Eurovision Bearded Lady, A Victory For Leftist Hypocrisy

What a gay day, as the wonderful Larry Grayson used to quip. The bearded transvestite who won Eurovision has inspired much ribald humour, mostly outside the M25 it has to be said, while the hairy testicled ladies and limp wristed eunuchs inside the tarmac border of the the land of metrosexuality seem to think the ever more risible Eurovision Song Contest, by choosing a wierdo winner has struck a blow for … erm, something.

And of course the very best way to wind up lefties is to take the piss out of one of their politically correct darlings. So we had a field day with Conchita Wurst and his superfluous sausage.

Actually what it struck a blow for was hypocrisy. While media luvvies blubbered about how wonderful it was that “the people of Europe could unite behind such a brave contestant who dared to be different, some nations who thought their entries had had a rough deal were less than happy. And rightly so, if the bookies hadn’t stopped taking bets on who would win as soon as the bearded transvestite was announced, I would have placed a substantial wager on the bloke in a frock for the simple reason that in the Left’ Liberal Progressive Brave New Weird we live in, the behaviour of those creative and imaginative media types is utterly predictable so bearded lady with a dick could not possibly lose. Unfortunately William Hill, Ladbrokes, Corals, Paddy Power, Victor Chandler and Fred Done all knew this too.

Great isn’t it, how the luvvies who claim intellectual and moral superiority over those who are not reality challenged with always behave as a herd.

Conchita said as she accepted the trophy . ‘We are unity and we are unstoppable’. (Unity? George Orwell called it something else.) Unstoppable was right though, he – yes let’s use the dreaded ” H ” Word, Conchita has a dick – could only have lost against two bearded, Black African, Muslim ladies or a black, Irish, dwarf, crack addicted one legged lesbian, bipolar single parent.

Just help me out here, wasn’t a similar speech once given by another Austrian freak who sported considerably less facial hair.

Just as a matter of interest and because I know there are some people labouring under the misapprehension that the winner is decided by popular vote, WRONG! Its 50/50 public vote and panels of media luvvies experts. The Poles, who won the popular vote by a distance while the panel vote was unanimous, as if they had all been given instructions if you know what I mean possums. Some blabbermouth in Poland leaked that fact today.

I reckon we should all boycott the BBC and put the fuckers out of work, they’ve been taking the piss too long. But then I’ve been lobbying for us to pull out of the Eurovision fiasco for thirty years or more. Calling it a song contest is fraud.

Whether Tom Chivers Is A Science Writer, A Hack Journalist Or A Cunt Is A Matter Of Semantics

The Price of not getting your priorities right

The previous post was about the importance of getting our priorities right. Now we move on to the price of not getting our priorities right.

the price of not getting our priorities right

Yes, when posing for sexy glamour shots, transvestites must remember to keep their dangly bits under control.


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Transvestite and dog sex story: An apology.

Last week we brought you a story of a transvestite and a dog having sex at Pendennis Castle in Cornwall.

Even an organisation as committed to fact checking and honest reporting as Boggart Blog has always been can get things wrong from time to time. We therefore acknowledge that in suggesting the transvestite had forced himself on the dog we were completely wrong. For this we apologise unreservedly.

What we reported as the outrageous exploitation of an animal was in fact a consensual act between two. Cage fighting drag queen Alex Reid said he and his wife Katie Price enjoy outdoor frolics and the chance of getting caught adds to the excitement.

Boggaret Blog Award For Stating The Effing Obvious

A transvestite had sex with a dog in the moat of an English Heritage castle.

The cross-dressing man was caught with the animal in the dry moat of King Henry VIII’s Pendennis Castle overlooking Falmouth Bay in Cornwall.

The 33-year-old mounted the pet after it chased him out of sight of its woman owner.

A spokesman for English Heritage said, “This is a very rare incident.”

Hat tip to Dick Puddlecoat for that one

Transvestite Cage Fighters In Kerfuffle

No guest blogger from the Conservative Party conference today. I drafted one but then our blog co-author Cleo Hart arrived home from her summer job in Majorca and everything got stood on its head.

So while I catch up with my daughter and her lurid travellers tales please amuse yourselves with the story of a bunch of thugs down in Walkes who attacked a couple of Transvetites only to find the trannies were a pair of cage fighters in drag on their way to a fancy dress party.

Now you might think it strange that a man in drag oon his way to a party would walk through the streets in high heels, evening dresses and full make up but I guess cage fighters don’t give a shit what suspicions the rest of us might have. 🙂

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