings of the 15th annual national White Privilege Conference held last week at the in Madison Wisconsin to see how much more fucked society is in the USA. It appears that the self righteous wankers who pose as teachers and education managers over the pond think children spend 13 years going through school simply to be indoctrinated with politically correct, ideological shite about racism, homophobia, sexist, and equal rights.

teaching the sheeple
School for sheeple (source)

In a session titled “Stories from the front lines of education: Confessions of a white, high school English teacher” facilitated by Kim Radersma, a former high school English teacher in California and Colorado. Radersma who is currently working toward her Ph. D. in critical whiteness (WTF?) studies at Brock University in Ontario, Canada, argued that teachers must fight against the oppressive structure in education and society. She said anyone who is going into teaching and education must be a political figure.

“Teaching is a political act, and you can’t choose to be neutral. You are either a pawn used to perpetuate a system of oppression or you are fighting against it,” Radersma said during the session. “And if you think you are neutral, you are a pawn.”

She said educators need to challenge the system, otherwise they are giving in to white supremacy. Radersma also argued the first step is realizing that all white people are carrying the signs of oppression.

“Being a white person who does anti-racist work is like being an alcoholic. I will never be recovered by my alcoholism, to use the metaphor,” Radersma said. “I have to everyday wake up and acknowledge that I am so deeply imbedded with racist thoughts and notions and actions in my body that I have to choose everyday to do anti-racist work and think in an anti-racist way.”

For fuck’s sake, even Hitler’s Third Reich and Stalin’s Soviet Union weren’t that insane.

An Elitist Shadow Government Running America

Every now and then we bloggers who take a sceptical line (and I mean true scepticism, i.e. questioning everything, taking as little as possible on trust) will come across a genuine, 24 carat, card carrying barm pot (probably a university lecturer, ‘scientist’ or senior school teacher who thinks he/she though usually he, is being incredibly clever by asking the most naive, stupid arsed questions imaginable of anybody who dares to question of challenge the “gospel truth” of official propaganda.

Yes I am talking about the kind of cupid stunt who still believes carbon dioxide emitted by human activity is causing catastrophic climate change havind read, he claim, a Boggart Blog post that includes a link to a new study which confirmed the finding of a 1951 research project that shows carbon dioxide is not a significant greenhouse gas.

Here’s the Boggart Blog post and Here’s the peer reviewed study it refers to:

‘Determining the Total Emissivity of a Mixture of Gases Containing Overlapping Absorption Bands,’

Right, so my source is rock solid and my somewhat hyperbolic presentation is eff all to do with anybody else, particularly the kind of bell – end who thinks it’s really smart to ask “who exactly are the establishment,” by which question the visitor shows he has no idea how the ordinary punters who read my blogs talk to each other.

I wonder then what this person would make of The Shadow Government, which I am blogging about today:

America Being Run By Unelected Elite

from Dave Stockman’s Contra Corner

America is being run by an unelected gang of essentially self-perpetuating PhDs.

The notion of an economics coup d’ etat is not so far-fetched. After all, the Eccles Building controls the levers of the nation’s fiscal policy; is the pied piper of the entire financial system; intentionally inflates financial bubbles which powerfully impact the distribution of wealth and income; and is the master builder of the nation’s towering edifice of $59 trillion in credit market debt that flattens growth, jobs and incomes on Main Street.”

“To take one case in point, consider further the matter of fiscal policy and the Washington machinery by which $4 trillion of economic resources are allocated directly, and countless trillions more indirectly owing to tax policy and Federal matching grants. This entire apparatus is now frozen in place because the Fed’s QE policy amounts to a giant fiscal fraud. Even if it sticks to the taper, the Fed’s balance sheet will have expanded by 5X—from $900 billion to $4.5 trillion—in 70 months.”

“Yet it has no intention whatsoever of unwinding this stupendous emission of fiat credit. Indeed, selling-down its massive piles of treasuries and MBS would ignite the mother of all melt-downs in the fixed income markets, which have gorged on over-valued paper that was priced by the Fed’s huge, artificial bid in the debt markets.”

“So if this $4.5 trillion balance sheet is permanent, then the Fed’s post-crisis money printing spree amounts to a massive monetization of the public debt. Too be sure, all of this was done in the name of rubbery abstractions like “accommodating” recovery, supporting the “labor market” and “stimulating” consumption and investment spending, but the real world effect was quite different and far more tangible: It allowed Washington to treat the financing cost of our $17.5 trillion national debt as a free good.”

