Antifa Planning Violent Attacks on Police & Opponents, Say German Authorities

from Breitbart Europe

BERLIN, GERMANY - MAY 01: A demonstrator waves a antifascist flag during the 'Revolutionary 1st of May' May Day protest in Kreuzberg district on May 1, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. May Day is a holiday in Germany traditionally dedicated to labor, with unions and political parties holding gatherings and rallies …
Carsten Koall/Getty Images

German security authorities have claimed that members of the far-left Antifa movement are preparing attacks on police officers and political opponents, including potential assassinations.

The Antifa movement in Germany and its 50 supporting groups across the country are becoming increasingly more violent, according to a report from the Federal Criminal Police Office and the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution seen by Focus magazine. They are also believed to be plotting targetted attacks.

Authorities are also concerned over allegations that some German Antifa members have travelled to northern Syria to undertake combat training with the left-wing Kurdish militia, the YPG, Focus reports.

Breitbart London has reported on Antifa links to the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the past in Germany.  In 2018, Antifa extremists admitted to firebombing a Turkish mosque in Kassel linked to the far-right Turkish Grey Wolves, an enemy of the PKK.

Earlier this year, Hamburg constitutional Judge Cornelia Ganten-Lange was linked to both Antifa and the PKK, having given lectures at the Antifa “Rote Flora” squat on representing PKK terror group members.

In June in Austria, members of the Grey Wolves clashed with both Antifa and members of the PKK in Vienna in the heavily migrant-populated Favoriten district … Continue reading >>>


Germany’s ruling party split over how to respond to AfD

Germany’s Christian Democrat party (CDU) is as deeply divided as Britain’s Labour Party over how to respond to the upsurge of nationalism. Facing a serious challenge from the nationalist (but not far right please, they are not that,) Alternative for Germany party (AFD) the CDU seems pitifully unprepared for departure of the Chancellor Merkel at a point when Germany its facing most serious political and economic crisis for decades.

Merkel Successor Unexpectedly Resigns As CDU Leader In Latest Shock To Germany’s Political Establishment

After days of rumours as scandal erupted about a deal with right-of-centre AfD, Merkel’s anointed successor, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer – better known as AKK – has confirmed she will step down as the leader of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union that has ruled Germany for two decades, and won’t run as the party’s candidate to succeed Merkel during the federal election …


German Green Party Urges Allowing 140 Million “Climate Refugees” To Migrate To West

The Green Party in Germany is currently putting forward as a policy that up to 140 million “climate refugees” should be allowed to migrate to the west and given citizenship. The question of where we would put 140 million people and what we would do with them is of course deflected. And the case that the 50 million climate refugees that were predicted tTo descend on the west, having been displaced by rising sea levels are apparently all hiding under Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility is ignored.

Germany sliding into ‘dangerous’ anti-Europe hysteria warns top economist
As Germany’s economy continues to stutter one of the country’s top economists has warned the country is desending into “anti-Europe hysteria” amid growing criticism in the country of the European Central Bank (ECB) and surging support for the Eurosceptic, anti – immigration AfD Party.

Germany sliding into ‘dangerous’ anti-Europe hysteria warns top economist
As Germany’s economy continues to stutter one of the country’s top economists has warned the country is desending into “anti-Europe hysteria” amid growing criticism in the country of the European Central Bank (ECB) and surging support for the Eurosceptic, anti – immigration AfD Party.

Germany Heading For Political Instability After EU Elections?
it may be premature to write off the AfD because it is entirely possible their supporters suffered a bout of apathy with regard to the European Parliament, being aware the European Commission will not allow any nationalist grouping to gain influence in the parliament, the Left made some astonishing gains at the expense of Merkel’s CDU and its coalition partners the CSU and SDP. The always fragile coalition is now in even more trouble …

Currency Wars: Former UN Under-Secretary-General Calls For One World Currency

In this page, we have covered US attempts to expolit its position as issurer of the global reserve currency, and the moves by China and Russia to resist that. Moves to establish the US$ as a true global currency began a long time ago with the creation of the International Monetary Fund at the Bretton Woods conference in the final months of World War 2, with Germany defeated and the world ready to split into capitalist and communist factions…

German Alarm Grows Over EU Determination To Punish Britain For Leaving
The business community and conservative politicians in Germany are becoming more annd more hostile towards the way Brussels is trying to force the UK Parliament to accept the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement as a fundamental failure of European statecraft that can lead only to a diplomatic catastrophe and long term animosity between the EU and one of Germany’s largest expot customers.

