Deep In The Frozen Green Heart Of Texas …

As Texas recovers from the “white out” triggered by an unusually powerful polar vortex, which led to heavy snowfalls as far south as Dallas, and freezing weather all over the state, power outages caused by windless days in which wind turbines in the state’s vast wind farms froze up because they could not be kept turning, and the photovolaic cells in snow covered solar panels were useless, the usual suspects crawled out of the woodwork to push the idiotic green energy agenda.
The Demented clown, Joe (Groper) Biden took a break from dreaming of little girls’ budding titties and the retarted shit-for-brains Alexandria Ocasio – Cortez claimed that if her Green New Deal plan (which would make the USA a client state of communist China,) would have prevented the disaster. Both these morons insisted that freak weather had nothing to do with problems in Texas and the crisis occurred only because the state did not have enough green energy.

Amaxingly both of them are still considred clinically sane.

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A Texas Sized Green Power Failure.. In Texas, the cold snap and power outages have finally abated.

For nearly a week millions of Texans suffered power blackouts during severely cold weather. Water was out as well. For awhile, Texas was plunged into the Dark Ages. Part of the problem is America’s crumbling infrastructure. It is something President Trump addressed. He wanted to build new power plants, airports, bridges, and highways. Instead we have Biden carrying on Obama’s work of destroying America for the benefit of socialism and our enemy, China.

Biden’s regime did not want Texans to resort to emergency measures and burn more fossil fuels. Instead they had to rely on malfunctioning wind and solar farms, which proved ineffectual.

It’s a bitter cold irony that Texas is rich in oil, yet the power still went out and for those who did get power, their electric bills skyrocketed.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said her new Green New Deal would have helped to prevent the blackouts in Texas. It’s illogical for her to believe that climate change, global warming, and white supremacy are causing blackouts, but logic isn’t illuminating the socialist mind of AOC.


Extinction Rebellion Wants To Destroy Civilization, Not Just Fossil Fuels
Readers may find it hard to believe but while our attention has been focused on the coronavirus pandemic, other things have been happening. Recently the eco – crusties of EkSTIMKtion Rebellion have elbowed their way back into out consciousness and now, with Antifa and Black Lives Matter, form an unholy trinity of Marxist seditionist groups intent not only on destroying capitalism but destroying civilisation …

Worst polluting coal and wood fires banned in fight to cut emissions
Domestic coal and certain types of wood are to be banned from sale from next year in a bid to cut air pollution, ministers will announce on Friday.

Is Hatred Of Greta Thunberg Justified?
As the backlash against the Greta Thunberg cult gathers momentum a lot of lefties are asking why the little Climate Warriorette is so hated by so many people. As usual with the left, they are asking the wrong question. Just as they asked, “Why can’t you believe the scientists, when in fact not only is it always legitimate (and scientific,) to question and challenge scientific theory, so it is perfectly rational and logical to challenge the Cult of Saint Greta ….

Ruling Elites support Extinction Rebellion plan for Marxist world to ‘fight climate change’
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Why Are The World Government Schemes, Agenda 21 and Agends 30 blanked by big media?
Since the early days on the old platform we have from time to time raised the issues of Agenda 21 and Agenda 30, The New World Order, and the push for a global, authoritarian, socialist government. Any mention of these things in online forums is certain to get the author accused of being a conspiracy theorist, a right wing extremist, a nutcase, a young earth creationist and much worse.

Greta Thunberg Slams Australia for Coal Industry, Expands List of Climate Demands
Little Greta Thunberg, who was elected by nobody apparently now speaks for us all on matters relating to climate change. The Swedish climate change hustler who is making a fortune for her handlers from donations to her campaign, again castigated Australia for continuing to mine and export coal despite her previous complaints, adding a call for an end worldwide to the actibity to her list of climate demands to be delivered at the upcoming World Economic Forum in Davos …

Another Kick In The Bollocks For Warmageddonists And CAGWARTS*
I’ve had many arguments with the Warmageddonists, the people who have been saying that if we did not shut down all coal, oil and gas related activites the earth was going to turn into a giant furnace and we would all burn. When the scaremongering first started, the deadline for frying was “after dinner”. Then it got to “Tomorrow …… or the day after tomorrow perhaps,” then “next year”, “before 2050,” and eventually “soon.”

What if man-made climate change is all in the mind?
If our view of reality is shaped by the mind and our perceptions of information, how successful are attempts to manipulate the perceptions of the whole populations through manipulated data, spin and assertions of authority likely to be. As scientists and politicians moan that the public no longer take sertiously climate change scare stories, we have to conclude, not very.

Meteorologists Begin To Admit To Climate Engineering
The freethinkers and Libertarians of New Media have been questioning the pseudoscientific certainties of the global warming lobby for a long time. During that often acrimonious process (because the Global Warming lobby are ever bit as organised and as driven by blind hatred of those who question them as the Bearded Queens In Bridal Gowns lobby) and most of us have been accused of infanticide, genocide and worse. At last the respectable climate scientists (the ones who didn’t sell their arse for the corporate dollar) are speaking, and the media are listening.

