5G Was Going to Unite the World—Instead It’s Tearing Us Apart

As readers might have noticed over the past few years, we Boggart Bloggers (especially the two cynical old gits whose careers primarily involved technology,) have a lot of doubts about 5G, the health risks, the threat to privacy, and the prospect of your ‘fridge spying on you for Nanny State all horrified us. And when we learned that governments were planning to adopt Chinese suppliers for the hardware and firmware, that was just beyond the pale. I mean, fucking China, the world’s biggest slave state? WTF?


from Wired

The world came together to build 5G. Now the next-generation wireless technology is pulling the world apart.

The latest version of the 5G technical specifications, expected Friday, adds features for connecting autonomous cars, intelligent factories, and internet-of-things devices to crazy fast 5G networks. The blueprints reflect a global effort to develop the technology, with contributions from more than a dozen companies from Europe, the US, and Asia.

And yet, 5G is also pulling nations apart—with the US and China anchoring the tug-of-war. Tensions between Washington and Beijing over trade, human rights, the handling of Covid-19, and Chinese misinformation are escalating global divisions around the deployment of 5G. A growing number of countries are aligning with either a Western or a Chinese version of the tech … Continue reading >>>



Facebook Bans All Content On Vaccine Awareness
Authored by Mike Adams via NaturalNews.com,
Just as we warned would happen, the tech giants are now moving aggressively to ban all speech that contradicts whatever “official” position is decided to be “the truth” by the corrupt establishment. This week, Facebook announced it would block all content on Facebook that questions the official dogma on vaccines,

German politician calls on facebook to abolish free speech
A German politician has given the clearest indication yet that the political elites of the free world are ideologically much closer to Adolf Hitler’s National Socialists than the social liberalism they claim to support. Free speech is the basis of all liberal democracy. Heiko Maas, the German justice minister has has written to the Facebook it removes “xenophobic and racist” anti-migrant posts from its website and apps., has written to the company to demand an urgent review of its policy over hate messages.

Free Speech Is Being Murdered By The Media And Left Wing Authoritarianism
Without free speech there is no democracy. Without democracy there is no freedom. But all over the developed world free speech is under attack from politically correct politics. It is time to start resisting, do not believe the propaganda published by mainstream media, question everything and make up your own mind. as The Buddha said, “Believe nothing you read or are told unless it agrees with your own experience and common sense.”

Farage Reckless Facing Rabid Left Wing Fanatics
Following the defection to UKIP of Conservative MP Mark Reckless, who yesterday shocked the media and political establishment (everyone else knew it was on the cards.) by announcing his switch from con to Kipper from the podium at the closing session of UKIP’s conference, the Kippers latest recruit and his new leader yesterday faced angry but ineffectual protests

Farage Reckless Facing Rabid Left Wing Fanatics
Following the defection to UKIP of Conservative MP Mark Reckless, who yesterday shocked the media and political establishment (everyone else knew it was on the cards.) by announcing his switch from con to Kipper from the podium at the closing session of UKIP’s conference, the Kippers latest recruit and his new leader yesterday faced angry but ineffectual protests

Obama administration ‘blocking’ information from the press
Uncovering information that should be available to the public has become increasingly difficult under the presidency of Barack Obama, an Associated Press bureau chief says. In some cases, it surpasses the secrecy of the George W. Bush administration. The White House’s penchant for secrecy does not just apply to the federal government, according to AP’s Washington bureau chief, Sally Buzbee.

Western Hypocrisy In Reporting News about Ukraine And Russia
The opening paragraph of a CNN report on the latest developments in the crisis in Ukraine illusrate perfectly the hypocrisy of Western media in the way they cast Russia as the danger to world peace and America as bringer of freedom and democracy. In fact in the crisis over the US attempt to draw Ukraine into NATO the positions taken by the USA abd Russias are the opposite of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

Scandal hit Rotherham ‘deleted abuse files’
In a move that puts them among the contenders for lying, self serving shits of the decade, but still in a league of their own un terms of complete and utter shittiness, it has emerged that the scum sucking scab lice of Rotherham Council’s controlling Labour group and the public servants they employed had deleted files in order to cover up their complicity in the blatant and systematic child abuse perpetrated under the noses of council officials.

Centralized power – the worst of all possible worlds
The centralization of power over the past few decades in nations of the developed world has led to the evolution of a sociopathic managerial class formed mainly from the old petite bourgoisie who have now gravitted to public sector careers where their delusions of social status and the unaccountability of office lead them to abuse such power as they have.