German Alarm Grows Over EU Determination To Punish Britain For Leaving
The business community and conservative politicians in Germany are becoming more annd more hostile towards the way Brussels is trying to force the UK Parliament to accept the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement as a fundamental failure of European statecraft that can lead only to a diplomatic catastrophe and long term animosity between the EU and one of Germany’s largest expot customers.

EU Very Good for Germany, Not So Much for Everybody Else

Former Ambassador to Germany Sir Paul Lever said in an interview today that Brexit will have little real impact on the European Union (EU), which is overwhelmingly controlled by Germany. Short term he may be right, but with the German economy stalling what will prop up the Brussels cash burning machine one britain is gone?

Germany: Economy crisis as growth stalls – car production crashes
Germany’s federal Government today reduced its growth forecast for the second time in two months as plunging car production figures sent shockwaves through the Eurozone. The German economy, has been propping up the economically stagnant EU for years…

Brexit has terrified ‘Brussels bubble’ – German insider

The EU elite “lost faith in their own appeal and abilities” following the Brexit referendum vote and the surge in support for nationalist parties. The knee jerk response of the Brussels bubble was to try (and fail) to punish Britain for defing Brussels in the same way as they had punished small nations like Greece, Portugal and Ireland, which in their perception was the only way to prevent the EU breaking apart.

Germany Rejects Yazidi Asylum Seekers Fleeing Persecution By Islamic Extremists
The EU’s largest nation and most powerful economy, which righteously lecturs other EU member states on the need to take refugees and asylum seekers, is taking in fewer Yazidi refugees, according to a German newspaper report. The religious minority was terrorized by the “Islamic State” during the militant group’s campaign in Iraq and Syria and hundreds, possibly thousands of Yazidi women were raped and used as sex slaves by IsIS terrorists.

Yellow Vests Protest Merkel-Macron Plan To Integrate Defence, Foreign Policy

The left wing wankerati will not doubt be screaming about racism and xenophobia when they learn of the latest exploits of the German Yellow Vest movement who were out protesting against the latest step Hausfrau – Volksfuhrer Merkel and The Boy Macron have taken towards politically integrating Germany and France, on which Original Boggart Blog and The Daily Stirrer have been following developments …

LITTLE ISTANBUL: Turkish Muslims have made Germans feel like foreigners in their own country
When Turks buy a building, they don’t allow any German people to move in. The next thing you know, there is a mosque and soon the whole neighborhood has become a ‘NO GO Zone’ for non-Muslims.


Mother Arrested in Front of Children for Calling Trans Activist a Man

In the UK’s latest and probably looniest to date example of politically correct fascism, British police arrested a mother in the presence of her children. Her Crime? She committed the heinous offence of calling a male top female transexual a man on Twitter. A judge subsequently issuing an injunction banning her from referring to the “former male identity”.

38-year-old Kate Scottow, of Hitchin, Hertfordshire, told reporters she was “arrested in my home by three officers, with my autistic ten-year-old daughter and breastfed 20-month-old son present” in comments posted to the Mumsnet online forum, according to the Mail on Sunday.

“I was then detained for seven hours in a cell with no sanitary products (which I said I needed) before being interviewed then later released under investigation… I was arrested for harassment and malicious communications because I called someone out and misgendered them on Twitter.”

The Mail on Sunday say Hertfordshire Police have confirmed the arrest, telling the newspaper: “We take all reports of malicious communication seriously.”

Specifically, Ms Scottow is said to have been arrested for “deadnaming” trans activist Stephanie Hayden, who because we cannot use his birth name will for the rest of this aritcle be known as Tony The Tranny Terrorist, during an argument over whether trans people should be able to legally change gender through a simple self-identification process with little or no medical oversight.

Tony The Tranny Terrorist first made headlines in late 2018 for launching legal proceedings against comedy writer Graham Linehan and creator of the clasic Father Ted series for using his male birth name, describing this as “a gross violation of my privacy and who gets to know this information about me… I am quite prepared to resort to the law if people cross the line.”

The Daily Stirrer has news for Tony The Tranny Terrorist, “Gross violation of your privacy my arse, you snivelling little creep, nobody gives a flying fuck about you, you are a nobody and this use of the law for the purposes of attention seeking is sad and pathetic.

