In desperate need of a laugh

Oh gawd, what a weekend. After a terrible week when crisis was piled on crisis, things went from shit to shittier over the weekend. Riots in Tottenham, debt crisis in the Euro zone and America, escalating violence in the middle east, inflation, high unemployment, lousy weather and The X Factor is about to return.

I reckon everybody must be as desperate for a laugh as I am.

Well here’s a link to a page of Tommy Cooper’s one liners.

Germany says no to Eurobonds

Anarchy in the UK

So what’s the difference between anarchists protesting spontaneously about injustice, over zealous policing, rising prices, unemployment and the political incompetence that created the debt crisis and is responsible for failure to deal with it and a bunch of theiving scumbags beaking into shops, trahing them, stealing stuff and torching the building?


None apparently.

(Image from The Guardian: Read full story on Looting In Tottenham
I suppose I should take this opportunity to redo my favourite joke:

After a disturbance in Tottenham, London last night there were reports of gangs roaming the streets playing medieval stringed instruments. Police acknowledged there had been widespread looting.

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