Kick Political Correctness Out Of Football
As another football versus politiocally correct authoritarianist brings ‘the beautiful game’ even further into disrepute, we wonder is it time to kick politically correct authoritarianism out of sport.

Intrusive Surveillance Technology, Internet control freaks and The Orwell-Huxley-Dick Dystiopianometer
Are privacy campaigners right to be worried about intrustive internet technology and the massive databases that log our behaviour and parse the data for patters that enable us to be targeted for advertising? Should we bee worried by surveillance or are those that raise doubts just scaremongering? The Orwell-huxley-Dick dystopianometer is rising.

So Who Is Anti – science? Those Who Question Climate Change Or Those Who Would Abolish Free Speech
It was looking as if the global warming scare was dead, then that Nazi shit Barack Obama, seeing his dream of being President Of The World slipping away, gave his science whores enough money to enable them to kick some life back into it. Now the “science” lobby, unable to put together an convinging argument against their challengers are demanding the abolition of free speech.

New World Order War On free Speech Comes To Britain – Guardian editor accused of treason
The right to free speech is under threat from intolerant, authoritarian elitists, call them The Illuminati, New World Order, Scientific Dictatorshgip, Global Elite, whatever. Their goal is absolute power and they know that while the right of free speech, the free press and free access to information exist they cannot succeed.

How academic debate is suppressed on science topics like Climate Change, GMOs, Pesticides and Toxicity of medicines
Intellectual intolerance and the supposed superiority of the scientific education have led not just to the politiciisation of science but to it’s being seduced by corporate money and political power. Science was ever fascism’s whore of course and the egos of scientists are easily bought. This has led to a very unhealthy emergence of dogmas and orthodoxies and an intolerance of the dissent that is essential if scientific research is to have any credibility.

Phobophobia – Fear Of Being called Phobic?
Homophobia is not fear of homosexuals but fear of thec same thing which does not make sense. Just as politically correct thinking uses the word bigot nonsensically so it’s accusations of phobia are irrational – as irrational as the groundless fear familiar to those who suffer the recognized medical conditions called phobias.

The Importance Of Free Speech And A Free Press
Politicians around the developed world including leaders of the two most powerful democracies, Barack Obama and David Cameron have been falling over themselves to join the attack on free speech. On subjects as diverse as climate…

Wayback Machine Latest Victim Of Deep State / Big Tech Censorship


In what is turning out to be something of a latter-day dot com bust, many small to medium-sized tech startups are teetering on the edge of oblivion as the deliberate economic shutdown eats away at their capitalization and opens the door for the biggest fish in the tech space and others to pick the ripest fruit from the tech start up tree.

As opposed to the original, this start up bust is accompanied by a very precise view of market opportunities for interested buyers and investors, brought on by an equally deliberate reshaping of workplace conditions and societal interactions which are driving companies like Microsoft to “aggregate capabilities” in “cloud computing, collaboration, access management, and other business continuity tools that saw a surge in demand during regional lockdowns.”

The ride-share behemoth, Uber, for example, is reportedly in talks to acquire Grubhub and expand its food-delivery operations, while Microsoft just completed its purchase of robotic automation company, Softomotive. One global research and advisory firm that focuses on IT and finance has even put out a guide “on how tech startups can best prepare for being acquired by a larger company,” revealing that just 13 companies accounted for a full 60 percent of the $150 billion raised by tech startups between March and April.

Signs that yet another massive wave of consolidation in the technology sector is on the horizon and is already raising concerns throughout the industry, but the fact that it is occurring in tandem with a larger push by outfits like Twitter, Facebook and other huge tech players to stifle freedom of online expression and association should make us pay closer attention to the dynamics at play.

Censorship creep

Under the guise of facilitating conversation, Twitter unveiled changes to the reply feature that ostensibly gives users more control, but in reality, it broadens the ability to censor content. The new format, still in testing mode, will allow users to select who can and cannot reply to their tweets. This, of course, presents a serious problem from the vantage point of free flowing interaction and gives even more power to the most popular accounts to stifle undesirable feedback, leaving their viewpoints publicly unchallenged.

Another seemingly innocuous development in the last few days was the announcement made by popular podcaster Joe Rogan on his move to Spotify. The comedian and UFC commentator’s immensely popular podcast has been freely available on YouTube and other platforms since its inception, but his multi-million-dollar exclusive licensing deal with the music platform will further cloister content behind a single outfit and likely diminish its reach and propagation.

