The Fascists Who Teach Our Children

Dying mum told she can’t take son out of school for last ever holiday together because it’s not ‘exceptional circumstances’

I’d worked out by the time I was about twelve that schoolteachers are sub human, stupid, self important losers. Little has happened in the last 58 years to persuade me to revise that opinion.

from The Currant Bun (verified)

A DYING mum was told she couldn’t take her son out of school for their last ever holiday together – because her terminal cancer wasn’t an “exceptional circumstance”.

Angela Rose wrote to her eight-year-old son Carlo’s school asking that he be granted leave of absence so they couldpupils,  share a last holiday together, explaining she may only have months to live. But bollock – headed school chiefs refused her request, saying leave could only be granted to pupils in “exceptional circumstances.”

Angela was diagnosed with breast cancer 14 months ago but within weeks the cancer had spread to her bones and brain, with doctors telling her she only had between one and two years to live.

She said: “If a dying 36-year-old mum wanting to take her boy on holiday for one last time isn’t an exceptional case then I dread to think what is.”

Stanton Middle School, in Milton Keynes, Bucks, has since apologised and performed a U-turn to allow Carlos, who has a 98 per cent attendance record, to have one final holiday with his mum after it was contacted by Milton Keynes Council.

Unfortunately nobody has been fired. In a civilised country the head, assistant head and senior staff would have been stripped naked, thrown on tumbrils and paraded through the streets.


More on the school football and other things banned by schools.

Head Teachers and deputy heads are Nazis. I have know this since my schooldays when I was often blamed and punished for things I did not do simply because I refused to conform.

Head teachers and deputy heads hate individuals who think for themselves. As Hyptatia of Alexandria said: “Always think for yourself. It is better to think and be wrong than not to think but try telling a head teacher that and you are in trouble.

To head teachers there is no difference between education and indoctrination and school is about their career rather than the futures of the young people whose brains are abused throughout their schoolyears.

So the news story of the school that bannede football because it occasionally gets a bit rough is following the rule rather than the exception to it.

Here, courtesy of Huffington Post, are some of the things politically correct school heads have banned and the stupid reasons threy gave for banning them.

Pokemon cards. Apparently kids swapping them encouraged gambling. I think the teachers just wanted to keep them.

Our school banned patent shoes in case they reflected our knickers & made the lorry drivers crash.
(Editor’s note: My wife’s school did that too – one of the joys of a convent education)

My school banned fountain pens for H~&S reasons and hugs because they were “inappropriate …

We were banned at primary school from running in the playground. Skipping was allowed though! (H&S reasons!!)

My primary school banned running in the playground, children kept falling over, how inconsiderate! # SERIOUSLY!

My grammar school banned petticoats. In summer we wore light summer dresses. Dirty old men must have rejoiced

@HuffPostUKUni Our primary school forbid us from having relationships (boyfriends-girlfriends)- love was too serious affecting school work!!

Well there we have it. Head teachers are all creepy neo – Nazi control freaks (just as all games teachers are sadistic paedophiles except for Miss Bolton who took the girls for gym and netball and was well fit) and should not in any circustances be allowed anywhere near children.

We Must Ban Schoolteachers From Having Any Contact With Children

The Politically Correct lunacy that is poisoning our society has at last gone too far in the education system in attacking the customs and values that Britishness is built on. Our children are being brainwashed with wussiness. Here’s an example of how:

A Primary school has banned football after children were alleged to be copying ‘overzealous tackles’ from Euro 2012.

Playing football at break-time has been forbidden to stop fights and teachers at staff at Hall Road Primary, in Orchard Park, Hull have asked the boys to play skipping games and outdoor chess instead.

Deputy head teacher Kristina Frary said the ban was needed to prevent injuries and allow staff to get on with teaching.

She said: “Passions are running high, especially with the Euro 2012 football tournament. Potentially, that’s why children are wound-up.

“We have had a sequence of fall-outs and they were all centred around football.

Fallings out in the playground as a primary school? And this never happened before Euro 2012 started? Amazing. Well of course the laws of politically correct control freakery demand that is there is anything that offers the slightest excuse for banning an activity kids enjoy then that activity must be banned.

I hate to think what the shrinking violets of Hall Road Primary staffroom would have made of the robust tackles that were standard in Rugby games at my old school. Boys do not need televised football tournaments to encourage them to be enthusiastic about sports that involve physical contact, it’s in our nature. And all efforts to change human nature are doomed to end in catastrophe.