Court action appears to have been taken against Scottow, also, with Deputy Judge Jason Coppel QC issuing an interim injunction against her which bans her from “referencing [Hayden] as a man” or alluding to Hayden’s “former male identity”.

Tony The Tranny Terrorist has previously backed campaigns to take down billboards sporting the dictionary definition of a woman as an “adult human female” as offensive, and to force academics who dispute whether someone born male can really become a woman to step down from university positions, according to The Times.

Gay Rights Lobby Calls for Ban on LGBT Therapy After Finding Hundreds of Health Workers Believe in a Cure
The Daily Stirrer has noted many times that sheeple on the left of the political spectrum get very confused on finding not everybody agrees with their world view. but rather than accept they are bigots they turn on those who dissent. No surprise then that gay activist working in the NHS are turning on African, middle eastern and east Europan colleagues who believe homosexuality is a sin.

Bakery Sued For Refusing to Produce Pro-Gay Marriage Cake

A Belfast bakery has been threatened with legal action after its owners refused to accept an order for a cake with the words “support gay marriage” on it. Ashers Baking Company staff at first accepted the order but it was later reviewed by the owners who deemed the cake against their Christian beliefs.

Nonconformity and Freethinking Now Considered Mental Illnesses

We’ve been here before of course, shrinks and head quacks are now trying to say everything you do can be interpreted as a sign of mental illness. Its starange but the sickets, most dysfunctional people I’ve met have been psychatrists and psychologists – perhaps they want to make the rest of us as crazy as they are

How the gay-marriage campaign has unleashed a bureaucratic assault on people’s identities

Do gooders, progressives and bleeding hearts hurl hatred at those who question gay mariage. But these politically correct fools have as usual wallowed in their own self righteousness too long without thinking of the social consequences of this law which will devalue mainstream society to set up the gay community as a precious little elite

Equality Institute: Don’t Say ‘Pregnant Women’ as ‘People of All Genders Can Fall Pregnant’

The politics of the left is the politics of insanity, we have been reporting on this for fifteen years (nine as The Daily Stirrer, before that as Little Nicky Machiavelli. And things are getting worse rather than improving. Every day we hear of some new politically correct idiocy from government or from NGOs set up … Continue reading

Homosexuality: As a liberal society we have a duty to tolderate, not celebrate

Even though the government has accepted a very limited definition of same sex marriage the gay lobby keeps raving on about the greates non issue of all time. But in a free society should we be subjected to bullying if we do not show enough enthusiasm for homosexual and lesbian relationships? When did indifference become a hate crime?

Gay and same sex marriage: The Bigotry And Intolerance Of Those Who Describe Themselves As The Liberal Left

With same sex marriage made legal in Britain we face the same kind of witch hunts against businesses that do not want to deal with beareded queens in bridal gowns as the liberal bigots and gay nazis are launching in the USA. As many of us new media common sense merchants predicted, once the principle was accepted in law, nobody would be allowed to opt out of supporting these bullies.

Primary School Teacher Forced Out For Teaching It’s OK To Be Gay

The thought police are well and truly embedded in the education system, the legal system, government and public services, everywhere you look in fact. Their dovtrines of multiculturalism and diversity and they sacred cows of human rights ad equality are suppressing freedom of speech and thought. But what do the politically correct thought police do when two of their sacred cows come into conflict …

Overeducated Elitist Snobs Go For World Domination
We have written many times with tongues in our cheeks of The New World Order but what are we talking about. Is it a conspiracy theory like The Illuminati, are there shape shifting lizards involved. We wish, but sadly it is just a concensus political movement that blurs the lines betwen old parties but hardens those betwee the political, academic and financial elite and the lowrer orders. Find out how it operates below …

These stupid laws insult the public and threaten free speech

When the law forbids us to insult or offend somebody, to insult or offend a religion, race, skin colour or sexual preference, free speech and other important democratic rights are under threat. When the law then goes on to say that anyone accused of these offences has no right to defend themselves and the word of the accuser is sufficient evidence on which to obtain a conviction then we have abandoned justice and are ruled by fascists.

Identities On day we hear stories of the idiocies perpetrated by the Politically Correct Thought Police who in their zeal for being fair to ethnic, gender and sexual minorities only succeed in being unfair to everybody. This story of a British army military tribunral and a case of discrimination against a woman soldier it is hearing reaches unprecedented levels of stupidity even for the Politically Correct idiots.