Perhaps the most concerning, however, are the changes taking place at one of the most important research tools on the Internet and, up to now, a venerable tool for online transparency: The Wayback Machine.

Content that the elite find inconvenient is disappeared from the Wayback Machine.  In the search results you can sometimes see a forest of spikes over the time line of WM sampling/preservation yet when you go to a particular instance of S/P you see a blank video screen with a message something like “We don’t have a stored instance of this item.”

Sure.  WM sampled and preserved it like crazy as its timeline of “hit” shows but somehow nothing got saved.  I believe that.

Government does nothing about tech giant censorship because it’s a way for the government to avoid the problems with the First Amendment.  Get a “private” entity (with government contracts reaching to the heavens) to destroy free speech and the government is good to go.  Honest opinion, analysis and speculation based on what little “secret” info is made available — necessitating speculation let it be said — becomes “disinformation,” as though adults are incapable of sniffing out the garbage.

The UK and the US have their “Integrity Initiative,” 77th Brigade, the BBC, White Helmets, the VOA, Chemonics, Crowdstrike, Cambridge Analytica, Avaaz, Purpose, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Dept. of State, the Atlantic Council, Human Rights Watch, the Washington Institute for the Near East Policy, the NYT, Wapo, CNN, USAID, Bell Pottinger, the OPCW, and the Democrat and Republican parties spew disinformation by the trainload but watch out for Joe Schmidlap in Dubuque, y’all.  A scheming disinfo artiste who has the Russian Embassy on speed dial.

We can spend future decades tinkering at the edges of what has given us this deep state swamp over past decades.

Or, we can focus on what has enabled the elite swamp to be seeded in our legal and financial systems; and, ultimately, to get itself declared equivalent to a Natural Person under Law, although it was only Property; and, to make its Money more powerful that Human Votes within our legislatures; and, ultimately, to neuter our democratic constitution; all of which, has rendered us nations of disenfranchised paupers standing at the edge of slaverry.

We need to take a hatchet and a blow torch to Citizens Unitedll the rest of these crypto – Marxist “defenders od democracy,” and, change radically the existing legal definitions of Corporate Standing.

That hatchet and that blow torch must come in the form of constitutional laws that state explicitly that a Corporation is “Property”; and, is, explicitly, NOT a “Person”; and, that a Corporation is explicitly, not equivalent, or comparable, to living, voting itizens, who are always Sovereign and Supreme within American Constitutional Jurisdiction.

Secondly, that Constitutional amendment must state explicitly that no Corporation shall have legal standing to be present in our legislatures for the making of NEW Law, unless summoned by the legislature; but, shall have full legal standing to be present within any and all Administrative Forums for the purpose of representing Corporate Interests under EXISTING Law.

Thirdly, these laws must state explicitly that corporate crimes that transgress upon; and impair legally established rights and liberties shall NOT be overruled by corporate policy; but, shall be punished by revocation of corporate licence.

If at any time over the past four decades, lawmakers had found the intellectual and moral courage to impose such laws and had appointed suitably qualified and experienced people to oversee the policing of Big Tech companies, we would not today have vertically integrated corporate monopolies involved in every aspect of our economies and societies, Corporate Lobbyists would NOT today influence every significant entity of national life and, we would not be disenfranchines by misinformation, content filtering and targeted ads. We would all have a reasonable chance of informing ourselves of what is going on in the world.

Without those changes to the way our nations are governed, made necessary by the planned shifting of the the major way we communicate information from print and broadcast news to The Internet, a medium that is so friendly to censorship and control of information it might have been designed with that purpose in mind, anything that our present leadership  achieves today to submit Corporate Power to the will of voters will be annulled almost immediately by changes to the algorithms.

Make no Mistake, this narrative might sound esoteric, or tangential; but, the people behind the Corporate Monopoly Power, that only recently gave us Citizens United, had the Moral and Intellectual wherewithal to spend the last hundred and fifty years working to put Citizens United in Place.

We must now know what we must do to reverse it; or, in a hundred and fifty years our Constitutional Rights will not even be a reference in any future version of The Way Back Machine.


Report reveals Google’s manipulation of search results to influence outcomes.

by Arthur Foxake

The contributors to this blog are not the only people putting content online to have been called ‘conspiracy theorists’ for suggesting that Google has, for at least twenty years, been manipulating search results to its own benefit and the benefit of its clients. In the early days this was innocuous enough, organisations that paid to advertise of Google’s pages had their page links bumped up the search results table.