Read more: America being Run by An Unelected Elite

The idea of nations being run in reality not by elected governments but by a cabal of corporate leaders, bankers and for want of a better term, “old money” is hardly novel. For years those naive fools who delude themselves they are intellectuals denied the existence of The Bilderberg Group, now thanks to incessant pressure of “nut jobs and conspiracy theorists” we know it does although they still do not offer press releases, minutes of their meetings or an official annual report. Which gives the real conspiracy theorists, the thickos who support officialdom and worship power and authority trying to sell the line “Ah but you can’t PROVE they are not just a bunch of rich people getting together for a jolly old chinwag over coffee and cake can you?”

Well no, we can’t, and we can’t prove that these wannabe elitists really despise the masses they pretend to care about. But while the science heads and academics ask us to accept their word backed up by the flimsiest of evidence, I go for the legal term “beyond reasonable doubt.” And I can say, on the balance of evidence it is beyond reasonable doubt that whatever the elite (The Establishment) get up to in secret is not in the best interests of we the punters.

So Boggart Blog will keep questioning. Join us.

Ve Haff Vays Of Making You Eat Cous Cous

They’ve banned booze and ciggies, they’ve banned salt, sugar, sex (unless it’s with someone of the same gender) and not the politically correct lefties who yearn for the day when Gauleiter Bollocks is running the country are banning snacks. Cheesy snacks, mini cheddars to be precise.

Drunk with power the lefties and bansturbators are trampling our freedom to eat tasty shite. In their Utopian vision we are only being right on if we eat bland, boring food, cous cous, lentils and quorn for example.

Why else would they have done this.

“A six-year-old boy suspended for having a packet of Mini Cheddars in his lunchbox has now been expelled from school.

Das Is Verboten. Source:

Riley Pearson was suspended for four days last Wednesday from Colnbrook CofE Primary School in Berkshire, after teachers found the packet of snacks in his lunchbox.

He had been due to return to school on Tuesday, but his parents say that both Riley and his four-year-old brother have now been permanently excluded because of the row over what he eats for lunch.”

Now you might think you would rather eat surstromming from a shit shovellers salopette than mini cheddars and I might agree with you but for those who can’t afford caviar on matzos for their snacks what’s wronmg with Cheddars.

Apart maybe from the fact that Labour activist headmistress Miss Lesby does not approve of little boys eating stuff they like. There are many foods more damaging to children’s health than mini cheddars. And most of them are included in that Mockney twat Jamie Oliver’s healthy school dinners.l

Read more on this story from The Independent

Its Nineteen Eighty Effing Four In The Education System

Over in the USA or The Peoples Republic Of Obamaland to give it the new official title the government is trying to implement a new education system named Common Core that guarantees to strip children of their individual personalities and turn out identical konformists.

It is based on the same principle as the “No Child Left Behind” policy introduced by the National Socialist Party Of Great Britain (the party formerly known as Labour) which tried to impose a system that lined up all children from less than wealthy homes at the starting line and nailed their little feet to the floor.

Naturally parents across the pond are as up in arms as British Parents about the schools system being set up to turn bright kids into retards (because you can never turn retards into bright kids and everybody must be equal.

To make sure every child is equal except those of the wealthy elite whose parents can afford private education, Common Core sets six year olds questions that insane nerds like Brian Cox, Marcus du Sautoy or Dara O’Briain might be able to answer but that an intelligient person would immediately see does not make sense. Like:

“What is a “related subtraction sentence?”

If you don’t know, you may not be able to pass a mathematics exam designed for first graders under the Common Core curriculum guidelines.

The Daily Caller reports Carol Burris, an acclaimed New York high school principal who writes a blog about education issues, recently posted a first grade math test that one of her employee’s daughters had failed. The test–which caught the eye of The Washington Post’s Valerie Strauss–features several questions with awkward wording that could trip up adults, to say nothing of six-year-olds.

Students are instructed to “find the missing part.” Question 1 shows five coins above the phrase “part I know,” and a cup with a ‘6’ on it that is marked as “whole.”

Though the answer must logically be ‘1,’ the question isn’t clear at all, wrote Burris.

Not clear? It quite clearly does not make any kind of sense.

“My assistant principal for mathematics was not sure what the question was asking,” wrote Burris. “How could pennies be a part of a cup?”

Several questions give a number, and then depict a box cut in half with some number of dots on one side and the rest of them–or nothing–on the other side. The question related to the boxes changes after each problem, and one asks students to choose the true statement that represents the box–out of 4 possible answers.

The most difficult question, Number 12, shows 4 black squares connected to 3 white ones, and asks, “Which is a related subtraction sentence?” Each of the answers are addition problems.