The Equalities BillThe Equalities Bill, passed by the previous Labour government before they were ejected from power becomes law today. This farrago is typical of the imbecilic mindset of the self righteous hypocrites who style themselves the progressive left. Presented as a law in support of equality in the workplace , in this era of pandemic joblessness and perpetual financial crisis it is nothing but an attack on the businesses that provide the real, wealth producing, revenue generating jobs in the private sector.

Transgender Ladies First

Daily Stirrer, February 2019


Would Hungary Be Denied EU Membership If It Applied Now?

Were Hungary to appy for EU membership now, under its current government, it would be rejected,  former NATO secretary-general and EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana has said. It’s not surprising that a democratically elected government like that of Hungary, which tries to put the welfare of its people head of the political and economic ambitions of the global elites would arrtact the ire of the European Union’s bureaucratic dictatorship, which is quite happy to endorse the accession to full membership of terrorist state Turkey, which is know to have aided and funded the activities if Islamist terror group ISIS in Syria, Iraq and Kurdistan.

Solana said his intention was to raise concerns about the “epidemic of nationalism” across the bloc. Citizens of EU nations need to unite to raise concerns about the increasing authoritarianism of the unelected bureaucrats who run the European Union.

While globalist EUronazis are worried by the actions of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Solana’s raising questions about Hungary’s EU credentials if it were currently applying for membership should be seen as a threat to member nations that do not comply with the Brussels diktat.

“With the reform of the Constitution of 2013 some of the mechanisms that limited government action on key issues were eliminated,” Solana wrote in an opinion piece for Spanish newspaper El Pais.

“Also, a state council was established with members of the party itself, to regulate the media. It has been said that if today asked Hungary for membership in the European Union, would be rejected.”

‘An Epidemic of Nationalism’

Along with Hungary, Solana also highlighted concerns he held about the direction of the government in Poland, saying an “epidemic of nationalism” had developed in the countries.

“Unfortunately, the epidemic of nationalism and anti-European sentiment has also reached these countries in Eastern Europe. Although there are many causes and countries are not easily comparable, there are two clear trends: the rise of nationalism and the decline of the rule of law.”

Instead of trying to cooperate within the EU to get their voices heard, Solana said Poland and Hungary were trying to “present European policies as challenges to their true national identity”.

Obviously Solana, like most of the elite, has a lot of trouble getting his head round the concept of democracy. Like the medieval aristocracy, who gained their position by conquest, these people think they are a superior species to the ‘downtrodden masses’. They need to be reminded very regularly that if they continue to act like dictators it is they who will be down and ‘we the people who will be doing the treading’.

German Justice Minister Runs From Stage As Angry Audience Members Yell “TRAITOR!”

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AK47 Assault Rifles Used in Sweden Pub Attack, Death Toll Expected to Rise

Immigrant led terror hits the streets of another peaceful European nation. No doubt our leftie friends will be eager to tell us this kind of shit culturally enriches our societies. Theywill of course be met with the usual Boggart blog response … Now here’s the apalling news from Sweden:

Two people have been killed, and eight seriously injured after attackers burst into a crowded pub screening a football game and opened fire in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, reports from Sweden say. It is not known if the casualty count is final.

Information from Swedish police warns that people should expect the death toll to rise over the next few hours. Witnesses described the shooting as having started extremely quickly and being over before aunybody understood what had happened. reports that, in the words of a witnesswho was in the bar at the time: “I didn’t have time to think what was happening. Then I saw that my friend was bleeding. I tried to stop the flow of blood as well as I could with my hands”.

terrorist shooting in sweden

Despite strict gun laws imposed in many European countries, the attack demonstrates the ease with which organised criminals and terrorist gangs can obtain high-powered assault rifles via criminal networks in the former Soviet republics. The weapons used in the Gothenburg attack, the motive for which has not yet been determined, are the same as the Paris Charlie Hebdo killings, and the Belgium Jewish museum shooting, among others.

Although no suspects have yet been arrested, police are reportedly saying the attack is an incidence of gang-related violence, which has been on the rise in Scandinavia, due to an influx of immigrants from lawless third world failed states. The apparent normality of such violence is summed up by the comments of one local resident who remarked that despite the fact “this is actually a quiet area” he admitted “there have been occasional shootings”.