Later it became more sinister, when you understand that among Google’s clients were organisations including political parties, governments (of some very nasty dictatorships as well as the so – called democracies,) state security agencies, NGOs (non government organisations) promoting and assisting the mass migration of illiterate, unskilled third world males to the developed nations for the purpose of destabilising societies, and other organisations and corporate enterprises pursuing a globalist political agenda.

Yes, the proof is out there that Google (and other internet tech giants,) rather than ‘hostile foreign powers’ have been meddling in elections and manipulating public opinion on certain issues.

Nutjob City Limits

There has been much in the news in recent months regarding trolls on social networking sites. The trolls I am referring to are those who post inflammatory, offensive, and often off-topic messages in forums, chat rooms, blogs, etc, in order to provoke an emotional response; not the kind who hide under bridges tormenting billy goats.

Last week saw the sentencing of Reece Elliot, of South Shields, following posts he made under a false name on a Facebook page dedicated to two US teens that had died in a car accident. Elliot wrote that he was going to take a gun and kill his Dad, and then drive to a school and kill at least 200 before killing himself. In his defence, he said this was a sarcastic joke, and that it was never meant as a threat. His girlfriend said he ‘does things on Facebook for a laugh, that’s what he does’. (I would prefer not to go to a party at their house if this is his idea of a laugh).

He went to the trouble to create a false profile to post from and directed another threat to one girl in particular. He was unaware of the kind of upset this may cause. Really? In this day and age, this sort of threat, especially in the US, is tantamount to joking about having a bomb in your shoe at an airport check-in.

Now, years and years ago, local nutjobs would stand on a crate in the town square and preach about this, that or the other. One or two people might have actually got themselves a bit of a following as they maybe, sort of, somehow, made a bit of sense, and/or promised the most fantastic (I suspect this is how many religions were formed). Back then though, not everyone had time to stand around and listen, they had more important things to do, they had pox, etc.

Today, everyone has a platform. And everyone has time. The internet has changed the world in ways that I would have never have thought possible when I was a teenager. Each of us has been given a voice, all be it a small, squeaky one on the general scale of things, but there’s always someone listening…more than you think if Ed Snowden’s revelations are anything to go by.

I for one am certainly guilty of keeping my Facebook page open while I’m doing other things online, or checking it on my phone in a bar while my mate’s in the loo. But then, I’m not a nutjob. I look at what my friends are up to, I don’t go looking for people to upset for my own enjoyment, not even the Scientologists.

It has been suggested that laws should be changed to effectively deal with modern day, ‘cyber-crime’. Elliot was prosecuted under a 150 year old law (section 16 of the Offences Against the Person Act, 1861). Some say they are merely playground threats, brought into the public domain by modern technologies. Others feel that as it is more public and often more sinister than your everyday playground threat, it should be punishable by suitable laws.

Playground threats at my school usually threatened nobody speaking to you for ever more, or possibly a punch in the face (more likely for boys but occasionally comes up in girl arguments depending on your opponent). But, we didn’t have the internet then.

We could change the laws to bring them up to date, it might make people think twice before writing offensive. We could also educate people better. In several of these cases the spelling and grammar was terrible. Many of such defendants have claimed their comments were jokes, and they didn’t realise what the consequences might be, demonstrating a lack of common sense and a misunderstanding of humour. Throw in some social skills for the hell of it.

Both may help to create a better society. Neither will eradicate the problem.


Are we nearly there yet?

So, summer is here and people are setting off on holiday to see new places, experience new cultures, or just catch a bit of sun (that yellowy-orange – or sometimes brown, depending on where you live – thing that sets in the sky about 4pm in December…remember it?)

When I was little, we used to go to South Wales, which is a long, vomit inducing drive to a car-sick 7 year old. Later we used to drive to France for camping trips. On all occasions involving long drives, there was a map present. Maps were all we had in them days, you see. I don’t recall us ever getting stupidly lost. I’m a firm believer in maps to this day. I refuse to get a satnav/GPS system, and not just because it would probably cost more than my car is worth.

This week, a Swedish couple holidaying in Italy set out for the isle of Capri, but spelt it wrong and ended up in northern industrial town Carpi. Now, spelling errors are an easy mistake to make and I doubt there is a spell checker. But they didn’t realise their error until they went to the tourist office in Carpi and asked where they could find the famous Blue Grotto. Being that they were 400 miles away, the bloke behind the desk must have thought the Italian equivalent of Jermemy Beadle was about to jump out. A tourism official has been quoted as saying “Capri is an island. They did not even wonder why they did not cross a bridge or take a boat”. My point exactly.

