Virgin Mary Appears Up A Tree

A knot hole on a tree that resembles the Virgin Mary (video: ITN News) is luring hundreds of gullible folk believers to the junction of 60th Street and Bergenline Avenue, where are finding hope and faith in the image that was discovered on Tuesday by a woman who was passing by.

Police have erected barricades and sectioned off the tree, which was surrounded by bouquets of flowers and burning candles, while priests studied the bark.

Local woman Mary Alnodovar insists that it’s a miracle: “I’ve been here for many years and it’s not the sort of thing you see every day on West 60th Street. That’s why I got surprised and I tell my friend, ‘You got to go. You got to go see.’ It’s not a lie. It’s true what you see over there.”

Well as divine apparitions go it’s better than Jesus on a pancake but not as good as Boggart Blog’s favourite story of Tommy Cooper appearing in a pie.

It may be Jesus but it’s not staying in my house
Baby Bible Basher
A Pale Horse

In desperate need of a laugh

Oh gawd, what a weekend. After a terrible week when crisis was piled on crisis, things went from shit to shittier over the weekend. Riots in Tottenham, debt crisis in the Euro zone and America, escalating violence in the middle east, inflation, high unemployment, lousy weather and The X Factor is about to return.

I reckon everybody must be as desperate for a laugh as I am.

Well here’s a link to a page of Tommy Cooper’s one liners.

Germany says no to Eurobonds

Jesus Of IKEA

It has taken us a while to catch up with this very exciting story in fact if Ian’s wife, a complete technophobe,had not made him log onto the IKEA site to order something for her we might well have missed it altogether.

Jesus has appeared in a door in the customer toilets at Ikea, Glasgow. Now if you take a look you might think this is more like Davros frm Dr. Who or one of the guys from ZZ Top after a night on the Tequila but experts assure us it is Jesus. Suspend disbelief OK.

In the past we have brought you news of Jesus popping up all over the place, in loaves of bread, chocolate cakes, sliges of toast, the head on a pint of Guinness and many more places including we are told though we don’t believe it, a funny mentalist church in the US Bible belt and most surprisingly in the acned face of a Co – Op supermarket shelf stacker.

We have also reported Elvis manifestations, not down the chip – shop as one might expect but in a Starbucks in London, a birthmak on a lap dancers bottom, the moon (sic), various comestibles and a medieval map of Shropshire.

None of these Jesus and Elvis manifestations can compare however to the apparition of Tommy Cooper in a pie which we reported a few weeks ago. Check out our Tommy Cooper story or go straight to unexplained phenomena pictures from The Daily Telegraph.

Boggart Blog always likes to be ahead of the news so we apologise to readers for this uncharacteristic lapse and will endeavour to do better in future.

It may be the face of Jesus but it’s not staying in my house