ABC TV News Covered Up Evidence On Paedophile Epstein, Whistleblower Former News Anchor Claims

When the furore about the convenient death of billionaire paedophole Jeffrey Epstein died down after the alleged sex criminal was found dead in his cell in a New York remand centre, many of Epstein’s rich and powerful friends who had been ferried by private jet to sex parties on his private Caribbean Island must have heaved a sigh of relief. But we predicted at the time that the story of Epstein’s crimes would not die with him.

Now a new undercover video from Project Veritas reveals that ABC News knew of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex crimes, yet decided to ignore it according to undercover footage from Project Veritas.

In the video Amy Robach, ‘Good Morning America’ Co-Host and Breaking News Anchor at ABC, explains how a witness approached ABC News years ago with information relating to Epstein, but Disney-owned ABC News refused to air the material for years. (The Disney Corporation are no strangers to the techniques needed to cover up paedophile activities of course.)

Having told how ABC bosses kept a lid on the story, Robach vents her anger in a “hot mic” moment with an off-camera producer, explaining that ABC quashed the story in it’s early stages. “I’ve had this interview with Virginia Roberts (Now Virginia Guiffre) [alleged Epstein victim]. We would not put it on the air. Um, first of all, I was told “Who’s Jeffrey Epstein. No one knows who that is. This is a stupid story.”

She continues, “The Palace [Buckingham Palace] found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways.” she told Project Veritas. According to Robach, she had all the dirt on Epstein and his associates, including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Dershowicz (A US constitutional law expert and government adviser,) and many more. I had it all three years ago.”

“…There will come a day when we will realize Jeffrey Epstein was the most prolific pedophile this country has ever known,” said Attorney Brad Edwards.

This is far from the first time Epstein’s crimes have been covered up, minimized, or ignored.

Notoriously, former US Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta negotiated a ‘sweetheart deal’ for Epstein in 2008 after he pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution from a minor. The pedophile financier was able to ‘work’ outside of prison most days, during which time he reportedly continued to abuse girls. Epstein’s plea of guilt to that once crime was in” exchange for dozens of other cases being set aside, so the billionaire served a short jail sentence instead of going down for years.

Additionally, the Manhattan DA’s office headed by Cyrus Vance Jr. had ‘graphic and detailed evidence’ of Epstein’s crimes when a prosecutor argued for leniency during his 2011 sex offender registry hearing, according to an April report in the New York Post.

In advance of the hearing, then-deputy chief of Sex Crimes, Jennifer Gaffney, had been given a confidential state assessment that deemed Epstein to be highly dangerous and likely to keep preying on young girls, the DA’s office admitted in its own appellate brief eight months after the hearing.

Manhattan prosecutors were aware the state board had assigned Epstein a risk assessment of 130, a number that is “solidly above the 110 qualifying number for level three,” with “absolutely no basis for downward departure,” the brief notes.

Nevertheless, Gaffney argued that he should be labeled a level one offender, the least restrictive, which would keep him off the online database. -New York Post

In spite of all that, Epstein returned to his sex – obsessed elitist lifestyle and continued to procure very young girls for sex with his guests until his arrest in June this year.


BBC and Savile: Phrases like ‘Tip of the iceberg’ come to mind

Boggart Blog has not done a lot on the Jimmy Savile scandal, it seemed everybody else (except the mainstream media and the government’s propaganda ministry national broadcaster, The BBC of course.

It seems we were remiss in bypassing this story and leaving it to others. Two years after first breaking the Savile /BBC paedophile scandal is still making news and still producing new shocks. And I will never forgive myself for commenting to my family, on hearing Rolf Harris was being question, “Not dear old Rolf, he might have had dubious reasons for tying his Kangaroo down but kiddie fiddling, surely not.”

Well its time to play catch up on this aspect of a much bigger scandal that now looks set to have a major influence on the outcome of the General Election in May as ongoing revelations of malfeasance, corruption and cover – up expose how thoroughly rotten and corrupt the establishment is.

We have reported the Westminster Paedophile Ring allegations quite fully so to get readers up to speed on the Jimmy Savile affair, there’s a comprehensive summary to be in The Coleman Report. Here’s a taster:

from The Coleman Experience:

(scroll past a gallery of newspaper front pages to get to the story – and please don’t assume I agree with the writers’ conclusions or political positions, the idea is you look at the information and make up your own mind about how valid it is. I find this works well for most people except those silly scienceheads and university lecturers who have a binary mindset and are incapable of filtering information, thus only being able to believe a thing totally or dismiss it completely)

The BBC And The Paedophile Ring

If you thought for one minute that the BBC is, in anyway, as it appears to be, you’re very sadly mistaken.

Behind the comforting British TV façade, lies a paedophile network ,so vast and sordid it literally beggars belief.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Jimmy Savile was a lone pervert stalking the broadcast centre.

He wasn’t.

Savile was, in fact, working as a VIP pimp, procuring children to be abused and often murdered, by Royalty, Government and showbiz entertainers.

He managed to hoodwink the British public for over 50 years due to his close links to Prince Philip, the Secret Services and Margaret Thatcher, who were themselves up to their necks in filth of the highest order.