I have countless friends and colleagues (and I hate to say it, but most of them are women) with sat nav who have had similar incidents. There are often two towns with the same name in France. The driver input the destination and set off, ending up 6 hours away from the place she wanted to be, and having to sleep in the car. Another set out up a closed (with clear signage) mountain pass in the Alps in winter because her sat nav told her to. It was a miracle they didn’t slip off a cliff edge. She was with her boyfriend (who was a dick) and neither of them thought about checking the directions they had been given until it was nearly too late. Several others have similar stories, and yet none of them have even considered buying a map as a back up.

“Well, I don’t need a map, ’cause I’ve got sat nav and that tells me where to go”. Bollocks. If that was the case, you wouldn’t have had to sleep in your car/drive around Granada for 7 hours and come out going in the wrong direction/go via Paris on your way from Exeter to Newcastle/get your car wedged between two concrete cows on a farm track in Milton Keynes.

I’m not suggesting that everyone using sat nav is clueless, but it seems a fair proportion of users lack a common sense gland.

Also, the voice of the sat nav woman is so annoying; if you do realise she is wrong and continue the way you should go, she almost starts shouting at you, as if you were a small child. She actually reminds me of one of my Catholic primary school teachers. If I was to own one it would only last about ten minutes into the first journey before I fell into a Clarkson-esque rant and chucked it through the window.

If you must use sat nav, always carry a map as backup, and look at it before you set off.

Puffin up The Power Of Sat Nav Technology

Sat Nav Blunders I suppose you could even call it Sat Nav Schadenfreude. What kind of person takes pleasure in hearing of the Sat Nav misfortunes of others. Well, the kind this blogger is obviously.

Strange Sat Nav facts Do you know how many drivers try to murder their Sat Nav?

Death By Sat Nav Has anyone been directed into a fatal situation by Sat Nav or do they just nag drivers to death

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It’s the Costume, Stupid.

Records have tumbled at the World Short Course Swimming Championships held in Manchester during the last week.
But controversy is in the water, or more to the point, in the Lycra.
Are the faster times down to the new swim suit made by Speedo?.
We’ve become quite used to seeing sports performances improved by the kit over the past few years, shaped cycling helmets to improve aerodynamics, baggy football and tennis shorts to improve ball play, colour co-ordinated Pringle sweaters to improve teamwork amongst the Ryder Cup golfers.
Once upon a time the only thing you needed to embark on a swimming career was a cozzie, preferably not hand knitted from wool, and a towel.
Then came goggles and racing hats, skimpier costumes that squashed and flattened to make you more streamlined, men as well as ladies took to the razor to shave off hundredths of a second along with all their body hair.
Then a revolution, suits that looked something like Captain Webb might have worn, knee length, full body suits, for the boys as well as the girls, some with vest tops, some short sleeved, some long, tight fitting and slick.
Pretty soon it will be telemetery feeding back to computers in the changing room and the technicians will be more important than the athletes, a bit like F1. The sport had evolved from pure human capability to technological enhancements.
So what is to be done?
Well in this thechnological era I reckon they should be made to swim nude, and if it’s televised they can pixellate the naughty bits.

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Remember The Country Code

Those of you from my generation, younger than Ian yet old enough to remember watching trade test transmissions for the emergent BBC2 will probably recall public information films in advertising breaks telling us how to cross the road safely or how not to scald a cat, (sorry Charlie!)There was one about observing the country code; taking your litter home, not poking crocodiles, sorry cows, with sticks and always closing gates behind you.
Well you will be pleased to know that the message got through and still persists today. A young lady was following the instructions from her sat nav when she came to a closed gate. Getting out of the car she opened the gate and then drove through, stopping on the other side to get out and close the gate. She then leapt out of the way of the oncoming train and watched, presumably gobsmacked, as it ploughed into her car and carried it half a mile down the track.
Wonder what she thought that big red circle on the gate was for? Or those flashing lights? And those funny parallel metal rails…? Perhaps it’s time to bring public information films back, but would you choose to educate the populace about indicators of railway lines or would you choose to tell them to open their bloody eyes and look where they’re going!
Maybe I’m being too harsh, after all she was probably doing much more than blindly following her sat nav, eye make up, talking to a friend and probably a Su Doku puzzle to boot. Young people need to realise technology can get things badly wrong.

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Take one footballer, add one Sat Nav, stir in one Porsche