Mad Scientists Now In A Race To Create Human – Animal Hybrids
Scientists all over the world are busy creating extremely bizarre human-animal chimeras. Once again The Daily Stirrer has to say “We told you so”. There is something very creepy and sinister embedded in the typical scientists desire to play God. It is a complete, psychopathic disregard for moral boundaries. If we can do it that …

UK Offshore Windfarms Produce More Rust and CO2 Than Electricity
A private case going through a British court of arbitration at the moment involves two very large supply organisations. Unfortunately the case is being heard away from the prying eyes and radar like ears of the media. A 1996 Act Of Parliament enabled such things as a way to free up Court time taken up by complex technical disputes…. And, perhaps, to keep embarrassing truths away from …

Doctors may withhold treatment from patients with “green lifestyle issues.”
A few weeks ago an item on the BMA’s website linked to the “Doctors against climate change” group of the doctors’ trade union. This body of medico-environmental socialist – utopians stated …
The Two Faces Of The Politics Of Failure
What a mess the modern way of doing politics based on a politically correct consensus and social engineering has produced. The daily stirrer looks at how the bipolar left – right divide stops things getting better rather than helping get the developed world back on track.

Green Policies Will Not Save The Planet But Are Costing Poor Families The Earth>
Politicians bleat sabout the plight of the poor then press on with their clean, green, sustainable energy policies which include stealth taxes to subsidise expensive and inefficient wind turbine and solar panel power generators. Can they not see it is the green agenda that is driving up inflation …[Environment]

Solar Storm Armageddon: Will This Be What Makes Warmageddonists Shut T F UP
An eruption on the surface of the sun, aka solar storn will send a flood of highly charged particles towards earth. Satellite communications and other technology might suffer sone disruption but the best thing about it is from here in the north of England we will be able to see the Aurora.

The Danish Experience – Problems With Wind Power And The Truth About Turbines
The truth about wind turbines, their real efficiency as opposed to the hyperbolic claims of clean sustainable energy firms and their lobbyists, politically correct politicians and green activists and how wind farm operators have been given a licence to pick the pockets of taxpayers

Before you can polish a turd you must first pick it up.

Still being lazy I’m afraid. I got this from a friend in Texas and think it is brilliant…

There is an annual contest at Texas A&M University calling for the most appropriate definition of a contemporary term. This year’s term was “Political Correctness.”

The winner wrote:
“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

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If There Weren’t Any Canadians You’d Have To Invent Them

If some of the gags in this seem a little laboured, its probably because it was written for an American audience. I couldn’t be arsed doing anything original today cos its been a shite day, if fact what I saw through the window at midday could hardly be described as daylight.

About thirty – five years ago a television drama imprinted itself on the national consciousness here in Britain because of the insight it gave into racial. It was titled “If There Weren’t Any Blacks You’d Have To Invent Them,” and described how a whole mythology of difference had been built around the fact that some people have darker skin than others.

In the past few days I have been intrigued by a news story emerging from a district attorney’s office Texas. It seems a memo sent by an assistant DA to a prosecutor congratulated him on overcoming “a subversive defence that had some Canadians on the jury feeling sorry for the defendant.

Had I read this literally it would have been quite surprising to learn of Canadians sitting on a jury in Texas., however is spite of having seen “Canadians” being used as a derogatory term before I had not encountered its meaning “black people.”

There are many reasons why America’s Rabid Right, particularly those down in the Bible Belt would want to disparage Canadians; their irreligiousness, laid back attitude, strict laws on gun ownership, tolerant attitude to abortion and their anti war stance to name but a few. And there is also the irritating fact that like the Irish and Swedes, Canadians are sure of a warm welcome anywhere in the world simply because their country does not stomp around the globe pissing off other nations. But why use “Canadians” as a term for wogs*.

Well the point of that TV drama, in which the main characters were a blind man, a man who refused to open his eyes thus needing to be led by the bind man, and a man who insisted on walking backwards. The allegory is clear, there are many ways of refusing to see what is going or around us. And what reminded me of the play in that court case down in Texas is the way “Canadians have been drafted in as a convenient cover for all those words some people resent not being allowed to use to categorise people we dislike, distrust or find threatening. Of course I could be judging those Texans harshly, I know lots of Texans who are charming and perfectly reasonable people, but it is also possible that many from the Lone Star State have not only never stepped across America’s northern border or even seen a Canadian and so they assume Canadians must be different. If not they would be Americans, and every Texan knows Mexicans are different but Mexicans are easy to spot. Silly Hats, silly accents and silly moustaches, no problemo.

Bearing in mind it is The Bible Belt we are talking about, an area where black Americans might think it foolish to stray out of their own neighbourhood, there are precedents for people in isolated communities thinking strangers with a different physical appearance are something frightening or exotic. The native people of the Caribbean Islands and central America mistook the Spanish Conquistadors for Gods and the people of some Islands in the Indian Ocean thought the first Dutch sailors they encountered were demons. So is it any wonder some Texans think black people are Canadians, after all Canada must seem like a distant and almost mythical land to folk so detached from civilised society they have gone beyond having eyebrows that meet in the middle and now have eyes that meet in the middle.

The only thing this proves is when a problem goes that deep it is going to take a lot more than empty talk about dreams, visions, hope and change to tackle it head on.

* Workers On Government Service