Boggart Blog Exclusive: We Reveal How Conronation Street Kiddie Fiddler Was Caught

Shock news today was the arrest of Coronation Street actor Michael Le Vell who plays car mechanic Kevin Webster in the soap. He was charged with several counts of sex abuse on minors

Boggart Blog can reaveal it was Le Vell’s tweet to his fans that put the cops onto him.

It read, “Kevin in working on a fourteen year old Escort.”

Which makes us wonder if those minors Michael allegedly fiddled with were Morris Minors.

Police Twits Fail Twitter Test

Following the imaginative initiative of Greater Manchester Police to have officers manning Twitter feeds in an attempt to improve response to crimes we learn there has been a crimewave in the city.

The Twitter idea was aimed at reassuring people the police were actually on the case following hundreds of complaints that nobody was available to answer calls when people tried to phone in reports of crimes.

Our Manky correspondent, reporting from outside Boggart Hole Clough police station told us:

The idea seemed good on paper. Unfortunately it gave criminals a free run of the streets when the whole force was called to the data centre to try to put together an appropriate response of less than 140 characters to a tweet that read, “Help, help, I’m being murdered.”