DSK Trial: Former IMF Boss And Pimp Provides Fun

Femen protesters brave winter temperatures to grab another photo-op at the DSK trial (image course)

Former future French President and IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn faced some tough judicial questioning at his trial for aggravated pimping, The elitist sex addict was ordered to explicitly detail his history of “libertine” sexual practices.

Strauss-Kahn who has entered not guilty please to all charges, claiming he had no way of knowing the women who took part in his sex orgies at luxury hotels in Paris, Brussels and Washington, weren’t freely consenting libertines like himself, but in fact prostitutes paid for by some of his 13 co-defendants in the case (and untimately by us poor taxpayers because those guys were all international bureaucrats on the expenses gravy train.

M of the courtroom testimony is raunchy and describes goings on in forensic detail (I will try to get hold of a court transcript), here is a toned-down selection of some of the attention-grabbing testimony made so far:

“It was a slaughterhouse. They were lying on the mattress in all directions. It was a rather degrading scene. I didn’t know whether these people had showered. I didn’t want any part of it.”
Ex-prostitute identified only as “Jade,” testifying about a 2009 orgy with Strauss-Kahn at a Belgian sex club.

“That’s him, but with his clothes on.”
Ex-prostitute Jade, testifying about how she only realized Strauss-Kahn’s identity after she saw him on television sometime after one of his orgies.

“We met 12 times in four years. It wasn’t the frenetic, unbridled activity that the investigating magistrates’ report makes out. At the time, I mention without pretension, I had other things to do.”
Strauss-Kahn, in response to questioning over the frequency of his orgies during the period in which he is accused of organizing a prostitution ring.

“What can I say? It’s nothing to be proud of, but there have been 10 times that I’ve found myself in a situation where a woman threw herself at me.”
Strauss-Kahn, in response to questioning about why he didn’t suspect the women he spontaneously had sex with in a restaurant basement were prostitutes.
(Yeah, because he was waving a big wad of money around – Boggart Blog)

“I had a very hectic life, with just a few outlets for recreation, and these sessions were part of that.”
Strauss-Kahn, explaining how the function of IMF chief limited his occasions for sex parties.

“People say that at these soirees (our emphasis), the girls were gifts, but in fact at these parties the gift was Dominique Strauss-Kahn.”
Co-defendant Fabrice Paszkowski, testifying about the organization of Strauss-Kahn’s orgies.

“That’s certainly what some people think, and I believe the IMF saved the world from a crisis that could have been as bad as that of 1929.”
Strauss-Kahn, responding to a judge’s description of him as “once one of the world’s most powerful people.”

“I dare you to try and distinguish between a naked prostitute and a naked socialite.”
Strauss-Kahn lawyer Henri Leclerc, explaining the difficulty Strauss-Kahn had in identifying his sex partners as prostitutes.
(That one has to be our favourite)


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Max Was The Absolute Mini

max clifford
Max Clifford trial- getting to the nub of the matter

We are always mindful of the original purpose og Boggart Blog which was to ridicule the high and mighty. These days of course they ridicule themselves and we are more involved in reporting the news youl will not read in the papers or hear on television or radio.

Every so often however a story comes along which evokes laughter even in the most serious minded bloggers. Such a story is the trial of PR guru (Not so) Max Clifford. here’s an extract from the court report:

“…the woman (an aspiring fashion model,) one of seven alleged victims of sexual assaults by the publicist, was advised to go and see him (Clifford) in 1983, when she was about 17.

She described how Mr Clifford allegedly locked the door, groped her and tried to make her perform oral sex on him.

The court has previously heard claims that his penis is “tiny” and no more than two-and-a-half inches when erect.

The woman that at the time she thought Mr Clifford was well-endowed and his penis was very large.

“I had only seen one before, I had never seen one in that proximity and that situation,” she said.

Richard Horwell QC, defending, asked her about the issue, the woman remarked: “I have a small mouth. I do, my dentist has always said…”

This prompted laughter from the jury, which was sent out for a few minutes.

When Jurors returned they were told by judge Anthony Leonard QC: “It is inevitable in a case dealing with this sort of graphic detail that members of the jury want to burst out laughing.

“I can remember a very boring court case and we – I wasn’t a judge then – became helpless with laughter and the judge had tears in his eyes and it took over 25 minutes to recover.

“But we have got to remember that this is a court of law and we are dealing with serious allegations, and, in fairness to the witness, and the rest of the court, you have got to learn not to react to what’s happening. Can I ask you to settle down and remember where you are?”

Remember where you are? how could they forget when looking across a courtroom at “Nubber” Clifford. He can keep his millions, I’ve got something that throughout my life has brought me much more joy.

Frenchwoman wins understatement of the Millennium prize

An anonymous Frechwoman has won the Understatement Of The Millenium Prize for her comment on the story of an 80-year-old Frenchman who was yesterday (July 31) recovering but in a state of shock in hospital, after being freed from a year locked in a laundry room by a wife half his age and her alleged lover.

A judicial source told reporters the man was conscious and lucid in hospital but did not yet want to speak to anyone.

“The victim suffered violence and ill-treatment,” local gendarme commander Bruno Arviset told journalists. “The man ate twice a day, mostly pastries that were past their sell-by date.”

His wife, 45, was jailed on Saturday pending trial after being charged with the crome of physical abuse, illegal detention and taking advantage of a vulnerable person, a judicial source said.

