Confiscate The Right’s Wealth But Not Mine Says Millionaire Leftie

In her column in The Guardian today, hand wringer and bleeding heart in chief Polly Toynbee, the multimillionairess who lives in a mansion in West London and has holiday homes in Cornwall and Tuscany wrote:

To end this impasse [ in the Euro zone ], let us tap Europe’s vast wealth. Faced with a crisis almost as grave as war, social democrats must act in concert to end the toxic policies of austerity. [ … ]

Abolishing tax havens, co-ordinating fair tax instead of destructive competition, ending secrecy of wealth and property ownership: politically hard decisions are easier if social democrats can inspire people with the value of standing together, not falling apart.

Knowing something of how tax efficiently Polly, and her employers Guardian Media, use tax havens to protect their vast wealth from the attentions of the taxman I had to reply thus:

So when you, dear Pol, and all the other obscenely wealthy left wing elitists put your spare homes on the market and maybe even sell your main home, the London mansion and trade down to a modest two bed apartment, what do you think will happen to property prices in Tuscany, The Dordogne, Cornwall and the fashionable suburbs of London.

Same goes for art treaures and antiques and shares in all those ethical investments when the elitist left all dissolve their trust funds.

I’m not holding my breath waithing for it to happen of course.


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