According to Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, the conflict in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city is largely between a group of immigrant cartels, determined to capture the local drug trade. Over one fifth of all those now living in the city are immigrants, with some of the largest groups coming from Somalia, Iraq, and Iran. In Gothenburg and other Swedish cities, extortion of business owners by migrant gangs offering protection from other such gangs is becoming a fact of life for some, with police “powerless” to act. This is leading to ‘white flight’, an exodus of European residents and businesses from the cities.

War on terror omnibus
War on Terror
Immigration omnibus
Immigration marginalising white, working class population
UKIP are alone on awareness of immigration problems
Migrants swarm through EU back door along Serbia’s border with Hungary
War by Media and the Triumph of Propaganda

More Hollywood fantasy From SEAL Team Six

A couple of years ago we were treated to blanket news coverage of US Navy SEALs Team Six hitting an anonymous Pakistani pensioner the world’s most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden.

We later learned that SEAL Team Six had been almost wiped out in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan and the surviving members of the bin Laden hit squad had died untimely deaths due to unlikely events (spontaneous combustion and a bizarre gardening accident do not seem very feasible but we’re a satirical blog not an investigative journalism team).

The Bin Laden story has however been discredited by the doyen of US Investigative Journalists, Seymour Hersh so it must come as no surprise that SEAL Team Six is at it again. Their latest A Team adventure involved grabbing Al Qaeda bomber Abu Anas al-Libi from his refuge in Libya.

There is some things about this tale of derring do that strikes a false note as well. First, his name al – Libi spells alibi; second, look at the picture of the alleged terrorist mastermind below:

Terrorist mastermind
Picture source: AFP Via Daily Telegraph

Surely I can’t be the only one to notice this is a picture of Rupert Everett with a fake beard drawn on in magic marker.

A Brilliant Stand Up Comedian From Russia, Vald Putin

Boggart Blog readers know I am a fan of German stand up Henning Wehr. Many of our readers thought German comedian was a non sequitur until we introduced them to Henning.

Well now we plan to do the same for a Russian stand up comic called Vladimir Putin. Haven’t we heard that name before, you might well ask. Well yes you probably have, from his previous career as a politician and leaders of an oppressive regime of criminal oligarchs.

Val is looking forward to the day when he can quit politics however and from what we have seen so far of his satirical baiting of world leaders he will be just as successful in comedy as he has been at oppressing homosexuals and gypsies and playing mind games with American Presidents.

Vlad has an unusual technique for getting laughs mind, he does not do irony, sarcasm, wordplay or clowning, instead he goes for brutal honesty. There is a precedent for this of course, asked once what the secret of his comedy was, the great Richard Pryor said, “It’s not comedy, it’s the truth.”

For someone with a career in politics behind him Vlad Putin has a strange way of speaking straightforwardly, without all the artificial and “morally superior” airs one expects, not so much about his own record (which like a certain deceased disc jockey and his chariddee work, Vlad does not like to talk about)but his rivals’ shortcomings (which are graphically described by rent boy Larry Sinclair in his book Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies). We do not expect such directness from Western politicians.

Putin on Obama: What will he do if it turns out that the armed rebels are the ones who used weapons of mass destruction eh? Hmm? Will he bomb the people he has been arming?

On the western alliance with Al Qaeda terrorists: When we hear so much moralising about the brutal acts of Assad, why are Western leaders so eager to support cannibals in Syria.

You will not deny that one does not really need to support the people who not only kill their enemies, but open up their bodies, eat their intestines in front of the public and cameras. Are these the people you want to support? Is it them who you want to supply with weapons? Then this probably has little relation to humanitarian values that have been preached in Europe.

Warming to his theme the hard hitting Russian asked another equally important and straightforward question — the sort of question so full of common sense that most Western politicians never expect to hear a fellow politician asking (and, as usual, one the Western media have failed to report on, though Arabic and far eastern media are full of it).

but wait, there’s more, he told an audience already helpless with laughter. There is another question: if it turns out that the armed rebels are the ones who used weapons of mass destruction, what will the Presdident Obama, Mr. Kerry and United States do with the rebels? Will it attack them? And what will it do with those sponsoring the rebels and supplying arms? Will it attack those states that sponsor terrorism? Will Obama and Kerry order the US military to attack themselves? Will they order cruise missile strikes on American cities?

