A Degree Of Punishment

A charity that campaigns and works for prison reform has said that prison officers should be required to have a University degree.

Successfully completing a degree course in beating people lightly with iron bars, administering electric shocks and performing body cavity searches will give applicants the necessary skills to do the challenging jobs on offer in the prison service.

Being the very essence of enlightened liberalism Boggart Blog would take this suggestion even further. We suggest that as well as having written a ten thousand word thesis on why it is a very bad idea to leave ladders propped against the perimeter wall, wannabe officers should also be trained in handling fierce dogs and the most effective ways of swinging a baseball bat with nails through the end.

Our mole in the Department of Trade, Industry and Organised Crime tells us if the idea is taken up the only jobs available to people who do not have a degree will be digging holes and filling them in again on a Government welfare to work scheme.

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