We must ban schoolteachers from having any contact with schoolchildren until they have worked for at least ten years in a factory or on a building site. That should be long enough for even the most wussy to learn a little about reality.

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Teachers To Strike Over Pay And Pensions?

Teaching unions are threatening strike action, members are unhappy not just at pay and pnsions changes but about government plans that will make it easier to sack crap teachers.

Christine Blower, head of a techers’ union said, “The problem with the changes the government is bringing in is that the whole tone of it about catching teachers on a bad day not doing their best whereas what we ought to be doing it having the sort of system where we say we have invested educating and training this person and no matter how crap they are, we should give them a job for life.”

Well catching most teachers on a bad day at school should be like shooting fish in a barrel.

The teaching unions are unhappy with a number of the Coalition’s proposals on education and are threatening to strike this year.

As well as the issue of abolishing the concept of incompetence, the NUT are planning to bring forward two priority motions – one on pay and another on pensions – that are likely to lead to strike action in the autumn term.

Boggart Blog is to some extent with the teachers on the question of sacking. We think techers should be paid according to an independent test of quality on the product they are turning out. An example of the test is that school leavers should be shown a diagram of a naked human body, rear view, and asked to identify the arse and the elbow.

We have a strong feeling teachers paid on their results would end up owing us taxpayersmoney.

If your kids are crap at school it probably means …
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Politically Correct Teachers Vagazzled By Christmas Star

Today’s story come from our Oh FFS correspondent.

Children at the Sure Start centre in Acomb, York, have been told by crypto Nazi politically correct staff to stop making a “diamond” sign while singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The sick minded perverts highly trained staff just can’t get sex off their minds it seems are worried that the gesture may be interpreted as the sign language representing a vagina.

Angry parents accused of the centre’s staff of “overreacting” A disgruntled mother said: “It seems a little politically correct. These are innocent little children just making a sign to show a star. They’re only five, to them “cunt” is just a word they hear big kids saying. No one had ever given it a second thought but now when parents see their kins giving a “thumbs up” sing they will be scared officious busybodies working for the politically correct thought police will think the child is indicating a desire for anal sex, when a little girl makes a letter ‘o’ with her thumb and forefinger she is letting boys know she has a wide on and when boys shake their fist they are indicating they have an erection.”

Staff members at the Sure Start centre had been on a course to learn Makaton sign language – a system used by about 100,000 people in Britain that assists people with communication difficulties.

The sign for female genitalia is an inverted diamond made with a thumb and forefinger, held in front of the crotch. OK so now you know girls, in certain circumstances it is perfectly OK to smack a disabled person in the mouth. Especially if they work for the local council.

Meanwhile the children in the Boggart Bloig staff creche will entertain us by miming Four and Twenty Virgins.

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Erecting A Human Rights Issue

As senior figures in the Obama administration zoom around the USA trying to bolster support ahead of the mid term elections due in November they might well decide to by pass Milwaukee in order to avoids embarrassment.

In that city the issue concerning voters is not the controversial healthcare bill, climate change, immigration or the financial crisis and related problems. What has everybody in the city talking is a fight over whether a sustained male erection is a human right.

Honestly it is. I read it in the Los Angeles Time and that is quite a respectable news organ even if it is based in nutty California.

It seems the Teachers’ Union has a bone to pick with the local court over a ruling that denied their claim for viagra to be supplied at the taxpyers expense.

The Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Assn. has gone to court asking a judge to order the financially strapped school board to reinstate coverage for Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and other erectile dysfunction drugs in union members’ healthcare plans. The union claims that excluding such coverage discriminates against the male gender.

I know, it’s hard to believe isn’t it?

The city authorities obviously find they are on the horn of a dilemma. Does America’s obsession with ‘rights’ trump common sense one more or will the state stand firm and say, “Come on, you guys are trying to stiff us.”

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You Wanna Show A Liddle Respect Or You get A Visit From Mr. Baseball Bat

This story came to light last week and it has troubled me, probably because as a teacher I have had parents say the same thing to me.

15 year old Daniel Walton was sent home from school because he refused to stand up when the Headmaster entered the classroom, and then he demonstrated his mastery of the profane when ordered out of the class.
Daniels father, unemployed Mr. Layabout Toerag supported his son’s actions, telling Daniel that people needed to earn his respect.