This is spun from Putin’s remarks made in a video posted by RT (with translated soundtrack) regarding what the U.S. would do if it turns out the rebels used chemical weapons (see it here).


The Terrorist States -But Are They Still United?

Obama And Kerry Caught Lying On Syria and UN Weapons Inspectors

“… In the evening, details emerged of the committee’s revisions to a the White House’s proposals for a military authorisation. They set a window limited to 60 days for military action – during which Obama could order the limited, tailored strikes he has foreshadowed – while allowing for a single 30-day extension subject to conditions. Democrat committee chairman Bob Menendez and his Republican counterpart Bob Corker also added a provision banning any use of US armed forces on the ground in Syria.’

In 60 days, let alone 90, US missile strikes could have destroyed Assad’s military capability to such an extent that the US-funded-and-armed Al-Qaeda ‘rebels’, who have chopped up their victims and eaten their body parts, would be able to conquer the country.

This is the real reason why they are so desperate to attack Syria and the ‘chemical weapons’ lie is just the excuse.

As for a ban on ‘troops on the ground’, US military personnel have been in the region since long before the civil war began covertly training their ‘Al-Qaeda’ puppets for the assault on the Assad regime and you don’t need thousands of troops in Syria to destroy its defence systems – just a barrage of missile strikes which is exactly what they plan to do.”

Obama, Kerry, Syria, Chemical Weapons

Bombing Syria is not about Chemical weapons, it is really aimed at taking out Assad’s military capability and opening the door for an attack on Iran. The plan is to soften up Assad’s army so the Western-armed, fundedand trained ‘rebels’ can conquer the country for the financial – industrial (filthy capitalist) powers that covertly control them.

Like it says here


‘General Jack Keane, a former vice chief of staff of the US Army, told BBC Radio 4 that he had spoken to senior Republican senators who had been briefed by the US president on Monday, and had been assured that Mr Obama planned to do significant damage to the forces of Bashar al-Assad …

… Gen. Keane said he understood Mr Obama was planning a more substantial intervention in Syria than had previously been thought, with increased support for the opposition forces, including training from US troops. He said the plans could involve “much more substance than we were led to believe”.’

And those of you who have wrung your hands, bled your hearts, wiled and gnashed your teeth about humanitarian intervention, have a look at the kind of humanitarian regime The Obamessiah is hoping to install in place of Assad.

US-Backed Terrorists Behead 24 Syrians Including Three Month Old Baby

‘Al-Qaeda linked terrorists in Syria have beheaded all 24 Syrian passengers traveling from Tartus to Ras al-Ain in northeast of Syria, among them a mother and a 40-days old infant.

Gunmen from the terrorist Islamic State of Iraq and Levant stopped the bus on the road in Talkalakh and killed everyone before setting the bus on fire.

According to media reports, the attack was carried out because the passengers who were from three different villages in Ras al-Ain, supported anti-terrorist Kurdish groups which were formed recently to defend Kurdish population against anti-Syria terrorists.’

US Backed Terrorists Behead 40, Including a Baby In Syria


Seeking Asylum, Seeking Asylum (part 2)

Seeking Asylum, Seeking Asylum (part 1)

Thousands Protest Against Australia’s Harsh Treatment Of Asylum-Seekers

‘More than 3,000 people gathered at Sydney Town Hall before marching along George Street on Sunday. The pro-asylum activists chanted slogans against the government’s new plan on refugees.

“The purpose of today [rally] … was to send a clear message that what they (the government) are doing is wrong,” media outlets quoted one of the organizers as saying.

Also on July 22, protesters staged a rally in Sydney’s suburb to object to the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s tough policy against asylum-seekers. The group of activists gathered outside the venue where Rudd was to brief his colleagues about the new policy.’

Now join in the Boggart Blog Asylum Seeker song:

Once a Aussie coastguard patrolled a remote shore
up in the Northern Territory
When he came upon an A-rab lying at the water’s edge.
“You’ve come a – seeking Asylum with me”

Seeking asylum, seeking asylum
You’ve come a seeking asylum with me
You’re not a refugee, you’re a bloody terrorist,,
Don’t come a – seeking asylum with me

“Please” said the fellahin, “give me a drink of water,
I’m just a kurd who yearns to be free.”
“Kurdish my arshole, you are bloody Taliban,
Don’t come a – seeking asylum with me.”


