Death by Burger – Torture Or Game Show

Todays surprise news story was an item about Japanese cops being forced to eat fifteen burgers at at time to fatten toughen them up. What kind of crazy idea is it that eating burgers will toughen people up. It’s the kind of thing the Japanese do for fun or to win prizes.

Anyone remember Endurance, the Japanese game show regularly featured on Clive James On Television. Clive’s sardonic comments and references to the “screaming front man” were the perfect counterpoint to scences of people willingly allowing themselves to be subjected to: starvation and then forced to watch as tasty dinners were served to dogs; being sprayed with ice cold water from high pressure hoses, eating raw sheeps brains overseasoned with tabasco while standing on their heads; sit in a bath of cockroaches; hit in the bollocks with a cannonball and more bizarre tests, some as painful as being forced to listen to Bruce Forsyth telling jokes.

Compared to those things, eating fifteen burgers is a piece of cake (unless you are allergic to cake of course)

Remind yourself of the fun and excitement of Endurance by watching this video, or checkout the search listing below. These people make the idiots behind Jackass look like a bunch of pussies.

ENDURANCE: CATFISH, CACTI AND HOT SAND – Clive Janes show (sorry, can’t embed the video, it is copyright protected – you’ll have to follow the link.

MORE Endurance lunacy (search results for Endurance “Clive James” video)

Great post from The Daily Mash today:
Peanut allergic People Have To Find Something Else To Go On About

An obituary for a wonderful mother – erm, well OK, a shit mother

You’ve never seen an obit like this, from The Reno Gazette – Journal, a local paper in the USA; the story was picked up by USA Today: (h/t Kimberley Ripley, for bringing it to my attention.

A scathing obituary written about an elderly Reno woman is unlikely akin to anything you have ever read. There was nothing kind or even remotely memorializing about it. It sends a very distinct message about child abuse.

According to a report, one of Marianne Theresa Johnson-Reddick’s surviving adult children wrote the obituary and it appeared both in the print edition and online.

“She is survived by six of her eight children whom she spent her lifetime torturing in every way possible…,” the obituary reads. It goes on to describe how the 78-year-old woman tortured her children.

Daughter Katherine Reddick is just one of those surviving children–and the author of the obituary. It’s clear she spent a lifetime enduring the wrath of her late mother.

Read this scathing obituary in its entirety to get an idea of just how vile a woman Marianna Theresa Johnson-Reddick must have been. And after doing so you will likely be grateful for the people in your life who have treated you with kindness. Hopefully your obituary or that of anyone else you may know won’t read anything at all like Johnson-Reddick’s did.

The Obit
Marianne Theresa John­son-Reddick born Jan 4, 1935 and died alone on August 30, 2013. She is sur­vived by her 6 of 8 children whom she spent her lifetime torturing in every way pos­sible. While she neglected and abused her small chil­dren, she refused to allow anyone else to care or show compassion towards them. When they became adults she stalked and tortured anyone they dared to love. Everyone she met, adult or child was tortured by her cruelty and exposure to violence, criminal activity, vulgarity, and hatred of the gentle or kind human spirit.

On behalf of her children whom she so abrasively ex­posed to her evil and vio­lent life, we celebrate her passing from this earth and hope she lives in the after­life reliving each gesture of violence, cruelty, and shame that she delivered on her children. Her surviv­ing children will now live the rest of their lives with the peace of knowing their nightmare finally has some form of closure.

Most of us have found peace in helping those who have been exposed to child abuse and hope this message of her final the delightful passing can re­vive our message that abus­ing children is unforgive­able, shameless, and should not be tolerated in a “hu­mane society”. Our greatest wish now, is to stimulate a national movement that mandates a purposeful and dedicated war against child abuse in the United States of America.

Read more about how the delightful Ms. Reddick abused her kids, stole from he friends and ran a brothel from her home at Inside Edition.

Outrage! Obama Tortures Cameron

Boggart Blog has reported previously and with great relish that U. S. President Barack Obama despises Britain. Until yeaterday the most recent calculated insult was the way he stabbed us in the back over the Falkland Islands controversy.

Now however he is guilty of arranging for the British Prime Minister to be tortured. What’s more, in the style of his political inspiration, the Roman Emperor Caligula, Obama made a public spectacle of humiliating Dave.

David Cameron might be a tosser but he’s our tosser and to make him publicly endure torture is no diferent than doing the same to a national treasure, Ronnie Corbett say, or Dame Judi Dench. Boggart Blog has always been patriotic and will not stand for this, we even defended Gordon Brown against Bammy’s insults.

What did Bammy inflict on poor Dave? He made the P M watch a basketball game. Now basketball, a game played mostly by seven foot tall homosexuals though said to be the fastest game in the world is actually the most boring. What happens is this:

Team A gets the ball, they bounce it and pass it around a bit, then run up the court and throw it through a hoop.

Then Team B get the ball, they bounce it and pass it around a bit then run up the other end and throw it through a hoop. This goes on until scores in the region of 1,046,882 to 1,046,880 are run up.

It is about as entertaining as watchiong a game of billiards which is somewhat less entertaining than watching lettuce go limp.

Bammy says that in return Dave can take him to a cricket match. What? When polayers like Alistair Cook and Jimmy Anderson are in form the excitement would be too much for him.

No, they only way to get back at the Yanks fort this is to take the President to a bowls tournament.

Life On Mars, A Guide To Modern Policing

It seems just as some people thought Kevin Turvey, investigative journalist, aka Rik Mayall; and Alan Partridge, radio DJ and chat show host, aka Steve Coogan, were real people, so some officers in the Met appear to have thought Life on Mars was a guide to good policing techniques.
Apparently two gentlemen of Nigerian extraction, funny that, claim that one was waterboarded, just like in Guantanamo Bay, and the other had his head shoved down the toilet whilst the officer holding him pulled the chain.
The problem with this of course is that the story has got out.
Obviously the alleged victims were not scared enough; that wouldn’t have happened back in Gene’s day.
So, as a special treat, some more advice for the boys in blue from DCI Gene Hunt:

A signed confession covered in the signatories blood will not stand up in court.

And of course you mustn’t forget to read them their rights:

Anything you say will be taken down, ripped up and shoved down your scrawny little throat until you choke to death.

All right Lads? Get it right next time.