But what would earn Messrs Toerags’ respect?

Mr Harrison, the Headteacher, has obviously stayed on at school to complete his A Levels and then gone on to university to gain at the very least a Teaching degree. (Don’t take offence to that you B.Eds, I’m using this as a quantity thing not quality.)

If he chose to study for a none education degree then he must have taken a further degree to qualify as a teacher.

He has then worked his way up from being the new kid in the staff room to being a head teacher, presumably of a successful school, well you wouldn’t expect Mr. Layabout Toerag to send his son to anything less would you?

I should think that Mr. Harrison has never spent any time unemployed or claiming state benefits. We can rest assured that he can read and write and express himself clearly both verbally and in writing and I sincerely doubt that Toerag junior can do that, nor his father.

In all probability Mr. Harrison makes himself available to teachers, parents and children who would seek his advice and guidance.

He probably organises events for charity, as most schools do and could take the credit for raising money for good causes.

There are lots of other things about Mr. Harrison that we can’t surmise just from the fact that he is a headteacher. Perhaps he has a Masters degree or a Ph.D., many of the Headteachers I know have taken further degrees over the years.

Perhaps he was an Oxford Blue, or maybe an Olympian.
He might be a gifted musician, he could have been a talented footballer, perhaps he is a keen mountaineer and has scaled all the major European peaks, or maybe just a willing walker who has bagged all the Monroes.
He could have run a marathon in the fastest time for his age group or dressed as Daffy Duck.

Perhaps he has completed a Channel swim or rode a roller coaster for 24 hours non stop.

He could be a published poet, a member of his local council, a Samaritan. He could take in stray dogs for the RSPCA or dole out food in a city centre soup kitchen or give up his weekends to be a special constable.

Maybe he is a good husband and respected parent.

The point is the man is obviously successful, whatever it may be he has achieved things in his life, which is probably more than you can say for Mr. Layabout Toerag.

Yet Mr. Layabout Toerag thinks Mr. Harrison still needs to do something to earn Junior Toerag’s respect.

Well Mr. Harrison I should imagine this is the only thing that will earn the Toerags’ respect.

Shave your head, get a tattoo of the Engerland flag above your left nipple.

Scratch LOVE and HATE on the knuckles of your hands and then ink it in with good old indelible Quink.

Leave your wife, go down the pub and get absolutely bladdered, then pick up a baseball bat and go round to see Mr. T and son and beat seven bells of shit out of them.

I’m sure Mr. Layabout Toerag will then think you are a right diamond geezer and Junior Toerag will grovel at your feet forever more.

More Teachers Than Pupils Drop Out Of School.

Earlier this week we had a New Labour clone drop in on one of our old education related posts to tell us Boggart Bloggers what evil people we are for making fun of those wonderful people who staff our schools and deliver New Labour’s modern education policies. Teachers it seems are wonderful, dedicated professionals who are totally committed to making sure pupils pass their SATS tests and schools hit their targets and do well in league tables.

These comments are always welcome because they refresh those old comment threads and also give is a chance to deliver a reply that is not so much a slap down as a pile driver any WWF wrestler would be proud of.

Bizarrely these visits usually occur at the same time as a news story that underlines the total and utter failure of New Labour’s education policies. This may just be coincidence as it surely is when we take the piss out of Obama and a couple of days later Obots will start turning up and accusing us of being Nazis just as they are now busy accusing people who don’t like the healthcare plan of being Nazis.

Is it Nazi to point out how comprehensively New Labour’s progressive education reforms have failed (unless of course there was a hidden agenda) ? Is it subversive to point out that an education system in which one on five school leavers cannot read or write has not exactly made great strides forward from the days when it was impossible to pass GCSEs without being able to read and write.

The latest in a long line of failures to be highlighted in the press is a set of figures showing that 40% of newly qualified teachers have left the state education system within six months of qualifying. A few of these teacher drop outs get jobs in private education but most quit teaching completely to take up careers as sex workers, shelf stackers, burger flippers or call centre clerks.

Sadly these early drop outs from teaching in state schools are often the best qualified of the output from teacher training. This leaves the people not bright enough to flip burgers or stack shelves to man our classrooms and equip teenagers with the skills they will need to build a future.