In 2013, reports emerged of a paedophile ring on the set of Eastenders:

Police are investigating allegations of a paedophile ring operating around the set of the popular BBC soap EastEnders.

Police say that former members of the show’s staff may have abused their jobs to groom vulnerable underage youngsters, who flock to the set hoping to catch a glimpse of its stars.

Arrests are said to be imminent, according to the Sun.

“Police are shocked at what they have unearthed,” a source told the tabloid. “Arrests are very likely. This is bigger than anyone imagined. (h/t Ben Pursglove)


The Public Interest to Protect Powerful Paedophiles
The Director of Public Prosecutions has decided that it would not be in the public interest to prosecute serial paedophile Greville Janner, for many years the leader of the Zionist lobby in the UK. I presume that his convenient senility is the reason for non-prosecution …

The Public Interest to Protect Powerful Paedophiles
The Director of Public Prosecutions has decided that it would not be in the public interest to prosecute serial paedophile Greville Janner, for many years the leader of the Zionist lobby in the UK. I presume that his convenient senility is the reason for non-prosecution …

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Best Headline Of The Day Is From The Daily Mail

OK, those of you who feel you must throw a hissy fit at any mention of The Daily Mail can fuck the fucking fuck off, now. This story amused me.

Russian Nikolaev Bolloxov recovering in hospital after his ordeal

Married TV actor wakes up to find his testicles have been STOLEN after he is drugged in Russian bar by attractive blonde working for organ traffickers

Actor Dmitry Nikolaev, 30, was chatted up in a bar by a blonde who approached him after a performance and asked if she could buy him a drink .

He said she flirting with him then invited him to a sauna, and though he was married, he agreed to go with her.

They kissed and had some more beer and after that the actor remembers nothing,’ Moscow police said.

He woke up next day at a bus stop, feeling acute pain, and with blood on his trousers. Later in hospital, he was told that his testicles had been removed and that ‘it was done like proper surgery by someone with a medical education’. The operation was conducted in a ‘skillful way’, said police, who believe his beer was spiked by an unknown drug.

Now I have in my time explained away love bites and scratches on my back to Mrs. T, but I think even the most experienced philanderer would have trouble persuading his wife the absence of bollocks was due to a bizarre gardening accident

And my other question is who the fuck would buy a pair of second hand bollocks?
Read more at The Daily Mail:

Another Lie exposed, TV Detector Vans Are Fake

I worked in computers, computer communications to be exact, when the government propaganda campaigns to enforce that fraudulent tax, the Television Licence, was at it’s height. My colleagues and I, armed with considerably more knowledge than the average punter, were sure the technology these vans allegedly contained, that could “see” what channel we were watching on TV, did not actually exist.

We were right, but the scam has always been denied by government until now, with the blatant political bias of those rabid lefties at the BBC, and the blatant politicisation of general entertainment content making the licence fee more unpopular than ever.

“Detector vans are a myth,” the UKIP MEP Gerard Batten, a long-time campaigner against the licence fee, told me this week.

Prosecution for not having a TV licence depends on the accused being caught in the act of watching live broadcasts, or admitting to it. The non-existent threat of Detector Van evidence is just a means of getting suspects to incriminate themselves.

Sceptics such as Batten point out there isn’t a single documented case in British legal history in which so-called ‘detection evidence’ from vans has been used to prosecute a licence fee evader.

This was, sheepishly, confirmed by the BBC in 2011 in response to a (hitherto unreported) Freedom of Information request.”

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Your 1984 Telescreen is now available

OK, it’s a tad late, but as it is a Microsoft promotion who cares? Soon every home will have one of these sitting on top of the TV. And you will be happy to have microsoft spying on you and your family even when the kids are at a sleepover and you and the other half are getting a bit of rumpy – pumpy on the sofa.

Because having all those spotty little nerds watching your action as they chomp pizza with six extra toppings and swill it down with diet coke is all about keeping you and your safe, right? And Pigs will fly.

Zey haff vays of making you konform.

1984 telescreen

Here’s a snippet from “Government Slaves” website:

‘According to recent Nielsen statistics 56% of the households in the US own a video game console. Unbeknownst to many Americans this can be an open invitation to let big brother into your house.

Disguised as a video game add-on, Microsoft’s Kinect is the all seeing eye that sits on top of your TV watching your every move, listening to every conversation and even monitoring vital health information.

Now imagine if the Government went door to door and wanted to put a black box on top of your TV (and I’m not talking about your cable box) that did the same things, hopefully you would tell them hell no and immediately get out of your house.

But since the Kinect is disguised as entertainment most people will gladly accept it.’

Read full post at:

Is Britain Really A Dystopia?

Not being in the mood for doing anything today on account of my back giving me gyp and with the rest of the Boggart Blog team having abandoned the office because they had sensible stuff to do, I offer you the news reported in The Daily Mash that Britain is now an offocial dystiopia

Here’s a preview of the story:

THE arrival of televisions that can spy on you means Britain is now a fully-qualified dystopia.

As it emerged that TVs containing cameras and microphones have hit shops, experts confirmed this was the final element in the country’s descent into a place ‘where everything is unpleasant or bad’.

