No Flag, No Country

Now then. China. They are generally unhappy about anything relating to the Dalai Lama, spitting in the direction of any country who welcomes a visit from him. This week they are unhappy about the Dalai Lama’s visit to typhoon hit Taiwan in a bid to give hope and reassurance to survivors. Taiwan is home to millions of Buddhists and Tibetan exiles, and China has considered it as a renegade state until a recent change in government.

The Chinese government has branded The Dalai Lama a ‘separatist’ using the pretence of peace and religion to split the country and gain independance for Tibet. Separatist is not the word I would use for the Dalai Lama, and Buddhism is not a religion that can be used to stir up violence, hatred and war (Buddhism’s the peaceful one, about love, and peace, and karma).

Call me old fashioned, but technically Tibet is (or should be), by rights, and independant country full of peaceful Buddhists.

Apparently during the 2nd Ming period, King Ming visited his mates in Tibet where one drunken monk pledged ‘Tibet’ as he went all in in a poker game (he was only a minor monk, with no actual claim to the land, but King Ming did not bother to check this) King Ming won the game and placed a Ming flag outside the pub to claim the land for China. Then he got pissed all the way back to his homeland and completely forgot to tell anyone about it until thousands of years later, The Chinese Government found ‘documents’ proving that Tibet was actually a part of China, thanks to King Ming. China set off with another flag (just in case) and an arsenal of weapons, and basically kicked the shit out of an entirely peaceful nation. Anyone who tried to stand up and say ‘Now, hang on just a minute, lets talk about this’, only got as far as ‘Now, hang…’

The Dalai Lama has lived in exile with his government in India for many years now, and as for the Panchen Lama; well, when recognised as the reincarnation of the Panchen Lama at age 5, he was taken from his family, his parents arrested, and he has never been seen again. No doubt he is being brought up with no knowledge of his background, Buddhism, or even Tibet.

No, separatist not the right word. Peaceful monk who prays for people and hopes for a better future. And he never has a pop at the Chinese.

NB, China, pay attention here: its the same the world over, the diginified silent party always wins out in the end…(check Peter Andre and Katie Price if you don’t believe me – talentless piece of wood Andre is well on the way to becoming a national hero while Price is heading for prize as nation’s most hated!)

With thanks to Mr Izzard for flag ref – see the monologue on You Tube.

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Disappearing borders

Ghengis Khan was the father of globalisation, say academics meeting in China to mark the 800th anniversary of the founding of the Mongol empire.
“Civilisations became linked,” Hao Shiyaun, of the Academy of Social Sciences told the China Daily.
“This is what globalisation features..disappearing borders.”

Ah, like the border between China and Tibet that diappeared?