Seeking asylum, seeking asylum
You’ve come a seeking asylum with me
You’re not a refugee, you’re a bloody terrorist,
Don’t come a – seeking asylum with me

Up jumped the Arab, tried to make a run for it.
If he reached the outback he would be free.
A passing Aborigine felled him with a boomerang,
“Don’t come a – seeking asylum with me


Seeking asylum, seeking asylum
You’ve come a seeking asylum with me
You’re not a refugee, you’re a bloody terrorist,,
Don’t come a seeking asylum with me

Along came the coastguard, cuffed the little arab man,
left him tied up by a coolibah tree,
saying “I’ll be back soon, bringing reinforcements,
Don’t come a seeking asylum with me.”


Seeking asylum, seeking asylum
You’ve come a seeking asylum with me
You’re not a refugee, you’re a bloody terrorist,,
Don’t come a seeking asylum with me

Off went the coastguard, returning in a humvee,
with him rode troopers, one, two, three.
They shot down the refugee, said he was a terrorist,
Don’t come a – seeking asylum with me.


Seeking asylum, seeking asylum
You’ve come a seeking asylum with me
You’re not a refugee, you’re a bloody terrorist,,
Don’t come a seeking a – sy – lum – with – me

Immigration CompositeLatest Posts

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The Thoughts of Ed Snowden

via Before Its News:

One the sycophantic, tyranny friendly mainsteam media:

“Journalists should ask a specific question: since these programs began operation shortly after September 11th, how many terrorist attacks were prevented SOLELY by information derived from this suspicionless surveillance that could not be gained via any other source? Then ask how many individual communications were ingested to achieve that, and ask yourself if it was worth it. Bathtub falls and police officers kill more Americans than terrorism, yet we’ve been asked to sacrifice our most sacred rights for fear of falling victim to it.”

And on members of the US political elite who have leveled the traitor charge against him:

“It’s important to bear in mind I’m being called a traitor by men like former Vice President Dick Cheney. This is a man who gave us the warrantless wiretapping scheme as a kind of atrocity warm-up on the way to deceitfully engineering a conflict that has killed over 4,400 and maimed nearly 32,000 Americans, as well as leaving over 100,000 Iraqis dead. Being called a traitor by Dick Cheney is the highest honor you can give an American, and the more panicked talk we hear from people like him, [Democratic Senator Dianne] Feinstein, and [Republican Senator Peter]King, the better off we all are. If they had taught a class on how to be the kind of citizen Dick Cheney worries about, I would have finished high school.”
“All I can say right now is the US Government is not going to be able to cover this up by jailing or murdering me. Truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped.”

And the country in most trouble is …

We’re in trouble, France is in trouble, Italy is in trouble but what’s new about that? Greece is in bigger trouble than any of those and Spain is in even bigger trouble than Greece. We live in a troubled world.

Nowhere, however, is in as much trouble as the USA where half the poulation are insane and the other half are completely bonkers (or so it seems from reading American media).

This terrifying story confirms it:

Thousands of American teen girls are madly in lust with Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar “Jahar” Tsarnaev, 19 — and leading a social-media movement to exonerate him from blowing people up “because he’s soooooooo cute.”.

Swooning teenage girls will not accept allegations that the bushy-haired college kid — whom they refer to by his nickname, “Jahar” — and his brother, Tamerlan, 26, killed three and maimed hundreds by setting off bombs at the April 15 race and killed an MIT police officer during the ensuing manhunt. “But he couldn’t do those things, he’s cute,” they protest.

While some scrawl the hashtag “#FreeJahar” on their hands with markers, an 18-year-old named Alisha from Topeka, Kansas, is going to the extreme — she wants the Dzhokhar brother’s words under the skin on her arm forever.

She tweeted “Getting one of Jahar’s tweets tattooed on me tomorrow. Guess you could say I’m a #FreeJahar supporter.”

The tatted-up teen, Alisha, who Jahar might kick out of bed for farting because … well let’s say I’ve seen better looking girls, or perhaps for being an immodest woman because fanatics tend to be funny like that, told reporters she would put Tsarnaev’s April 7 tweet on her upper inside of her arm. It will read,

“If you have the knowledge and the inspiration all that’s left is to take action.” Somebody should take action and get her sectioned. Or kidnap her and hold her captive for ten years.


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