“My nephew’s wife, who teaches Calculus, was stumped by that one,” wrote Burris. “Would (or should) a 6 year old understand the question…?”

Read more at The Daily Caller:

Though the entire curriculum seems unhealthily slanted towards subjects autistic savants excel in, abstract maths and theoretical physics, the language and humanities are pretty perverted as well. In the English course a lesson on possessive nouns contains Orwellian strictures on the relationship between the individual and government, such as “The commands of government officials must be obeyed by all,” and “An individual’s wants are less important than the nation’s well-being.”

That says it all really, The New World Order is real and the march towards global Naziism is turning into a sprint

Freedom is slavery
War is peace
Ignorance is strength.

Just for interest I looked up the phrase Subtraction sentence: From the thinkmath website, this is their definition: “This is a school term, sometimes used in teaching math. The word has no formal mathematical definition.”

Well I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,everything in the world is run by insane egomaniacs. The semi autistic shits in the education system are making up this bollocks and branding six year old retards for not understanding it. I wonder how long it will be before we find Common Core contrains a remedial program called Aktion T4 under which backward children are sent to “special hospitals” and subjected to “experimental therapies” in an attempt to cure them. T4 was the social classifiation the Nazis gave to “useless eaters.”

The New World Order’s Pope
Modern Maths Teaching Is Making Pupils Mentally Ill

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The Love That Can’t Fhut The Suck Up

Edyta at Bubblews posted this today.

In May of 2013 Sun News was contacted by a concerned parent about the poster a Toronto teacher put up on the board in his/her child’s school classroom. It had a big headline with a question, “Do You Like To (F-word)?” Followed by a graphic photo of two man engaged in the homosexual act and a “tutorial” on how to do a “good blow job.”

What is most disturbing about this story is that this poster hanged in that classroom for 7 months without any protest from the parents nor reprimand from the principal of the school teaching kids as young as 14. Whatever happened to the education in Ontario, Canada?

Do you as a parent want your 14 year olds to be taught how to do “Good blow jobs” at school? Is this the sexual education the liberal Ontario government legislated after last provincial elections? Is this the “education” we are paying for with our taxes?

What is even worse is that even after confronted both the principal of the school and the representative of the Toronto District School Board did not discipline the teacher in question properly and explained that he had “good intentions, but went about it a wrong way.”

What possible “good intentions” can a person exposing his students to such material have? My answer is none. This teacher should not be teaching again after this nor allowed anywhere near young people.

WTF is going on with these people?

Homosexuality used to be the love that dare not speak it’s name, now it is the love that can’t shut the fuck up.

And I for one an getting earache.

I’m very tolerant having always believed everyone’s private life is their own business (how do we know the boss is not wearing his wife’s knickers under his business suit and why should we care?) but when people who are not family or friends want to make their private (sex) life my business I am never going to react positively.

Those Who Can’t Do, Teach. Those Who Can’t Teach Join The Union

Government proposals for rigorous grammar tests on eleven year olds are an attack on teachers a taeching union has said.

Sticking closely to the agreed policy of public sector unions which states that it is a human rights violation to ask any public sector employee to get some effing work done, The NASUWT (National Association Of Shitheads, Under – achievers, Wankers and Tosspots obviously thinks that asking todays teachers to do the job they are paid for, i.e. teach children basic stuff, is well out of order.

A teaching union has condemned plans that will see all 11 year-olds tested on the proper use of apostrophes and the difference between nouns, verbs and adjectives, saying the proposals amount to an attack on teachers.

Chris Keates, the General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union, said the plans were part of an “entirely unjustifiable campaign to denigrate the commitment and professionalism of teachers”.

“Imposing a wholly unnecessary additional high-stress test on schools has nothing to do with ensuring that teachers can support all pupils to reach their full potential as writers,”

Writers? So providing we do not teach them to read, spell or put full stops and commas in the right places these untutored illiterates will all turn into little Shakespeares?

Obviously the NASUWT approach to teaching children their native language is to take a million pupils, sit them in front of a million computers and wait for them to produce the Complete Works.

Maybe what is needed to sort education out is for somebody to attack NASUWT members … with baseball bats.

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Education: How shite are SATS tests?

We have had a discussion going on over on Little Nicky Machiavelli about the validity of SATS test, the government’s pestilential league tables and the teachers’ threat to boycott them. So:
How shite are SATS tests?
“And at Level 3 for 7 to 9-year-olds, this is what the teacher has to gauge in each pupil:
“straightforward inference based on a single point of reference in the text, eg, ‘he was upset because he was crying”’;”

Clearly the child was not upset because he was crying, he was crying because he was upset or possibly in our politically correct education system because he was in touch with his feminine side and suddenly came over all emotional.