Her alleged lover and her son have been released on bail after being charged with complicity with kidnapping and failing to report the abuse. (Well as they were responsible for it they would, wouldn’t they?)

Prosecutors said that police were alerted by one of the wife’s young children who has now been taken into care by social services.

The sleepy village’s inhabitants acknowledged they knew the couple.

“The woman was very strange,” a female neighbour who asked not to be named, told Boggart Blog.

We immediately entered that for the Understatement of the millenium competition and it was at once declare the winner even though there are 990 years to run.

(full story)

Trial Of Transylvanian Has To be Halted.

Back to our normal diet of silliness and satire today.

The trial of a Transylvanian man who stands accused of causing Grievous Bodily Harm had to be postponed earlier this week as Bristol Crown Court was closed when the buildings were permeated by an overpowering smell of garlic.

CCTV footage showed the culprit to be one of the chief witnesses in the trial of illegal immigrant Vald Dracula who claims he is descended from an ancient aristocratic family. The witness, Miss Heama Tomasic, a virgin from a remote peasant community in eastern Romania told police when questioned about why the surveillance cameras had showed her pouring garlic oil onto radiators; “it was to repel evil.”

Heama later explained her action to a Boggart Blog reporter “they cannot expect me to go into the same room as The Count. Do they not know he can turn himself into a bat? No virgin within a hundred miles is safe. She also told us that she had not wanted to disrupt the work of the law courts and for protection from The Count had planned simply to wear a large silver cross around her neck. Court officials had stopped her from doing this. They said it might offend any Muslims in the Public Gallery.


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The Freak Show On Trial

Fans of Michael Jackson might want to take a couple of beta blockers before they read this…

The last place one would expect a freak show to be staged is in a courtroom in politically correct California. Yet for several months (or is it years) the dysfunctional and dismembered have paraded their physical and mental weirdnesses. To the utter boredom of the world at large.

Michael Jackson, alleged serial kiddie fiddler and one time pop star, has been brought before the courts again. I suppose the law officers who brought the case have to be seen to be doing the job taxpayers pay them to do but by now does anybody really think that anybody – anybody at all who is associated with Michael Jackson in any way can be so sufficiently aware of what planet they are on as to be able to give credible evidence in a court case. Is there a plague of self delusion happening over there.

Now I am a liberal and a libertarian and believe in the right of every predatory paedophile to a fair trial, but if you want my opinion on the case Jackson should have been banged up decades ago for that record about the effing rat. Michael’s whole career has been a triumph of marketing over mediocrity. We were told that Micheal was prodigiously talented, despite the lack of evidence enough people believed it to make him a star. We were told the “Michael invented the moonwalk” and enough of us erased memories of our childhood visits to the circus where we watched clowns doing that very thing as they had for centuries. We went along with the myth that “Michael invented body popping despite hearing our grandparents talk of vaudeville acts whose contortions to music made Jackson’s prancing look like a tasteless impression of an epileptic on speed.

The world believed the myth of Jackson’s talent when all the evidence screamed that he was a spoiled child who demanded to be told he was wonderful because he had done the most mundane things.

Perhaps it is because people have short memories. “Oh poor little dear to be so afflicted,” they mutter on seeing his mutilated face. Let’s not forget that face is entirely self inflicted.

Setting aside Michael Jackson’s nose (something he does every night we assume) it is important to examine the psyche of a man who seems to have created himself simply be believing his own publicity. How can any forty – five year old man be so divorced from the world that he can believe it is a healthy and beautiful thing to invite adolescent boys to share his bed? How come none of the parasites that surround him ever thought to take him to one side and say “you know Michael, this is a worse idea than your last nose job.”

Am I the greatest soul singer ever?” he asks a music journalist who has been primed with lavish gifts, “of course you are, and I will write it in my magazine so the whole world knows.” And by the time the hype machine has worked through a mile long queue of music journos the world believes. Step aside Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Wilson Pickett. Those poignant, unforgettable songs dripping with real, raw emotion are nothing when set against the minnie mouse voiced warblings of a child – man singing about AN EFFING RAT!

What is really sad abut the trial in Santa Maria is that it is the untimate expression of a warped philosophy that holds much of America in thrall, a post modern way of thinking in which self – obession is the central plank of culture. It runs like this : “there are no facts, perception is all. This kind of thinking is very destructive to civilisation of course. It is not the fact that Jackson chooses to believe he is a megatalented genius or that it is fine for an adult male to share a bed with a boy so long as he can afford to shell out $20million in gifts (that only an English curmudgeon would refer to as “hush money”) but people’s willingness to let him believe that, to murmer mealy – mouthed platitudes such as “we must not deny him the right to explore his individual truth” that is damaging.

If we are willing to accept that Michael’s truth is as good as anybody’s then we must also be willing to accept that it is better than most peoples’ simply because Michael, though near bankruptcy still have enough money to buy the truth that suits him. Just as in post – modern America corporations and politicians may buy for themselves the “truth” that serves their interests. Michael Jackson is not the disease, merely a symptom.

And so we all choose to live in our own little reality, forgetting about the third world farmers working for five pence an hour to put exotic food on our western tables as we continue to believe that the banks and corporations are run by Santa Claus and will never call in our debts.
And so we can all be Michael Jackson, cocooning ourselves in candy floss, safe within the certasinty that reality is never more than skin deep.


Copyright © 2005 Ian R. Thorpe

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Guilty or Not Guilty
(this is the bit that gets me sues)
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I was going to do a “top ten but I got bored.