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: “In determining whether a country is a proper dystopia, we use something called the Orwell-Huxley-Dick Scale. It measures nightmarishness.

“It takes into account things like paranoia, evilness of government, lack of privacy, creepiness of technology and the amount of …

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Miliband wearing the wrong trousers?

This is an appeal from me to everyone out there. I have seen mentions on several blogs of a TV comedy that I missed in which Ed Miliband was depicted as Wallace from Wallace and Grommit.

It sounds brilliant. Anyone got any links or even know what show it was?

My favourite political caricature of this Parliament is Steve bell’s depiction of Cameron as a giant condom. UKIP’s Nigel Farage as his own Spitting Image puppet is great too but it isn’t a caricature, he really does look like that.

Teeth and Tattoos

Daytime TV presenter Jeremy Kyle who hosts the “Laugh at the Dysfunctional Pikey” morning slot has earned himself a primetime gig fronting a game show.

In an effort to distance himself from the “freakshow” front man image Jeremy has laid down stringent condistions for people wanting to be contestants on his new vehicle.

They must have more teeth than a bicycle has wheels and less facial tattoos than a spider has legs.

What’s All The Fuss About?

Heavy day’s telly watching Mr. Murdoch trying out his Uriah Heap impersonation and also being attacked by an interloper armed with a custard pie! Well done that man!

The saner, or perhaps more cynical, amongst us do wonder what all the fuss is about. If anybody thinks private detectives, journalists and police officers, to name but three as they are the ones surfing the tide of scandal hysteria at the moment, will not go to any ends by whatever means to turn a dishonest buck, then they probably believe all the bullshit the apprentice contestants come out with too.

The whole thing was put into a timely perespective last night in the new drama series The Hour.
Thrusting young journalist happens upon a report of a mysterious death, being treated as a robbery with violence.
Along he goes to the police station, slips the desk sergeant a fiver, it is set in 1956, and weigh hey, he’s looking at the corpse, discovering it still has its wallet on it and is hot on the trail of a mystery.

Now either the writer was particularly prescient or this stuff goes on all the time. Which do you think?
Answers with the entry fee of £25, in a brown paper bag, down the back of the cistern, gents toilets, platform one, Barnsley Central.

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Kiss Kissing The Blarney Stone Goodbye

I watched the final of The Apprentice last night.
So glad Tom won, he seemed like the only one who didn’t have their head so far up their own arse they were actually licking their tonsils.

Helen was just too intense, I liked little Susie, but she was so naive, yet still full of herself and as for Jim….

Jim set my teeth on edge straight from day one. He seemed like something out of Star Trek, assimiliting human characteristics through contact with the species.
I thought Margaret was incredibly restrained not leaping up and beating him about the head with his business plan when she asked him to say something about himself without using a cliche and he replied
“I am exactly what it says on the tin.”
Presumably a tin of dickhead meat then.

One of the other interviewers noted that Jim had the gift of the gab, the true Irish blarney.

You get the true Irish blarney from kissing the Blarney stone.

I’ve done it, so have two of my brothers.
Ian stayed at home, being 18, and came to a mutual agreement with the cat, whereby it buggered off for a fortnight, taking its meals outside and he had the run of the house.
The day of our return, Ian tidied the house, the cat returned and took up her usual waiting place on the windowledge, and none of us were any the wiser.
However I digress.

What is bothering me today is whether you can still kiss the Blarney stone.

As I recall the Blarney stone is situated in the battlement walls of Blarney Castle.
You have to climb a narrow, twisting stairway up a turret to get onto the battlements.

Oh oh, no disabled access there then.
And those steps are pretty dangerous, what with being narrow at one side and less than narrow at the other.
And uneven through wear and tear. And maybe they have put in some sort of a banister now, but I seem to recall it was somewhere between 350 and 400 steps to the top, not the sort of thing even a bannister could help with for those who get out of puff a bit easily.
Heaven help the lardarses, they’d get stuck between the walls.

The Blarney Stone was positioned below the level of footway on the battlements and to kiss it you had to lie on your back, feet facing inward, and lean backwards, putting your head down and back and then lean forwards, opposite direction to your feet, whilst a diminutive chap in a tweed jacket, collarless shirt, flat cap and capstan full strength directed you to give it a big sloppy one, I think he said something like, “you’ve not done it unless you taste the salt”, or maybe that was the last person’s saliva or possibly even snot, before hauling you back up to 200 hundred feet above terra firma and taking a slug of the ubiquitous pint of Guinness.

So where would health and safety start there then?

“Have to lower the ramparts or raise the stone. Everyone going up there must have a Hi Vi jacket and a hard helmet.
Stone to be cleaned with anti bacterial cleanser and/or alcohol rub before each kissing.
No smoking in your place of work and as for Guinness, pah, probably best to shut the place down.”

Can you still kiss the Blarney stone? Does it give you the gift of the gab or does one merely kiss a facsimile of the Blarney Stone which merely gives you a facsimile of the gift of the gab, leaving you only the option of speaking in cliches.
And, furthermore, Does It Say It On The Tin?

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