It’s no wonder the kids we used to get on work experience needed instructions pinned to the back of the toilet door when examiners can’t even ask questions that make sense.


The Best Day Of His Life
Concern over the quality of education available in state schools continues to grow as reports reach us that many pupils leaving juior school for comprehensive education can barely speak let alone read and write. In this piece we look at a piece of work turned in by one ten year old pupil and at his English teachers reaction to it.

Lazy Pupils Examination Guide In this Boggart Blog archive post we look at how pupils emotions can be taken into account to give them better grades.

GCSE Englih – Fuck That We hear horror stories like the onle linked of Politically Correct teachers giving pupils pass marks because they used profanities creatively. Are pupils getting smarter or are techers getting dumber ask our writers in this post?

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Shock, Horror! Schools Teaching FILTH!

We don’t hear much from the Mary Whitehouse brigade and their campaign against FILTH! in the media in these amoral times but they are alive and well. The best place to find them is on radio phone – ins. A good FILTH! story always makes for an easy life for Boggart Blog reporters so when we saw on The Anorak yesterday the story of a schoolteacher who had topped up her salary by moonlighting as a lingerie model and the fuss that resulted when the pictures inevitably found their way onto the internet it was obvious an hour listening to radio today would be very fruitful.

We were not wrong.

“No wonder we have the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in Europe when schools are encouraging FILTH!” stormed one caller.

The Boggart Blog team are always fascinated by these “teenage pregnancies” statistics that are thrown about to back up claims of the moral decay of society. A 19 year old woman is still technically a teenager but may have been married for several years.

Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells and company are not interested in such subtleties. They are interested in FILTH! and ladies underwear is FILTH! in their view. We must assume the ladies of Tunbridge Wells do not have bodies. Or maybe they go commando. Anyway even though the teacher pictured filling her bra and panties very attractively was showing neither nipple nor pube she is still a candidate for tarring and feathering.

One caller demanded the abolition of the internet. When the presenter explained it was rather hard to abolish something that cannot really be said to exist, she refused to be put off.
“It does exist,” she declared, “and what is more it pumps FILTH! into people’s homes night and day.

I logged onto the net but all I could find was stuff about G20, warnings of a new virus and a report that said The Guardian will cease publication in print today and in future only be available on Twitter. All part of an evil capitalist conspiracy maybe but hardly FILTH!

Never mind. On the radio the phone in was still going on. Another caller opined that any time now we could expect to hear the FILTH! merchants who run our schools plan to offer GCSE courses in stripping, lap dancing “and worse.”

These people are so stuck in the twentieth century. Have they not heard Universities have offered degrees in lap dancing for nearly a decade?

Oops Sorry, I forgot to put the link in.
SEE THE FILTH! for yourself sexiest teacher trouble

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The Pupils Are Taking Over The School

News reached us today of a Department of Education, Culture and Silly Walks scheme to deal with the growing shortage of teachers. More and more qualified teachers are leaving the profession in protest at ever increasing levels of bureaucracy, the restrictions on disciplining disruptive pupils and sexual harassment by first years. There seems to be no way to stop this haemorrhaging of skills so the government, most of whom went to the kind of school that features in stories by Enid Blyton, have come up with a wizard wheeze to appoint school – leaver with three good GCSE’s as “apprentice classroom assistants who will be able to step in and teach classes when no qualified teacher is available.

Education is always a hot topic for Boggart Blog, fatsally was a teacher before becoming a full time blogger while Jenny Greenteeth built her reputation on having a certain way with disobedient children (she pulled them into stagnant water, drowned them and concealed the bodies under algae or duckweed.)

Naturally then we felt obliged to offer a learned critique of this scheme which seems to us no more than another attempt by Nu Labour to spin their way out of admitting a total failure. This morning’s editorial meeting turned into an impromptu brainstorming session to come up with alternatives. While the Boggart Blog Cub reporter and work experience girl Sez Jez suggested it was high time to admit school is just a waste of time and as Oscar Wilde said “Nothing worth learning can possibly be taught,” the older member of the team came up with this plan.

Schools should be segregated on gender lines again, keeping boys and girls apart will avoid the worst of hormonal distractions.

Boy’s schools could recruit Crack Hos working off their community service orders to keep the boys in order in the absence of a teacher.

In girls schools former reality television show participants could be brought in to teach female pupils how to destroy each other’s self esteem.

These problems would soon be solved if experts would just take the trouble to think things through.

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