Scary Teutonic Troll Merkel Warns Of Balkans War If Europe Builds Border Fences

German Chief Troll Hausfrau – Volksfuhrer Merkel has warned E U member nations such as Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia that continuing to build border fences along their borders with non EU nations of Europe could spark war in the Balkans. Using typical German jackbooted bully style rhetoric to justify her idiotic policy of opening Germany borders to an unstaunchable invasion of Middle East migrants and thus subjecting smaller, less well off nations on the migrants overland route to Germany where they believe they will get a wage they do not have to work for, a free house or apartment, free medicine and food and a beautiful willing German virgin.

Speaking at a conference in Darmstadt in the south of the country, Haustroll Merkel said that if Germany completely closed its border to Austria then military conflict would be the only outcome. She has gone totally insane of course, what military conflict? The migrants haven’t an army. And while they are great at beating their wives and daughters as recommended by certain holy books, they’ll run a mile if a real man farts in their general direction.

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Scary Teutonic Troll Merkel Warns Of Balkans War If Europe Builds Border Fences/a>

Another Conspiracy Theory Comes True: Online Shills Are Paid To Control Opinion.

had a visit from one of those paid shills for Big Pharma today, weeks after I posted about some dickhead America doctor campaigning for mandatory vaccines during the Swansea measles outbreak (that as we all now know amounted to eight people all of whom had been vaccinated actually getting measles.

Oh you didn’t know? You’ll find all that you didn’t read or hear in mainstream news at this link Well that was the subject of my post you see, biased reporting in the media and particularly by the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corp. Unfortunately the Troll to berate me for my idleness and incompetence by referring to a passage I had quoted from an American child-health website.

Talk about laziness and incompetence, couldn’t even be arsed reading my post properly.

Anyway it put me in mind of this post at Bubblews:

It has long been whispered around the libertarian quarter of the +Blogosphere (where I usually hang out) that government shills patrol the +Web spreading disinformation on websites authored by people who question the official governmental line on any controversial topic. Anyone who has ever questioned a post on Climate change and pointed out that ‘the +Science is not settled’ and though we know the climate is changing because the climate changes constantly, to suggest it is caused by Carbon Dioxide emissions from human activity is an oversimplification will have been subjected to a lynch mob of hate attacks.

Likewise anybody who declines to agree that same sex Marriage will be the greatest leap forward for civilization in two thousand years. Dissent is not tolerated and in the case of bearded queens in bridal gowns, tolerance is not enough, we are required to celebrate making a mockery of a tradition that means a great deal to many people.

Where do you think they come from, all these angry people who will stay in comment threads, spewing their hate at you until you decide life is too short to waste time on such stuff and turn away? Some people have said they are government and Corporate shills, paid to suppress free speech on the web by bullying and using diversion, deflection, misrepresentation and downright lies to cast doubt on anything the dissenters say.

How many thousands of times have I been called a Conspiracy Theorist or a paranoid right wing nut job for talking about what I knew of government and corporate +surveillance. Come on, I worked with digital networks, helped develop early generations of some of these technologies.

So who wanted to discredit me, who did not want what I said to go unchallenged? Let’s fce it, in the scheme of things I am nobody so which organisations might feel threatened by my information? Who would pay people to search out Dissent and try to discredit those who post it?

Now it’s official: the +US government has awarded a contract to a +Californian +Software company to develop a system capable of managing “online personalities”. The program will allow one person to manage up to 10 separate personas, and will be used to counter “extremist and dissident +Ideology and +propaganda”.

Those who visit forums and websites that tend to object to the actions of the current government won’t be surprised to hear that the paid trolls who have roamed the Internet randomly for the purpose purpose of suppressing free speech and manipulating opinions via social media will now be guided to their targets by a +Computer system.

Last year, an anonymous author confessed that he had worked as a paid shill targeting several popular alternative websites to spread disinformation. It seems he was just one soldier in a barmy army of professional trolls. These online personalities, known as “sock puppets”, will allow the government to “create a false consensus in online conversations, crowd out unwelcome opinions and smother commentaries or reports that do not correspond with its own objectives.”

I told you so. Score another one to the Conspiracy Theorists.

The Boxer Turns

I’ve often vented my anger on these pages about the mindless, probably useless, shit-for-brains who post derogatory comments to – usually – sports people who may not have got the gold but have at least achieved something in their lives and ploughed in a lot of effort for a lot of years to achieve that achievement.

So I was well chuffed to learn that boxer Chris Woodhouse, on checking his Twitter account and finding that @jimmyob88 had termed him a “disgrace” and “#awasteofspunk” following his defeat on points for the English Light Welter weight title found out where @jimmyob88 lived, jumped into his car and on reaching his destination tweeted a picture of @jimmyob88’s street sign along with the words, “Right Jimbob, I’m here!!!” followed by a request for someone to tell him what number the little troll lived at.

Funnily enough Chris received a grovelling apology from @jimmyob88.

As our dear old Mum used to say, “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.”

Or perhaps don’t choose to say it about boxers who could be a bit miffed having just lost a title!

Is there any way of being polite to a troll

Walrus was blogging today about Political Correctness trying to censor the web. It seems at the excellent blog The Register Politically Correct commenteers have kicked off about idiot level comment poster being referred to as “commentards” as this is offensive to people with learning difficulties.

The PC brigade are being hypersensitive as usual because it it highly unlikely any retards would be reading The Register.

It reminded me of another bout of wailing and gnashing of teeth I witnessed recently at the Independent website. There the terminally self righteous mob were complaing about people who call negative and disruptive comments “troll”. This, they insisted might be offensive to physically unprepossessing people or munters in the vernacular.

All this politically correct crap means us bloggers are walking through a minefied with every post. Boggart Blog discissed the topic at our editorial meeting this morning and decided that to avoid causing offence we would stick to calling people who piss us off “The scum sucking spawn of a pox whore’s scab lice.”

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