In the whacky world of New Labour Education Policymaking however a good grasp of their specialist subject is a less important requirement for young teachers than being part of an oppressed minority. This seems to apply most in the key areas of maths and the natural sciences. A maths teacher with a good A level in maths is more rare than a maths teacher with Tourette’s syndrome.

Is it time to ban maths in schools

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New Primary Curriculum? We Hate To Twitter We Told You So.

This blog has forever liked to lampoon politicians of the “New Left” (i.e. somewhat to the right of Genghis Khan) for every hypocritical duplicitous thing they do but particularly for their inept and toe curlingly embarrassing attempts to be kewl and get down with the kids. The yoof vote is not likely to be engaged by some middle aged bloke with a brush up his arse trying to rap or break dance.

If things keep going this way, we told you on umpteen occasions, the native language taught in British schools will not be English but txt.

n we wr rt 2.

The new primary schools curriculum acording to a daft, sorry; draft proposal resealed yesterday by the Department Of Education, Science and Silly Walks suggests primary school children will no longer have to study The Victorian era or World War 2 in history, nor will they need to learn basic geography. Instead they will study Twitter, Wikipedia, blogging and new media skills. And probably political correctness too.

It will come as no surprise to most readers that teachers organisations critical of the government’s education policies were excluded from the consultation process.

And what, we wonder, are our little darlings going to learn in music lessons. Tomorrow Belongs To Me perhaps?

See the clip from the film cabaret where the boy sings Tomorrow Belongs To Me the Nazi lyric of the beautiful German folk melody, growing more strident and threatening with each verse. And note the way the dog gets up and walks out at the end.

Now hear the podcast on the new curriculum, but remember lest you catch yourself thinking it all sounds quite reasonable, a dumbed down society is a controllable society.

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£3,000 per term Private School Abandons GCSE – Only for thickos says head..

The highly regarded and comfortingly expensive Manchester Grammar School shocked the education establishment today when the head announced the school would no longer be offering it’s pupils the opportunity to sit GCSE examinations approved by the government’s Department of Education, Science and Silly Walks.

Instead Manchester Grammar pupils will take the iGCSE (International General Certificate Of Secondary Education) prior to entering the sixth form. According to Manchester’s headmaster Christopher Ray the iGCSE is similar to the traditional GCE in that passes are awarded for quality of work and not simply because pupils can be arsed to turn up.

Mr. Ray said in a statement to the press standards required to pass GCSEs have fallen so low his teachers are having to coach pupils in how not to appear too clever as this only irritates the examiners.

Call us old fashioned if you like possums but we Boggart Bloggers thought the whole point of education was to teach pupils to be as clever as possible. is it perhaps the case that answers given by the smartarse pupils of Manchester Grammar are way over the heads of exam markers who only have a third in Politically Correct Studies from University of Usedtobeapoly, Slaghoughton.

Perhaps we are missing the point. The new GCSE exams will ignore coursework (because pupils cannot be expected to give up Facebook time to do homework) and concentrate on collaborative in-class projects which will develop the skillset required for a career as a corporate zombie. The new system will also allow pupils who fail to resit examinations a bit at a time so as not to overstretch their twitter conditioned concentration span.

Manchester joins a number of top private schools in rejecting the GCSE. A junior minister at the Department of Education, Science and Silly Walks condemned the move as a backward step, saying that traditional subjects such as Geography, History, Physics and Biology have no part to play in building a modern, positive Britain ready to move forward and meet the new challenges of the 21st century under a modernising New Labour Government that is ready to embrace change and move forward.

Predictably the news was not welcomed by government members.“Modern employers demand modern education,” the minister told a Boggart Blog reporter, “and that means we must introduce policies that move education forward to produce school leavers who have GCSE qualifications in progressive subjects like knowing their arse from their elbow, being able to write their own name without the constraints of fascistic grammar and spelling rules and being able to stick to a script without deviation or trying to think for themselves, no matter how irrelevant the approved procedure is to the customer’s questions.

We also learned from an anonymous source the reformed GCSE standards will mean pupils are tested even more than at present making British pupils the most tested in the world. This is being hailed as a triumph for Labour’s education reforms as it has earned an entry in the Guinness book of records. British secondary school leavers are now officially recognised as the most highly qualified illiterates in the world.

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